Sock Yarn

Most of us are quilters, right?  When you first started quilting, and through the years, has your taste in fabric changed?  Mine have.  For years I’ve mostly used tone on tones but I notice myself migrating towards more solid and less pattern in those tone on tone fabrics.

Similarly, with knitting, the more I knit, I notice changes in the yarns I tend to buy.  Wollmeise is the yarn I’m always looking for.  I think it’s more the hunt that keeps me searching for it.  Back in January, 2010 is when I first became obsessed with getting Wollmeise.  It’s right next to impossible to get.  Wollmeise can be ordered directly from the dyer in Germany IF you can figure out when the updates happen.  As best as I can determine, that’s about 1 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Friday and you have to be quicker than the speed of light to get any of the yarn when the updates happen.

The Loopy Ewe is the only yarn shop in the U. S. (I think) that ever has Wollmeise.  They don’t have it often and when they put it on the website, it lasts about 3 minutes on a slow day.  We’re only allowed to order one skein per color but there’s no limit to how many skeins we can order — just not two of any one color.  So, what do you do when you want to make a Pamuya and it takes just a bit of a second skein of Wollmeise.  Yes, I could use a second color somewhere in there but I like it better with one color yarn.

Why do knitters go bonkers over Wollmeise?  Is it the hunt? Is it the color saturation?  The feel?

Yesterday The Loopy Ewe had a Wollmeise update and I quickly snagged several skeins.  I was trying to remember what colors I already have, which isn’t easy because most of the color names are in German but if I was able to get a skein of something I already have, then I can make my Pamuya using one color of Wollmeise.

The bad news is . . Vince has been gone for a month and I’ve hardly ordered any yarn.  Watch a big box of yarn arrive while he’s here for the next few days and I’ll have some ‘splaining to do!  🙂



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    Maybe athe work around to get more than one skein of a color is to have a friend on the phone and have her place and order for the colors you want more than one of.

    I do understand having to order at the speed of light—-
    Emily Parson’s Sophie’s toes is my weakness.
    I figure I have one minute or less to order what I want.
    At least you can order more than one skein of a color IF she has that much!

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    Very pretty yarns, Judy! I sure wish you were moving a little closer to us in Texas…I have the perfect home already picked out for you! About a 5 hour commute…surely your hubby will be OK with that, LOL!!

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    Kat says

    This is the reason you have to have stash!! So you already have some on hand to add the new skeins to so you will have enough for one project. That’s the way to ‘splain it!!

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    Mel Meister says

    How in EARTH do you manage to see the Wollmeise updates on The Loopy Ewe? I’ve tried for months now. There’s never any warning ahead of time. Sheri may say that she will have some “soon”, but that’s about all the warning we get. Is there some kind of “secret” update time that I’m not aware of?

    I’m dying to get a multicolor skein of Wollmeise! I managed to snag one solid yellow on Claudia’s website, but only that once, never again.

    Actually, I’m not sure why everyone is so nuts about the yarn. I have some yarns that are easy to get from other indie dyers that are much nicer. The Painted Tiger’s yarns/colors are wonderful!