The Puppies

Who can resist a bowl full of puppies?

Vince!  He wouldn’t even hold one of them.  If I had to guess, I’d say I’m not getting a puppy.  They were so cute.  Normally they stay outside in a pen with a house but the weather had gotten really bad and they had been brought into the garage.  While we were there was the first time they found the mama’s food bowl and they were playing in it and trying to eat it and then they just wore themselves out.  Notice the one laying there with its paw over the edge of the bowl and the one in the bowl has its back half hanging out of the bowl.  I could have stayed there and watched them all day.

With 10 of them, it was hard to get a picture when some of them weren’t running around making for a blurry puppy!

Chad picked out the one he would like but no, I don’t think he’ll be getting one either.  They surely are cute little puppies!


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    pdudgeon says

    as in all things, Chad has good taste!
    (maybe Santa will bring one for for Christmas!)

  2. 4


    OMG, how could you not just stick one in your pocket! Those are the cutest. Vince has some pretty strong puppy resist powers. 🙂

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    Eve in GA says

    OMG! How adorable!! Don wouldn’t have Vince’s willpower with those. He’s talked for years about having a chocolate lab. Of course, he’ll wait ’til Boomer’s gone now. He’s afraid of breaking Boomer’s heart by bringing in another pooch. Eve

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    I’m guessing that with a pending move and no house to move into, this just isn’t a good time for a puppy. Maybe next year when you are all settled, have your chickens laying, then Vince will be ready for a puppy. Maybe.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      The puppies won’t be ready for their new homes til mid-August and even then, we weren’t going to get one til we knew we were getting a good many acres. Hopefully by mid-August, we’ll have a good idea about where we’ll be living.

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    How sweet! Very tempting, aren’t they? I love, love, love baby animals, especially puppies. But, oh the things they do to wreak havoc….. oh the memories of pets throughout the years. Hubby and I have sworn off pets, but we still LOVE them!

    I’m betting though that your family will soon have one!!!!????


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    I’ve been waiting to see these cute puppies. And cute they are!! Yes, I would wait for acreage. There will be other puppies, that are just as cute 😉

  7. 12

    Amy says

    Oh how I wish those were doxie puppies! Then my heart would be melting. (and we’re in the market for another too)

  8. 14


    My husband has his heart set on a Chocolate lab puppy too, and they are all ready to go too!!! But I’m the big meany I said, “No!!” I don’t feel like having a puppy, really don’t have the time to work with it. He found puppies for sale on Sunday, they were all males, if we do get one, I want a female. Thankfully, he hasn’t told the kids about the puppies, or I would be sabotaged for sure!!

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    Linda in NE says

    Those pictures bring back memories of when our son’s chocolate lab had her puppies. She was such a good mama and the puppies were so adorable.

  10. 16

    lw says

    Nothing is as cute as a puppy! But nothing else (except maybe a kitten) has so much energy– this is why I try to resist the urge to get a puppy and adopt older dogs from shelters.

    On the other hand, their lives are so short that I’ve noticed that my dogs rarely last more than 6 years; so maybe I should reconsider…it would be nice to have a dog for at least 10 years.

  11. 17


    Oh look at those little cuties….. so fuzzy, you just want to play with them and love on them…. I’ll bet it was hard to leave them.

  12. 18


    Oh DARN…and I have a name suggestion all picked out! My best friend and her husband have a Chocolate lab. His whole litter was spices..guess what his name is?? Cajun! I thought it was perfect for yours!

  13. 19

    Dolores says

    These are the greatest dogs ever. We are so happy with ours.Name is Hershey2 because we had one before. Best companion ever for my husband. Very smart and trainable.

  14. 20


    We have 2 chocolate labs, Hershey & Reesie, and then we have two other labs as well (yes we are nuts for having 4 of them) Bailey and Riley, Bailey she is yellow the only full blooded one of the bunch, and Riley he is white with tan ears, and he loves all his girls. They are all rescues and they are all fixed too.