A Forgotten Quilt

In the master bedroom, there’s a walk-in closet off the bathroom and there’s a regular closet on one wall in the bedroom.  In that regular closet were stored things other than clothes, including a lot of quilts.  As I was digging through the closet, packing some quilts, deciding which ones I could donate and which ones I would save, I came across this quilt.

Now that I see it, I remember making it but had forgotten about it.  It was laying across the back of the sofa and Chad said “Oh, I like this.  Can I have it?”  I told him when he gets a house of his own and proves he’s responsible and secure, then he can have every quilt he wants.  Until then, I keep them all . . eventually, they’ll all be his anyway.  And then I thought . . speaking of secure and responsible, I’m going to pack it into a box and stick this one, along with many others, in storage.  The thought of storing all the quilts, fabric, and yarn has my tummy hurting!  Am I worried about my furniture?  No!  But I surely hate to be separated from my fabric and yarn if it all has to be stored. Not so sure about doing that but options are few at this point.



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    All I can recommend, after having to put our things in storage while we work out our own move issues (that are still ongoing) is either pay extra for climate controlled/weather proofed. If that’s not an option, seal those quilts in water proof containers or better yet, air-tight bags to keep the humidity and mold at bay. All you need is one water leak in a unit to result in a ton of washing/cleaning issues on those (as well as all the dang furniture!) 🙁

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    Very lovely quilt Judy and can see why Chad would want it. Isn’t it a fact that our quilts are hard to part with. I’m one of those that really don’t want to see what happens to the quilts I’ve given away…just in case!
    Question to you. Was this a pattern and if so do you remember the name. Really though I’m thinking this is another Judy creation. thanks

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    pat says

    I would give it too him now.
    Things happens to quickly in life.
    Let him be responsible for it now. And let him enjoy it now.
    I always say live today and not tomorrow because it may never come.

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    I truly understand your feelings about storing your fabric and yarn.

    Mine was partially packed for 2 1/2 years. I knew I had things but could not get to them or find them even though they were right in the house……… I kept a lot in the studio. Now we have my precious things in storage in a garage behind the rental house. Same thing……I know it is there but cannot access it easily.

    It is not easy…… It is so very frustrating………. If you have time carefully pack things a complete projects and try not to let things get separated. Right now I have two quilts I can’t finish because I can not find the binding material……… Maybe I can really unpack in January……..

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    It’s beautiful Judy… and I also think you should gift it to Chad now, how wonderful that he enjoys the quilts that you make!

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    LadyBaltimore says

    I really feel for you being separated from your quilts, yarns and sewing stuff. Sure hope that if storing is your only option, that it’s only a very short time.
    I love that quilt.

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    Diann Smith says

    I can see why Chad wanted it. It took my breath. Color wise and pattern wise..striking

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    A beautiful quilt! A part of us goes into our quilts and whatever else we create which is why we are so protective of them! Just like our kids!

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    Gwen says

    Feeling your pain! The things we create have such a different meaning to us. Each one is a little part of us so it is hard to not have them where we feel they are secure. I wish that perfect house would quit hiding and your life could get sorted out. Hugs, Gwen

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    Alberta in N GA says

    I was also wondering if this is one of your patterns… I would love to make it in reds and whites….

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    Tina says

    We put an addition on the house 4 years ago. I’m still unpacking fabric, and we haven’t even moved! I think of it as shopping the stash.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    You know your son and if you feel that he needs to wait for the quilt then he likely does. I’m sure that he does have a quilt or two already made by mom.

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    I, too, would love your quilt. 😉 But the title reminded me of an argument I recently had with my 89 year old mother. I said something about the shoe quilt I had made her and she admently stated that she had never gotten a shoe quilt. I sent her a picture of if and she said she had never seen it. Several weeks/months later I got an email saying that she had been at the back of a closet and saw something she couldn’t tell what. Of course it turned out to be the shoe quilt. She still didn’t remember getting it but now knew she had. I just wish she would use them up rather than store them away.

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    Linda in NE says

    My son would take every quilt I have if I would part with them. My daughter is of the opinion she already has too many. Guess who’s more likely to get another quilt.

    I can identify with your feelings about your quilts, fabrics & yarn going into storage. I could easily part with most of my furniture and “stuff” knowing it could be easily replaced. Not so with my fabric, machines, quilts and certain antiques. Actually the fabrics could be replaced too, given enough money, so I suppose given the ultimatum I could part with those…..but it would hurt.

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    It’s a beauty! I love the colors and the border is wonderful! Is there a pattern somewhere?—It’s great that Chad wanted the quilt, and actually asked for it—feel flattered he appreciates your quilting. :o)

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    If you are forced to put your precious quilts in a box in storage I’d like to pass on a tip from my brother-in-law. He was a member of an antique car club and these guys rarely drove their vehicles. So their cars were in storage most of the year. All of them swore by Bounce fabric softener sheets to deter the mice from building nests or chewing on the upholstery. Tuck as many of the sheets as you can in, around, behind and on top of anything that you’re storing and then lay several sheets along the floor to keep those pesky mice away. Now you can’t use just any fabric softener sheet….it MUST be Bounce. There’s something in Bounce that the mice don’t like. We use it when we store our camper out at a farm and have never had a mouse problem in the 10 years we’ve stored it. Seriously! Once box of Bounce and you don’t have to worry about your fabric getting eaten. And an added bonus is the great smell. Good luck.

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    Patty says

    I made quilts for my kids in their early 20’s and told them to use them and wash as needed. If they wear them out I will make them another one. I want the quilts I give to be used, not stored in boxes for the future.

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    I really like that quilt Judy. Chad will be a lucky boy to have your quilts, but he’s even luckier to have you. I hope you won’t be separated from your fibers for too long. I’d have separation anxiety too!

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    Evelyn says

    I have a niece who is very hard on quilts. Very hard! But she loves them. They are used, loved, washed and dried to death. I just keep making them for her. I would say – if he wants it now – give it to him! It sure is pretty! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Jackie says

    Give it to him now. Apparently he really likes it and you forgot you had it. I feel a quilt should be enjoyed, not stored.

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    Amanda says

    I love the quilt! No wonder he wanted it. Is there a pattern out there for it? It would a great quilt to make! I also think it would look great as monochromatic quilt. You have done a great job on it. My hubby and I have been living in Texas since Sept. 2010. My fabrics and quite a bit of my quilting were in storage for several months. Not fun. I am just now working on my craft/sewing room!

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    Mary Lea Reynolds says

    Very nice quilt! Log cabin, pinwheels and snails trail all looks really good together.

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    I too enjoyed this quilt and would be looking for the pattern. Another wonderful border also. You need to write a book on borders. Sue in Central Louisiana

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    Linda B in MI says

    what a beautiful quilt!! with all the showcasing of red/white quilts this year, this one would be a showstopper! I want the pattern, too.

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    Maxi says

    Oh my, what a beauty. I’m with the rest who would like to purchase this pattern. This would give me inspiration to start a new quilt.

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    Sara in AL says

    Umm, it is a bit like the “good china”, isn’t it? Why have it if you aren’t using it. I agree about giving it now, things do happen in life. (like tornados) How do you learn to be responsible unless someone expects you to be? Just a thought. I am sure that you know your son best. Hoping that the house situation clears up soon. Been there about storing my fabrics and such. Very difficult to do. Wish I would have known about the Bounce tip!

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    ruth anne shorter says

    I am just like you after having made quilts for gkids and then they tell me the cats love to climb up them! I asked “how exactly does a cat climb ‘up’ a quilt on your bed?” They “oh, we let it dangle from the top bunk”. So they have not had another quilt since. BUT, Chad is grown, and I would give it to him as he lives with you and knows how much love and work goes into it. Especially if he stays and you all go. A little bit of you would be with him!!!!!

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    I remember the last time you moved, one of my quilts moved with you. You kept it safe. Chad’s lucky to have you keep his quilts for him.