Good Help is Hard to Find!

Vince thinks I don’t know what he’s doing but I do!  Chad got a new laptop last week so he was showing it to Vince.  Vince loves Chad’s new laptop and Vince wants one but he got a new laptop a month or so ago and it’s still sitting in the closet in a box.  My laptop is getting hot and I don’t want a new laptop.  I just want it fixed!  About the time I get a computer all set up the way I want it, he replaces it.  While Chad was showing Vince his new laptop, Vince said “I like that!  Wouldn’t mind having one myself!”  Chad said “Get HER a new laptop.  Her fan is so noisy, it drives me nuts.”

So, Vince, being the generous guy that he is, offered to give me the new laptop that he no longer wants.  I said “No, thank you!  When I want a new computer, I’ll pick it out my own self but right now, I just want my laptop to not get so hot.”  Vince is so sure my laptop will go out any day that he insists I take his new one . . because he’s such a nice guy.

OK.  I’ll take your laptop but you have to put all my stuff on it so it works just like the one I have now . . except it won’t get hot!  Big problem:  Most of my software is already packed.  Wasn’t thinking I’d be getting a new computer any time soon.  Where’s my Electric Quilt CD?  I can make it without everything else but I have to have EQ.

So Vince is working hard (or is that . . hardly working?) to get my new laptop ready before he leaves.

Wait . . he isn’t working . . he’s sleeping!!


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    NancyB in AZ says

    Oh, Judy, do they really think they can fool us? But, I had to laugh. Sounds as though Chad has a good teacher. I am sure Vince is just “resting his eyes” while the computer goes through it’s thing.

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    Judy you may already know this but I have a thing that you sit your computer on (sort of like a small lap desk) but it has a fan that cools your laptop. It helps the heat a lot! blessings, marlene

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    Sandy says

    I have seen those fans too…It is about the size of a lap desk and is suppose to keep your computer cool. Walmart carries them for $25.00-$40.00. Hubby uses the lap desk but he isn’t on the computer like I am. I use the desk model until that dies and then probably will get a laptop. I think we each need our own computer for a happy marriage, lol.

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    Sandy says

    Forgot to that the chair you replaced when Vince didn’t want you to get rid of his old one? He looks pretty comfy in this one. It obviously agrees with him, lol.

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    ROFLMAO! What an industrious fellow! Judy – I got adventurous with my computers after I lost one of the keys on the keyboard while it was still under warranty. The deal, apparently, was not that they would send a tech to fix my computer, but that they would send me a new keyboard and let me fix it myself! It ended up being not too bad of a job, but I learned that I can take things apart and reassemble them pretty well. (Well, I could anyway, but hadn’t tried with a computer till then). Anyway, when I had the keyboard out, the fan was right there, and it had so much dust and hair in it (goodness knows how THAT ever managed to get in there), but I cleaned it out with a mascara brush, then blew it out with some canned air, and it was good as new!

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    Oh my…..Judy…..I almost fell off my chair laughing!!!

    BTW….if you get a little slanted wedge stand (I am sure it has a name and it isn’t LITTLE SLANTED WEDGE STAND!) to put your laptop on, the air will circulate and it won’t get so hot! 🙂 But you don’t need this info since you are getting a NEW ONE!

    Oh, the adventures we have! Thanks for sharing!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Omg he’s wearing yellow! Are all the green shirts packed or in tx?? Get what laptop you want- never settle !

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    Linda in NE says

    My question is: How can anyone get a new laptop and leave it in the box in the closet for a month or more? That’s sure beyond my ability to do 🙂

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    shirley bruner says

    I’m glad Vince came home for the weekend…he’s good for some laughs. why do husbands want to screw around with our computers? mine loves to just ‘tweak’ it a bit. then it is never the same again. and it doesn’t work to put on a password because he is a computer geek and has the software to get passwords. you just gotta laugh at them.

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    Sherry says

    You should have told him that he could have a new lap top if you could get a new puppy:)

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    Lee says

    Judy, my son’s computer also had an overheating and beeping problem. When the service guy took it apart, it was clear that the fan had sucked in lots of crud. He said using a vacuum around the vent would help. Not that I think your computer is around a lot of stray fibres and cotton dust, but maybe a good vacuuming of the fan intake vent might help?