Taste Test

About 3-1/2 years ago I purchased some half gallon canning jars.  The only thing I really can in them is apple juice because that’s about the only thing that’s safe to can in them.  But, using the FoodSaver, I vacuum seal other things in them.  In August, 08, almost three years ago, there was a big sale on Shredded Wheat cereal.  I actually like Shredded Wheat so I bought quite a few boxes and vacuum sealed it in the jars.

From time to time I’d get out a jar and we’d use it but when I realized I was down to one last jar, I decided to save it for a long time, then open it and see if it was still fresh.  Friday night Chad was working and I was quilting and it got to be almost 10 p.m. and I still hadn’t stopped to eat dinner.  I was starving so I figured it was a good time to grab that last jar of Shredded Wheat and taste it.  Believe it or not, it tasted fresh as could be!

Once I get settled in Texas and catch cereals on sale, I’m going to do that again — lots of jars of cereal.  Not only is it best to buy it on sale and use it instead of going out and buying a new box at the current price when needed, but if there ever comes a time when for whatever reason, we need to eat what’s on our shelves, even using powdered milk and water and some dried strawberries or bananas or blueberries . . this is definitely not a bad meal . . IF you like Shredded Wheat.  While I haven’t tested other cereals, I can’t imagine that Cheerios, Chex, and other similar cereals wouldn’t hold up the same way the Shredded Wheat did.


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    I also like Shredded Wheat, but I buy the plain. It is sometimes hard to find in the bite size so your idea is great. Now I will just need to get the vacuum sealer and the cereal after we move. Thanks for the info.

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    pj says

    How in the world do you vacuum-seal a jar? What kind of food saver is able to do this? TIA

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Judy, I’m leaving a comment but don’t know what will show. When I went into your comments here to read, it says there are 4 but the comments themselves are not displayed…weird. You should try Kashi cereals. Their Autumn Wheat is excellent. We get ours from Costco.

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    I deliberately decided a few years back when I bought my FoodSaver that I would keep it ON my kitchen counter! That way, it is always ready to use! And boy, do I ever use it!!! My jars also have dry pasta in them (I’ve put them in the 1/2 gallon jars) as well as spice mixes and so many more things that it would be impossible to name them all in this little space! Suffice it to say- my Foodsaver is used every single day!! Even have the lids to put on open canned goods in the fridge that are such a great saver!!

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    This is so good to know! I’m off to see an endocrinologist at Oregon Health Sciences University tomorrow, so I’m hoping there will be room for at least a few carbohydrates in my future. really do miss cereal, and I love Shredded Wheat!

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    Mel Meister says

    How do you use a food saver on a canning jar? I have one and I don’t think it will do regular jars. It does have a tube thingy for doing plastic container with a special top designed for the tube.

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    lw says

    If you used a jar and didn’t evacuate the air, the cereal would last longer than in a box (even a sealed box) but not as long as your vacuum seal. Another choice is a little bit of dry ice in the jar– just enough to fill the jar with nitrogen before you seal it. That would keep for years.

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    Karla says

    yes I am kind of curious too about how to use a foodsaver on regular canning jars. How does that work I can’t seem to get my brain around that concept

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I think a tutorial about how to use a food saver with canning jars is in order. I too would like to know how to do that. The only kind of food saver I’ve used it with the special plastic bags that comes with the unit. Thanks Dar

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    shari says

    I use my Food Saver every day. I even have a container in that I use to seal the salad mix I buy at the store. It lasts a very long time. You can also seal things like tomato powder, dehydrated fruits & veggies and crackers. Just slip the included jar sealer attachment over the canning jar lid and press the button. I’m on my 3rd food saver & both of my kids have them too. Son loves to speed marinate in one of his containers. We’re sold.