Knorr Homestyle Stock

Being a part of the BlogHer network often leads to opportunities great and small but always fun and exciting.  Recently there was an opportunity to try the new Knorr Homestyle Stock.

At least half of the stock I use is homemade and home canned — not homestyle but really, it all happened right in my own kitchen.  We use more stock than I put up so I do buy a good bit of stock and was thrilled at the opportunity to try this new product.  I’m a big Knorr fan.  I love their Spinach Dip recipe and just seeing it online has me drooling . . that will definitely be a part of our July 4 celebration.

Isn’t that the cutest packaging?  The only thing cuter would be if they had put Ruby’s picture on the package!  Sweet Ruby!

Liquid (water, juice, cider) is added to one container to make 3-1/2 cups of broth.  For those with storage issues but want to keep a good supply of food on hand, these little containers are fantastic!  Stock is great to add to mundane things like beans, rice, mashed potatoes and I keep plenty on hand . . always!

The package I received has a May, 2012 expiration date.  That’s good!  It has no added MSG and it’s cholesterol free.  Sodium?  Let’s not even discuss that.  Sodium is the reason I can my own broth but for those times when I do need to use purchased broth, and we don’t use it every day, it’s just a fact that the sodium contest is way high.

Part of receiving the Knorr  Homestyle Stock to try is that I get to use the stock in my own recipes and submit one to a contest for a chance to win a fantastic prize!  I will probably make four recipes and let the family decide which one is best and that will be my entry for the contest but you know I’ll share all the recipes here with you, and I’ll let you know what I think of this new product.



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    Donna in KS says

    This seemed so funny to me that you should mention the Knorr Spinach Dip….I have been hungry for it for several weeks now! I have to wait for a group to make it or I will have to eat it all myself. So I will wait. Like you say, maybe July 4 weekend. I might have some help with it then! I usually make my own broth too, but do almost always have some store bought on hand and for several things I use bouillon. Most Knorr products are good, anxious to hear about this one.

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    Well this looks interesting. I will wait to see how you like it and then may get some to have on hand myself. I hadn’t been aware of this before now. You are just a wealth of information!