July UFO Challenge Number

Sad to admit but I never touched my June UFO.  Hope everyone else did  better than I did.

The number drawn for the July UFO is . .


Good luck to everyone finding time to sew and finish up your UFO in July!


  1. 1

    SarahB says

    Sadly, for the first time I, also, didn’t get to even touch my UFO! I haven’t finished a single one but I have managed to work on them each month but not this one. Maybe I’ll get out #2 right now and make a stitch so I can at least say I did something…. right after breakfast… and I get the kids dressed… and clean for the next showing… :o)

  2. 3


    Sadly, I did not finish my UFO either. Judy, you did so much in the month of June so I think it is all good. 🙂

  3. 4


    Mine was finished early in the month–the first time that has happened all year 🙂 I wanted to get another UFO off the list in June too, but that didn’t happen. My #2 is your Mystery Quilt from last year–can’t wait to finish that one!

  4. 6


    I located my #8 UFO and made some progress on it. Had to buy some fabric and wash it for the borders and it’s ready to go into the “to be Quilted” spot. It’ s been a slow quilting month getting ready for my almost 27 year old to come home on leave from the ARMY. Not only did I have the pressure of the McCall’s Design Challenge, but I had to clear some room in the MOM ZONE so he has a place to sleep.

  5. 7


    I didn’t finish May’s UFO, but I’m considering June’s Completed… of course I still have one box to finish but no one to give it to….

  6. 8


    Mine was done last month, so I spent most of this month working on another one….not sure how much of #2 I will get to this month, but am still thoroughly enjoying this challenge!

  7. 9


    Thank you again, Judy, for hosting this inspiring challenge. I know I never would have even gotten the quilt I worked on this month out of the kit packages in the closet without this. Though I don’t like them, deadlines do help me – self-imposed or not, it’s working!

  8. 10

    shirley bruner says

    i got Junes UFO done by the end of the month…whew! i wondered for a while. now for July….i’m still piecing that one. gotta work faster. LOL love, love the challenges. thanks, Judy

  9. 11


    Well I had been working on this one as June was ushered in, so finishing it was a breeze. However, since I was out of town when JULY came calling, I completely forgot about checking what number we were working on until today–July 9th.

    This does not bode well…..now to go see what I’m supposed to be doing.

  10. 12


    I tried and tried to post a link to my finished July UFO but have been unable to get it through. However….I KNOW I finished it and have it posted on my blog. I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made with this challange.