Little Rule Breaker

With the exception of about four quilts that I’ve made, all of my quilts are to be used and for us, using means having them on the bed or the sofa and often, it means Speck is curled up on them.  They’re all made to be machine washed and dried.  The exceptions are:

The green quilt that was the first quilt I ever designed and I want to keep it forever!

The Boomerang Quilt.  Some day I’m going to have a pink bedroom . . maybe.  I guess if I’m never moving again, I may just have to use it on the guest room in Texas.  I want to keep it forever too!

The Fall Splendor Stack & Whack® because it won top prize in its category at the AQS Expo in Nashville and that’s what really launched my quilting “career”.  I’ll probably keep it forever too.

The red Bear Paw quilt is not used because I love it and some day I may have a red and white room . . I guess that would also be Brownwood since I’ not moving again!  🙂  The quilting on it is one of my favorites and there’s so much white, it’s just off limits for now.

When I unpacked the quilts from one of my trunk show bags, all the quilts that were in there were sent off to the Red Cross donors except for the Bear Paw quilt.  I set it down on the floor, turned around and look who had made himself a nice, comfy sleeping spot.

It wasn’t Speck’s fault . . it was there and he has to curl up on everything.  The quilt is now safely packed in a box, waiting for its trip to Texas and maybe a place on the guest room bed.  But, it’s not a dog bed!  Sorry Speck!


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    No surprise — our animals know when we’re emotionally close to quilts (and other stuff) and want to be close to things that are important to us.

    Have you ever given Speck a quilt of his own? An early wall-hanging of mine lives on the cat’s window seat so they can hide or play under/over (one cat under, one cat over–both pretending that they don’t know who/what the other is).

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    I have wanted to make a Stack & Whack quilt for years, since her first book was released. Someday.

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    Pat in Washington says

    My quilts all receive a cat scan from Dr. Tigger of Radiology….virtually every quilt picture I have has Tigger on it, making his inspection.

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    95% of my quilts are meant to be used too..maybe more. I have been wondering what you will do for trunks shows since you gave away so many of the quilts this month, and most of them are from your books. Love your Stack & Whack most of all.

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    Marla says

    My cat “Miss Kitty” loves a basket I keep by my sewing machine to keep scraps of whatever current quilt project I am working on to sleep in. If I want to use the scraps, I have to blow off kitty hair. Oh well, I always wash what ever I make anyway. She is just so adorable! Just like Speck!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Whaat?? You didn’t put this out just for Speck:-)? He does look comfortable.

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    Linda in NE says

    Speck’s no dummy, he knows quilts are the best place to lay on. My cats are the same way. If there’s so much as a quilt block laying anywhere they’re on it immediately. So funny sometimes.

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    Ellie says

    Love these quilts. I can see why you want to keep them. Have you ever published the directions for the green quilt? I love that one lots and would like to make one.

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    I love your keepers, very pretty. I too make my quilts to be used, but they are all mostly gifts, I haven’t kept a quilt for myself, yet. But there is a paper piecing one that I have started years ago that will stay with me, I just need to finish it.