Carpenter Star Quilts

They’re both made and delivered.

The kids loved them and I think their mom loved them more.  I believe I convinced her to let the kids use them, wash them and dry them and keep on using  them!  I believe I’m going to make a few more of these and have them on hand to give when a gift quilt is needed.  They’re so quick to make.


  1. 1

    Karla says

    love them both they are verrrry pretty. I have a 2nd carpenter star finished and quilted just need to add the border. They make such a nice quilt

  2. 2

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Judy, these quilts are beautiful. The colors are great. I have always wanted to make a carpenter star and have never “gotten around” to it. I think I need to put this on my “to do list” for the very near future. I love yours!

  3. 5


    Now that is a plan Judy L – we could start a Carpenter Star summer sewing challenge – I am definitely gonna make this. Judy C in NC

  4. 6

    Alma says

    Is the pattern someplace? I sort of recall it mentioned before but memory just failed me. (not the first time!!!)

  5. 7

    Cindy Kuipers says

    These are wonderful! Love the colors for both of them. I am sure the kids were very happy to get them.

  6. 8


    Absolutely beautiful. I’m sure the mom was especially excited. What a lovely gift. I’m going to have to learn how to quilt instead of just oooh and aahhh at what I see around here.

  7. 9


    I think it is a good idea to make these and have on hand for gifts….very nice! How do you think it would look made from scrappy fabrics in the same color way? I guess I could try it and find out!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  8. 12

    marcie says

    Love this pattern, aka Carpenter’s Wheel, I think. I’m a little confused about the size, though – could you clarify dimensions? The stash busting fabric for the back has me puzzled. Thanks much! I, too, would love to make it for a child’s or baby’s gift.