Digital Cameras

Do you remember your first digital camera?  I do!  I had wanted a digital camera for so long and Vince just didn’t see the need for one.  Even though I really wanted one, I could never have guessed how much use I would get out of a digital camera.  Of all the “technological things” we have, including the cell phone, I use the digital camera more than everything else combined.  The digital camera is my almost constant companion. 10 or 11 years ago, we were at a Sears store at Thanksgiving and they had a display of cameras and I talked Vince into getting one.  It was pretty darned expensive considering it was about 3 megapixels.  But, the worst part was . . I was so proud of my new camera and had stayed up late that night messing with it.  Speck was a new puppy and chewed up the cord . . the very first night I had the camera.  Of course, I had already run the battery down and had no way to charge it and had to order a new charging cable.

While at Sam’s yesterday, I was looking for a new pocket type digital camera.  I’ve used Sony cameras for years and years but the ones I had all use the memory stick pro duo sticks which require an adapter on all our computers except the desktop.  I’m so tired of having to have an adapter, and planned to get a new Sony that will use either the pro duo or the SD card.  Sam’s was really low on cameras because so many people have been buying them either to replace cameras lost in the tornado or to document their damage but it got us to talking about the changes in digital cameras through the years.

Where would we be without our digital cameras?  I can’t imagine paying for film, sending it off to get developed and waiting for it to come back, or even taking it to the one  hour photo lab.  Sometimes when I want one good picture, I’ll take 50 or more shots.  And, where would our blogs be without digital cameras?  Thankfully, we’ll probably never have to find out!


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    I held out for my first digital, probably because I didn’t really take pictures back then. I still have my first digital and have been using it these past 6 months, since the hubby lost our Olympus SLR (his wedding gift from me) when he was traveling to a jobsite.
    I didn’t realize that some cameras use SD cards or pro duo sticks instead of cords…looks like I need to go shopping!!!

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    I have had 3 digitals. The first one teenage daughter Carrie lost on a school trip. The second one recent college graduate daughter Carrie lost it the very first day of a 6 week backpack trip across Europe. The third one for me is right here under my close watch. Her “third” one was given to her by her new husband last year. I figured I had already given her two!

    glen: I’m with you about the film. I will take 800 pictures on our vacations!

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    Helen says

    About 8 years ago I was chatting to a guy who worked at the camera shop, he said digital cameras would never replace film. I argued with him, I had seen my first ccd back in 1983 when I was working as a summer student for the Royal Greenwich Observatory, so I knew how far the technology had come.

    I used a digital camera for the first time just over 12 years ago. We were renewing passports at the time and the paperwork said you couldn’t use a digital camera, so we had to get out the film camera!

    I love the convenience of my cameras, though I rarely print any pictures these days. My husband has the pictures backed up on several hard drives as well as “in the cloud”.

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      And now you can’t get most films! No more Ectachrome. No more Kodacolor…

      I love my digital as well — and still use my very first one (going on 8 years old now) despite the fact that my camera nut husband has bought me at least three newer ones!

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    I’m thinking of getting our granddaughter a digital camera for her birthday – 16 – coming up next week. I was thinking of spending $100. I know what I’m getting her twin brother, but haven’t really decided if I can get a decent camera for that amount of money. Any ideas?

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    Canon – powershot is my favorite. I also have a Panasonic and a Fugi – but the Canon is the one that I love! I don’t know what I would do without my digital camera – and the cards are wonderful – just move it from the camera to the computer and VOILA! I use a wall charger – no more batteries for me to buy or replace!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    You are right – my digital camera has been used more than my phones (well maybe not the computer). Thanks to yours sincerely, my 8yo nephew has churned out great pictures. I just now need to push his 7yo sister to churn out more photos. Anyway, who else shares her Canon G10 with children that age (and once on a drive with his grandfather).