Chad’s Baby Book

When I’m going through bookshelves or filing cabinets to pack, it takes forever because I pull everything out and look at it.  Coming across Chad’s baby book brought back lots of memories.

His first (but not his last) stitches when he was probably 3 years old.

The writing below the stitches says something about him losing his first tooth and he was so aggravated that the tooth fairy only left $5.  He was expecting $100.  He’s always had champagne tastes!

When we moved to Texas, Chad was 2.  We bought a house in town and almost immediately wished we lived in the country.  See a pattern here?  Chad as probably 3 and we were looking at a house out in the country and as usual, Chad was talking up a storm while we were trying to look at the house.  The lady told her mother about him being so cute and talking so much and the mother wrote a poem to Chad and mailed it to us.  Wasn’t that sweet?  Of course, I saved it!

By the way, we didn’t buy the house in the country.  We stayed in town for another few months and  then moved back to Louisiana.

I wonder what treasures I’ll find today.


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    Linda in NE says

    $5 for a lost tooth is pretty good. My kids got quarters. I’m sure glad they didn’t know other kids were getting so much more. Of course, my kids ARE older so maybe inflation hadn’t set in yet. LOL