Already a Stranger

It’s been a little over two months since we gave our chickens away.  We found a home for them and gave them away before we went to Texas for a week to look for a house (a lot of good that trip was!) and the guy who usually took care of them for us when we were gone had already transferred and we thought I’d be going back and forth to Texas more often and since we had to give them away anyway, we did it then.  Vince had wanted to go see them several times and I was too afraid I would cry and act like a baby.

We figured we should go tell them goodbye and the next time Vince is home is when the movers will be here and we doubted we would have time to do it then so we had planned to go out to Ashley’s on Sunday evening.  It’s been so dry here for weeks and wouldn’t you know it, the bottom fell out right before we got there.  Rain, thunder, lightning . . but we went anyway.  Ashley had already told me that if I could figure out which of the red chickens were mine and which were hers, I’d be a better chicken mama than she is.  I could  not tell and . . not a single one of them recognized me.  There was one that was already on the roost that I thought might have been Ruby.  (The picture is when I still had them and that’s definitely Ruby.)  She kept looking at me when I was talking to them and I thought she might come down to see me but she never did.

They have lots of free range room there . . on 34 acres!  They have a nice chicken coop and two kids that love them a lot so while it was sad that they didn’t recognize me, I could see that they were happy and have a good life so I wasn’t upset when I left.  I hope I can get more next spring.


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    Gwen says

    But was there a chocolate lab puppy that recognized Vince? That’s how we got our first dachund! Went to. visit friends who had puppies and one climbed Allen’s leg to get into his lap and heart. You will have more chickens. Are you still packing the end of the month or getting an extension?

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    Diann Smith says

    This helps to know somewhat. I’m missing Ruby but I guess she’s not missing you. I guess that’s why they say “bird brain”. Ruby is all adjusted and doesn’t miss her past.

    No puppy before you move?