The Best Plans

Sometimes even the best of plans just don’t work out as we expect.  Yesterday I was so proud of myself thinking that Vince was going to say “Oh my goodness, this car is so hot!  I see why you’re complaining about the air conditioner!”

Nope, the sun went behind the clouds about the time Vince’s plane arrived and while driving around, twice I had to  turn the air conditioner down because I was cold.

While we were eating dinner, we were talking about the move, the house we want, the land and similar things.  I was having such a hard time not telling him about the chocolate lab puppies. Here’s our conversation at the table.

Vince: I know it’s hard for you staying behind and taking care of all the things at home.
Me: Yes! And you owe me. I can’t decide if you can pay me back by getting me a 1967 Mustang fastback or a 6 burner gas stove.
Vince: Hmmmm
Me: There’s one more thing I want but I can’t tell you about it yet.
Vince: What?
Me: You’ll see!
Vince: When?
Me: You’ll see!
Vince: How much does it cost?
Me: Well . . it would normally cost about $250 but I think, if you agree, it will be free initially but there will be costs later.
Vince: A dachshund!
Me: No . . you’ll see later.
Vince: NO! No way! I don’t care how much or how little it costs! No way . . ever! Don’t even ask!
Me: You don’t even know what it is yet. How can you say that?
Vince: Yes . . it’s a chocolate lab. There are only two kinds of dogs you’ve ever had that you would have again — a dachshund or a chocolate lab.
Me: Will you just wait til you see them? There are 10 of them and they’re so cute!
Vince: Do you remember how much Chip dug and he chewed up everything? I’ll only consider it if we know for sure we’re getting 40 or 50 acres.
Me: Ok . . that’s all I’m asking! Look at the puppies. See what you think and if we’re getting the land, let’s get one.

Here’s a story from a couple of years ago about the chocolate lab we once had.  That’s why Vince is so adamant about a chocolate lab but Vince acquired Chip when we got married so it wasn’t like he started out with him as a puppy.  That makes a huge difference!  We’ll see what happens . . tomorrow evening we go to see the puppies.


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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    We have a yellow lab and he has such a difficult time in the heat. He has plenty of shade, buckets of cold water refreshed several times a day and misting through out the day and he still suffers from the heat. I hope a black dog can take that Texas heat. Perhaps he will live in the air conditioning?

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    Of course. My stupid Ford Pinto years ago when we lived in hammond, loved to do that to me. Frank was always out of town. That stupid car would make a horrible racket, I’d take it to the dealer and it would run like a charm!Did that for 5 years then I traded it in for a sports car!
    glen: bassets dig too. They dig holes that 135 lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs fit into!

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    I’m telling you, get a female! 🙂 Oh, and tell Vince we all voted that you get this dog. He lost! We won!

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    I used to walk two black labs for a friend when she was very ill, they were well trained and answered to a whistle.. Jeeves and Wooster.. I would love to have a choc or black lab but walking and training is such hard work if you want a dog to really behave. Only one bad habbit.. they liked to catch rabbits! and would not always kill them!

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    When we get another lab–they only kind of dog we will get from now on–I have already decided to name him Dozer. As in Caterpillar bulldozer. An earth moving dog! Good luck with everything. 🙂

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    Mary Beth says

    I want a dog so bad I can’t stand it. Probably a lab…it is a toss up right now between a lab and a golden retriever. Not sure I want to deal with the hair from the golden, but I love thier personalities. My chances of getting a dog are as good as winning the lottery…I don’t play. Good luck….hope you get a good one. And I agree, get a female.

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    Cari J. in YC, Cal says

    My first car was a ’67 Fastback Mustang. I was 16 and it was a gift from my Grandmother. I have always wanted another one. I am always looking for them at car shows. Three on the floor and she was sweet. My dad made me learn how to parallel in front of our house. Rock retaining wall on one side and two big cinder blocks with flags on them. I can park anywhere!

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    Cindy in NC says

    I am a cat lover who comes from a crazy cat-loving family — so crazy that my dad is buried with the ashes of his last cat who died shortly before he did. The cat got a funeral Mass and military burial (and no, we didn’t tell the priest there was a cat in the casket)! I haven’t had a cat in years because my husband and three of our kids are severely allergic to them. My oldest daughter got a bichon/poodle mix that I became so fond of that, to the shock of family and friends, I got a maltese/poodle. A second maltipoo soon followed. Eighteen months ago I took in another daughter’s shepherd mix when her husband was deployed (their two dogs never got along well and became especially difficult when her husband was
    gone). My son-in-law has been home for three months, but he decided that it was easier to fight the Taliban than to try to get that dog, whom I’ve become very attached to, away from me. If someone like me can become a dog lover, there is hope for Vince. I’m pulling for you to get that puppy, Judy. After all you’ve been through, you deserve it.

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    Dorothy says

    I loved our chocolate lab, actually, officially she was my daughter’s, but she would walk with grandma, and she was so sweet, she was a rescue, so always had issues with men, but with the girls in the family she was very loving!!! She also trained the chiuaua (sp) when they got him, so he was easy to house train! Good Luck, would love to see pictures of the puppies!

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    carol c says

    MY DH got a new dog 2 days ago, a beautiful little male daschund , tan, that was left by someone for 10 days at the pound and would not come get it. In 2 days he has bonded with that dog, that is not potty trained apparently, has separation anxiety and has gotten out of the building 2 x. and we have decided he knows how to turn the handle on the dern door. He is relaly pretty and when you are with him, he is a doll. Me being a cat person, he is not cat happy. So right off the bat, he chased my outside cats (who are bigger than this 4 yr old dog), but i hope he will adjust eventually. grrrr

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    Sara in AL says

    When DH and I got married we decided to get a dog. He wanted a German Shepard, and I wanted a Huskie. Our compromise was a black Lab. We got the shy-ist puppy in the litter, but he was the best dog ever. Smart as a whip. He pooped in the house once when he was sick, and peed in the house twice, and never did it again. All we did was say no no and run outside fast. He caught on. I took him to a dog training class, he did everything right the first time, we graduated early. His name was Fred. We had one of his puppies and she was just as smart. She was a chocolate. Her name was Gracie. (She lived to be 13 years old, and had diabetes for the last year) I love Labs and want one again. DH promised that as soon as our house is finished (remodel) that I can get one. I can’t wait! I hope that you get your dog, they are the best.

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      Sara in AL says

      PS They only chew up everything for the first 2 years, then they learn not to. As with any dog just takes some patience and repetition.