Road to Brownwood Finished

Yesterday’s list of things to do included adding the binding to Road to Brownwood.  I had not planned to finish the binding but decided to go ahead and do it.

The colors aren’t great in the picture.  It was almost dusk w hen I was out getting the pictures.  I love this  quilt.  Love it!  I’m thinking it would be a fun quilt to make in Christmas colors too.

The backing kinda matches and it used up a good chunk of ugly fabric from the stash.

Speaking of ugly backing fabric, here’s the backing for the Indigo quilt.


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    Sandi P. says

    I love your Road to Brownwood quilt. I’m still working on mine and I am doing it in Christmas colors. Maybe I’ll have the top finished to show you by the time you actually get to Brownwood.

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    Your quilt is beautiful Judy. I didn’t have time to work along with you on this one so I’m really glad the instructions will be there for me next year — after I get some of my UFO’s out of the way!

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    I like making lists for the joy of crossing off things as I do them. And to do something ahead of time….that should be worth extra points!!!

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    Linda in NE says

    Very pretty quilt.
    Don’t you just love making those pieced backings? It just feels so good to use up a hunk of fabric that’s no longer a favorite…or was a mistake to begin with.

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    Toni in TN says

    Beautiful quilts! Now that fabric is over $10 a yard I plan on making a lot of scrappy backings.

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    The Road to Brownwood is beautiful. I need to tell you that when it was just an EQ image I had some problems with the way it appeared. I am thinking now that maybe I was not seeing the true colors or maybe you changed something. I really like it now…..maybe I need to start a quilt to make my journey to Bloomington easier.

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    Linda in TX says

    Wow! This is really gorgeous, Judy! (somehow if you write it down, it gets done!) I usually have to piece my backs because I never make a quilt that will work with what’s on my shelves. And I, too, have ugly backings that I can’t figure out who bought them (or why) and then stuffed them on my shelves. But once they’re pieced and on, they’re okay.

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    Gail says

    OMG – Road to Brownwood is amazing! It’s unique, color coordinated and has flow – traditional yet modern. I hope to see this in one of your future books.

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, yep the “Road to Brownwood” is your quilt; the backing has a capitol L on it for Laquidara. Nicely done!

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    Diane says

    I did the same thing when we moved. I packed my sewing room by color and organized the books and magazines in the order they would go back on the shelves. The packers did the rest of the house and you could tell! The had kitchen stuff mixed in with my living room stuff and bathroom stuff in with my bedroom stuff. It was quite fun unpacking.
    That backing is…different. 🙂

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    Anita R says

    Gorgeous quilt! Can’t wait to see it in Christmas colors 🙂 Too funny about the packing…it only gets worse as the date gets closer. Remember to pack your must haves in a special box, marked #1 and keep it with you. That always worked for me when moving offices, I ended up having everything I needed to get working right away 🙂