Jar Sealer

I never mind answering questions and am happy to do so but most of the time, when there’s a question about something on the blog, a Google search will reveal loads of information . . especially for those a little more anxious for my response.  Obviously I spend way too much time on the computer but I’m really not online, available for answering questions 24/7 so a little patience is always appreciated.

The Jar Sealer is an accessory purchased separately for the FoodSaver.  I think most any model will work with the jar sealer. The model I’m currently using is a V2830 which I’ve had for a couple of years and it’s apparently no longer available.  Except when my husband moves to Texas and leaves me behind to do all the hard work sell the house, I use my FoodSaver almost every day for something.  I haven’t been shopping much but I think I’ve seen FoodSaver supplies at Wal-Mart and Target so they may have the actual sealers too.   Kohl’s Department Store had them and they have great sales and coupon deals.

About the jar sealer, there’s one for the wide mouth jars and the regular mouth jars and they’re sold separately.  Jars are filled with whatever you want to place in them, the lid is placed on top of the jar.   The white plastic sealer is simply placed on top of the lid.  A vacuum hose is attached to the sealer and one end is poked into the hole on top of the white plastic accessory shown above and the sealer is activated to seal the jar.

Pretty simple and if you already have the vacuum sealer, the accessory takes up almost no room at all.  I like that!


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    SharO says

    I just cleaned out my pantry and threw away some outdated
    foods that I just didn’t keep up with. Makes me sad….
    When you buy in such bulk, how do you keep up with the expiration date?

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    pj says

    Thanks for the info, Judy! You can add “teacher TO many in so MANY areas” when asked what is your occupation! We ALL appreciate you!

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    I have a jar sealer… never used it. I must dig that thing out!

    Now… totally off the subject… Did you eventually get a Magic Jack phone, and if so, are you still happy with it? Our phone bill keeps going up up up, and I am looking into alternatives.

    Kat in Tamale Land

  4. 6

    Karla says

    Thank you Judy, I have a food sealer but don’t know if I have the jar sealer but by golly I will get one. Talk about making life so much easier 🙂

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    Scarlett says

    One of the best tips I received from a Tupperware party years ago was to keep foods that get stale and soggy; like chips in the summertime, is to keep them in the freezer or fridge.

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    Wow this is a great tool. I will have to look for this in my area. I’ve been buying a lot of buy one get one free deals, but this would sure make it easier to stock up and store. Thanks!

  7. 9

    sammi says

    I use my jar sealer for nuts, too. And I don’t pay much attention to expiration dates on food that I have vacuum packed.

  8. 11


    I use my jar sealer non stop… in fact so often that I bought a backup set a couple of years ago, for when I wear this one out!

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    Sarah says

    Since it’s only myself and husband, I use my sealer often for the other half of an avocado. It keeps it green and fresh for several days; however, if you keep it too long, it starts to taste fermented. I use the same lid over and over with no problem.