Chad, the Photographer

Yesterday I had to put on a decent shirt, as opposed to an old, comfy T-shirts, and put on real makeup, as opposed to a little powder across the nose and one swipe of mascara and a bit of lipstick.  I had an interview . . not a job interview but an interview for an article.  Since I was dressed, I asked Chad if he would take a picture of me with some of the quilts that are being donated to Joplin.  Notice the hair’s still red and I love it!  About the second day after coloring it, I bought a browner shade and was going to re-do it but I’m thinking I might just stay a red head forever!

Then he said “smile”, so I kinda smiled.

Then I said, “let me make sure there are no boobs showing!”  I never wear low cut shirts and this one is kinda low cut.

He wouldn’t put the camera down.  And then I said “I’m just going to close my eyes and pretend you’re not here anymore!”  Not really but he did get a few shots of my eyes closed.  You’ll notice the mouth is always open though!  🙂

Then he said “Let’s take a picture of you holding Speck”.

The whole time Chad’s trying to get a picture, he’s saying “Kiss Mama!” and Speck knows what that means!

And, before Chad was done with the camera, I got a puppy dog kiss!


  1. 1


    I love your red hair! And those the exact pictures my son would take (my girls wouldn’t but that’s the difference between them!)

  2. 7

    Penny Holliday says

    I want to say that your red hair is youthful & refreshing or something like that but then you might think or be insulted that I thot your natural hair color didn’t look good which I don’t mean at all ~ you just truly look great with that wonderful perfect color of red for you (red) hair!! Anyway love love love the hair, blouse & that cute little dog! Thanks for sharing pics!!

  3. 8

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Love the red hair. It looks very natural on you. Great picture of Speck kisses…awww, so cute.

  4. 11

    Susan says

    I love the color of your hair. I think you should keep it that shade of red. It goes very well with your complexion. Throw that darker stuff away :o)

  5. 12

    Sandy says

    I think you were made to be a redhead and that shade looks great on you. You look like a natural redhead! Chad can be kinda ornery, eh? I think the pictures turned out well and doggie kisses are always special. You are looking good, Judy. Has Vince seen your hair yet? Bet he loves it too.

  6. 13

    Linda in NE says

    I think that last picture is the one Chad was going for. He’s going to miss you and Speck when you’re “gone to Texas” and what better than a picture of Speck giving Mama a kiss?

  7. 15


    LOVE that last photo with Speck and I think your hair color looks very nice and looks natural, too!

  8. 17

    Gwen says

    The pictures are all good, but that last one looks so much more like the Judy I have met and loved visiting with! You look so much more relaxed and having fun. That’s the real you! Love the hair! Hugs!

  9. 18


    Aren’t doggy kisses just the best……….

    Red hair looks great……….. But then I thought you looked good before too…………

  10. 20

    Kathy C says

    The red is just delicious on you. You look like a natural redhead with your fair coloring.
    I threatened to go red for my 60th birthday but even my hair dresser refused to do it. So I stayed blond but got a new ‘do’.
    I think for my 70th I will do whatever the heck I want to do!

  11. 21


    I agree your hair is perfect that cOlor! And the puppy dog kiss is precious! Speck is so darn adorable! Chad took great pics!

  12. 22

    Karla says

    As a momma of 4 puppies, I know all about those puppy kisses especially when they are least expected. Love the hair it looks marvaloooous dahling.

  13. 23

    Jackie says

    Just flipped to your pic with the chicken, definitely like the red hair. Besides, really enjoy your blog. Keep it up.