Just Like Old Times

Vince is home.  That man cannot stay home . . he has to be going here, going there.  Thankfully, we’re moving to another small town where there’s not a whole lot to do!  This morning he had to get a haircut and though I was planning to fix breakfast, he wanted to go to McDonald’s after his haircut.

He was being nice nice taking me out to breakfast so I didn’t mess the kitchen up right off the bat.  I had mentioned wanting to go upu to the Amish vegetable market if we had time so we drove up there.

I’m definitely going to miss that place!

We brought home corn, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, yellow squash and eggplant.  Tonight we’ll have corn, squash dressing, cucumbers in our salad — their veggies are so fresh and good!

After we got home from the Amish market, Vince decided he wanted to go to the grocery store for Gatorade.  After we got home from there, he decided he needed to go to Wal-Mart for salt for the water softener and black hardware cloth to put over the old garden spot once he cuts the grass.  He knows he’s pushing his luck . . he said “Tomorrow we probably won’t leave the house!” and I’m thinking . . I’ll believe it when I see it!


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    Karen B says

    Has Vince turned over a new leaf? Is that a BLUE t-shirt I see him sporting?

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      I don’t know! I guess all his green shirts are in TX. I only threw out two of them . . really! 🙂

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      I’m trying to have fun. Some days it’s harder than others but if I let everything get to me, then my days wouldn’t be very fun.

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    pdudgeon says

    black hardware cloth for the old garden spot?
    i thought you weren’t having a garden this year…….

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      I guess I didn’t explain that very well. I can’t get into the fenced area with the riding mower and it’s so hard to cut anyway because the rows are still there from last year’s garden. Vince cut it with the blade, then sprayed it all with Roundup, then put down the hardware cloth to keep the moles and underground critters from coming up and tearing up the black plastic, then put black plastic down to keep the weeds from growing back. The new owners can decide what they want to do with the garden next year.

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    sammi says

    I have refrained from saying this for a long time … whenever I see Vince, I immediately see my BIL. They look enough alike to be brothers! However, he looks nothing like my husband or the third brother! LOL I just have to take a quick breath when I see his oh so nice smile.

  4. 7


    Hey Judy…
    My daughter insisted that I plant egg plant in the garden. I have no idea what to do with them….any chance you could send a recipe or two out? I would really appreciate it. 6 egg plants will be making way more than I know what to do with.

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    Sandy says

    Vince really looks happy to be home. My DH wants to go all the time too. Sometimes I just want to stay home! Why is it men always want to go somewhere? Give me a ball of yarn or a sudoku puzzle, maybe a tv show and I am good to go. Lol.

    Did you get Vince to see the puppies yet?

  6. 9

    Jane says

    I thought it was just my hubby. Sometimes I look forward to Monday so I can be at home some!

  7. 10


    Enjoy all the activity while he is around – Is McDonald’s on the Atkins Diet? LoL Sometimes you just have to break the rules and have a sausage biscuit, with honey of course. I think Vince is enjoying your company. Next week back to doing what you want. How does he like your red hair? Judy C in NC

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    Vince looks just great, but I, too, miss the turquoise shirts. He must like his new work, but I bet he is glad to be “home”–that’s wherever you are, Missouri or Texas. Surely something will break for you soon regarding a house/land/anything. Have a great Fourth of July.