Hard Fall Off the Wagon

Last week when The Loopy Ewe had a restock in Wollmeise, I was so excited to happen to have noticed it that I just kept pushing buttons and adding to my cart and it was only after I had paid and stopped hyperventilating that the thought occurred to me . . Vince is going to be home and if that box of yarn arrives while he’s home . . I am in BIG trouble! He really would not have cared too much except that he knows I don’t need any yarn, and there’s no sense in adding to what we already have to pack but, I had done it and was so hoping the yarn would not arrive before he left.

Dodged that bullet! πŸ™‚ When I got home from taking him to Joplin, the mail man had left a box . . full of Wollmeise except for just a little bit of other yarn. I had three skeins of yarn in my cart already and when the Wollmeise popped up, I didn’t want to take time to take the other yarn out of my cart because every second counts where Wollmeise is concerned! It wasn’t that I didn’t want the other yarn but I was mostly just messing around on The Loopy Ewe’s site and was maybe or maybe not going to order the other yarn but here’s what I got. It’s all Madelinetosh Sock yarn.

The dark blue on the left is Thunderstorm and the intention for that one is to make socks for my dad. The middle one . . what was I thinking? It’s one of those yarns that I may never use but the first time I saw something made from it, I knew I had to have it. The color is Edison Bulb. I love it! The yarn on the right is lettuce leaf and you know I love that one. Not sure if I’ll make socks or something else but it’s real close to a perfect color!

The Wollmeise . . since we can only order one skein per color, and even though I have all my yarn on a spreadsheet, there wasn’t time to refer to the spreadsheet so I was clicking the buttons as quickly as possible, hoping to get a second skein of any color for making the Pamuya shawl. Hard to believe but I got a second skein of Die Auster which is actually the same yarn the designer used for her Pamuya shawl. It’s all hand dyed yarn and I can see that in the bottom skein, the blue is a little greener and the tan is a little browner but I think I can work it in to where it won’t be real noticeable. It’s always nice to use the same dye lot but with Wollmeise, that is just about impossible!Β  The bigger problem is that one skein is 100% wool and one is 80% wool/20% nylon. I know I can mix them but I’m not sure I want to do it.

Also, I got a second skein of Neptun.

Neptun is gorgeous but I wanted something not quite so solid. Am I right back where I was before I bought 16 skeins of Wollmeis and still not having two skeins that I want to use for Pamuya?

Here’s what I got . . probably the last time I’ll ever order it . . yep, really!

Ever knitter has their favorite yarns and their reasons for loving said yarn. I’m not saying Wollmeise is my absolute favorite yarn but it does rate right up there at the top. I love how it’s so tightly twisted. I love how the colors are so vibrant, and the color saturation is fantastic and they’re so very colorfast. Because the yarn is so tightly twisted, for the way I knit, it shows the stitch definition just perfectly!

My favorites of the batch:

On the left is Red Hot Chili and I’ve been wanting that one for a long time. Next is that gorgeous green and it’s called Lowenzahn. The brillian blue is Rittersporn and the purple on the right is True Love. Aren’t they yummy?

Who ever knew shopping for yarn was such hard work?


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    Well worth the fall! I love the bottom 4. Would be hard pressed to pick just 1, lol….don’t think I could without closing my eyes and just grabbing.

    Glad you were able to score so many colors and that the mailman was considerate enough to not deliver while Vince was home…of course, Vince will read the blog and will now have to fuss long distance!

  2. 2


    Oh, my goodness I am slobbering with envy. It looks just beautiful. the colors are gorgeous let alone what I imagine it feels like. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. You also were so lucky to dodge that bullet too. LOL

  3. 3


    LOL. You did what I just did at the Connecting Thread sale. I know that Frank doesn’t read my blog, but does Vince read yours? LOL

    glen: The computer made me buy all that!

  4. 4


    When you fall, you fall into a gorgeous pile of luscious-ness! What a fabulous collection! Color me green. I almost did what glen did but I closed out the page……I bet if I go look, it’s still there. πŸ˜‰

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    Roberta says

    WOW all great yarns!!!!! in your first picture I can see that yellowing being an accent stripe in your green yarns, say on the bottom of a shawl or something like that. So pretty!!!!

  6. 9

    Terry says

    All beautiful!! I started making the Pamuya shawl after seeing it on your blog. I fell madly in love with it and had to make it! I love working on it. It keeps me interested because of the stitch changes and the pattern is not hard to understand and read. I bought some 100% Merino wool that was hand dyed in a shop in Baton Rouge and the color was very close to what the designer used so I bought it. I love how it’s coming out. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with yours.

  7. 10


    Judy – those are beautiful I can see why you fell. I’m remembering a ton of beautiful yarn you recently categorized and packed into storage bins. And I’m remembering your abundant quantity of beautiful handmade socks. I’m wondering if Vince may be right. Do you really need more yarn.

    From one yarn addict to another – Climb back up on that wagon and be strong! When the wagon tries to stop at the Loopy Ewe with a full shopping cart close your eyes and keep moving. πŸ™‚

  8. 11

    Shirley says

    What is the trick to scoring that beautiful yarn?!? I have been trying to snag some but never have….spill your secret πŸ™‚

  9. 12

    lw says

    Gorgeous yarn!!! I’m also a stress-buyer. The more stress, the easier it is for me to succumb to beautiful wool and fabrics.

  10. 13


    Judy, perhaps you can exchange some of what you have with another knitter to get a second skein of a color you already have? I’ll bet there is someone out there that would like to get a second skein of one of their colors πŸ™‚

  11. 14

    Penny Holliday says

    The Woolmeise yarn colors are so clear & gorgeous!! Oh, I know I would like all the colors! I do so admire the projects & am envious of the knitting projects you’ve shared w/ us. I know just the basics of knitting and really don’t knit much at this time because I do so enjoy quilting & beading. My family is disappointed that I much prefer quilting now rather than sewing garments or even mending ~ you know the expressions “quilters don’t do buttons!!” But I am curious tho how many projects can you knit with just one skein? Considering dye lots that just seems so unfair to limit purchases to just one skein per color. What a challenge!!

  12. 15

    pdudgeon says

    Judy Saves the Day!
    Just a thank you note for saving my day today with your wonderful yarn post.
    This has absolutely NOT been my day today, and just when i thought the day was a total bust, you come online with the beautiful yarn from Loopy Ewe.
    first thing i had to do was to go get a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea and then view those wonderful yarns. Don’t ask me why, but somehow yarn just goes with Earl Grey Tea!
    Any way, thanks again for saving my day!

  13. 16

    Denise says

    Lovely – at least when you fell off the wagon you had some luscious yarns to land on!

  14. 17

    JoAn GODFREY says

    i like blues, but my eye keeps going back to the burgundy skein. it is just beautiful.