More Quilts Received

More quilts have been received.  I knew Vince would be tired when he arrived in Joplin yesterday so I scrapped the plan to try to deliver quilts and will do that next week when I go back with Chad.  Going from the airport to Sam’s Club, we passed through an area I hadn’t seen before and saw different sights.  There are still lots of portable/mobile units like a mobile AT&T store, a mobile pizza place, the mobile insurance adjusters are still out and about.  The funny thing was a trailer that looks like it would be part of an 18 wheeler type trailer but it was all divided into “stalls” and it was where people could go to take showers.

I did get the latest quilts photographed and want to share them.

Sue E. sent these two, along with some cute little stuffed animals.

Barbara W. sent this one.

There are 16 quilts here to be delivered.  Thanks again everyone!


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    When I was in Mississippi after Katrina I lined up at 5:30 every morning and later after we got back to use a shower like that – we dried off with big paper bath towels that were handed out as we lined up. There was another trailer that opened up to exposed sinks on each side – that’s where the guys shaved and everyone brushed their teeth. We also dropped our laundry off at another trailer and could pick up the next day – a nice service provided to all the volunteers at our site.

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    These are beautiful quilts. People are so generous–I would hate to “give up” some of these, but how kind of the people who do. Love of love and work went into all the quilts.

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    Sallie McIntosh says

    What is the pattern for the first 2? They would be so pretty made a little smaller for baby quilts or as large as queen or king. Does anyone know the name? They don’t look particularly hard to do; God knows I need that kind! Thanks for all you do for the Red Cross and those wonderful people in Joplin. I can’t imagine going through something like that. They are left with nothing materially speaking. Some have lost family members. So sad. Prayers are certainly needed to pray God’s blessings on them to give them strength to get through this period in their life.