What I’m Reading

Readers often ask me what I’m reading.  Since I love getting book recommendations, I’ll try to do a better job of sharing what I’m reading and what I think about it.  I like love story, happy type books and I like history.  I do not like suspense, scary, mean or ugly books!

I get email from a coupon or money saving group.  Not even sure how I connected with them but they’ll often mention a free Kindle book and I rush to download it because what’s free right now, may not be free in 10 minutes.

Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot, which is the first in her Texas Dreams Trilogy, was offered as a free Kindle book several months ago and I downloaded it and loved it.  The second in the series is Scattered Petals, which I also loved, and the third is Tomorrow’s Garden, which I’m hoping to finish reading tonight.  There’s a little faith mentioned, though I never got the feeling that religion was being forced upon me.  Reading these books, though they are fiction, reminds me of what life must have been like in our country in the 1800’s.  We have it so easy in so many ways and so many of the hardships from which we suffer today are of our own making.  I have to wonder what those characters in these three books would think if they were transformed into today’s society.

There was a little bit of sadness, a little bit of suspense, some romance but not enough that I would call these romance novels.  The trilogy left me wishing Amanda Cabot had more books.

There are so many books in my Kindle, I’m not even sure what I’ll read once I finish Tomorrow’s Garden.




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    I also discovered that a Kindle book might show up on the free list and then go back to regular price. That means I am checking the freebie list frequently, as well as the .99-2.99 titles.

    I think some of the titles are free, especially if they are the first of a series and the author is coming out with a new book. So, they are trying to hook us into the series.

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    QuilterB says

    Amazon says she has over 25 books out under several names, but doesn’t give the names. I enjoyed this series too and would like to find more of her novels.

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    I love the same type of book as you, but I have not been reading much lately. One of these days I will purchase a Kindle so I can read anywhere….like at the restaurant this morning while waiting for my DH to finish visiting with others and I was eating.

    Do you have trouble starting a new book after reading a book you really liked? I may need a week or so of looking at magazines or internet before starting a new book.

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    I read the first two, but my library doesn’t have the third one yet. They carry them in the “inspirational fiction” section. I find some of the nicest stories in that section.