The Quilts Are Landing

The quilts that were sent to those whose names were drawn from the Red Cross donors should all arrive by tomorrow.  I think I’ve heard that all have made it safely except for three and it may be that they just haven’t had the time to write me.  I’m pretty slow at writing sometime and I didn’t ask them to let me know when they arrived.

Yesterday I received a picture of one of the quilts that’s already found its way onto a bed!

Looks great, huh . . better than folded up in my huge bags being dragged around to trunk shows!

I might just have to make myself one of these quilts. I really like it and seeing it on the bed makes me like it even more.


  1. 3

    Alberta in N GA says

    it looks really beatiful on the bed and the small pillows are perfect with it.

  2. 5

    Maureen says

    The quilt is beautiful and looks wonderful on the bed. The winner was really lucky to win it.

  3. 9

    Linda Fritchen says

    Beautiful…who woulda thunk it would look better on a bed! See that giant star that forms? Love it…put it on my “to do” list!

  4. 11


    The quilt is beautiful and looks fabulous on the bed. Thank you again, Judy, for your wonderful contributions and all the work you put into making this “project” come together.

  5. 12

    pdudgeon says

    i didn’t win a quilt, but i did go buy the book “Weekend Quilts,” which arrived in the mail today from Amazon.
    Seeing all those quilts again was almost better than winning one, because now i get a chance to make them all! Plus the recipies!
    Thanks again, Judy, for another great quilt book.

  6. 13

    Sandy says

    This is my favorite quilt and even though I knew I wouldn’t win any (I am not that lucky but I have been richly blessed by God in so many ways) I was glad I was able to help the people of Joplin.