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People are funny, don’t you think?  I noticed a long time ago that people are very loyal to brands.  There are people who will only drive a Ford. There’s no changing their mind ever . . it’s a Ford or nothing!  Same with sewing machines.  Ever try to convince a Bernina girl that she should buy a Babylock machine?  Or  an APQS longarmer that she should try a Gammill?  There are positives and negatives about most everything but some of us are so brand loyal that all we can see are the positives.  I’m a Bernina girl.  I’ve tried other machines.  While I love my Singer 301 machines, I doubt I ever consider anything new except a Bernina.  But I do know that there are other great machines out there.  Same with my APQS.  I love the machine.  I love the people who work for and own the company.  Gammill owners, as well as those who own other brands, feel the exact same way about their longarms.

Same thing with cameras.  For my DSLR cameras, I have a Nikon D40 and a D3100 and I dearly love them both.  Canon and other brand owners love their cameras but for me, it’s Nikon.  With my small pocket digital cameras, I’ve only had Sony cameras.  Last week, I bought a pocket digital camera.  It wasn’t a Sony.  I went to the store knowing what I wanted to get but they didn’t have the one I wanted so I ended up getting what the store lady recommended.  There was nothing wrong with the camera but it wasn’t for me.  In low light situations, I couldn’t get a decent picture.  Today I went to take the camera back and the camera I bought on Friday for $159 was $179 on Tuesday.  At another discount store, the same camera was $199.

It’s a Sony WSC-WX9.  It’s inexpensive.  It fits nicely in my purse.  It uses SD cards and I’m loving the pictures I’ve taken with it so far.  Even though I love my DSLR cameras, I don’t keep one of those with me at all times because I don’t want to leave it in the car on these horribly hot days, I don’t want to carry it around with me all the time but there are so many times, even in the grocery store, or Wal-Mart when I wish I had my camera.  I can use my cell phone but I’ve come too close to running the battery down in the cell phone and then not having my cell phone when I need a phone so I choose to mostly use a camera for taking pictures.

As much as I detest returning things, I’m glad I took the other camera back and got this one.  Maybe it’s a better camera or maybe in my head, if it’s a small digital camera, it just has to be a Sony.

Are there things that you will only buy a certain brand?  I consider myself pretty open to trying different brands but I’m very loyal to the brands I lo


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    oh yes…
    I am also a Bernina Girl..(although I do own a babylock I never use it…must sell it!)
    camera – Canon…love my PowerShot..

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    Kathy S. says

    I too am a Bernina Girl, the mid arm is a Tin Lizzy and I’m quite happy with her right now. Previously I had only owned Singers and still have 2. My current digital camera is an Olympus. It takes great pictures and fits in my purse. The previous digital was a Sony that took floppy disks. I just replaced it at Christmas. I was having a hard time getting disks for it and some of the ones I had, wouldn’t work anymore. DH thinks I wore them out.

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    Tina says

    I’ve only ever owned three cars, all Mazdas. I’m looking to get another car soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I drive home a Mazda3, but I will try other economy cars. DH swears by Toyotas.

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    I don’t seem to be brand loyal except with Fords, Bush’s beans and Claussen Pickles. Ha! 🙂

    My first sewing machine was a Kenmore. I chose a Kenmore because my mother’s is a Kenmore and she had if for over 46 years. And as far as I know, it is still running and in great shape. I’ll be inheriting it when she passes on.

    My second sewing machine is currently a Janome. I like it a lot and am happy with it even though it gives me grief on the quilting part.

    I’ve bought an antique sewing machine for $25 and had it restored. When I picked it up, the man said it was worth over $300. :-0 That sure shocked me! I never used it. I should give it away to someone who would appreciate, love and use it.

    I bought another beautiful antique sewing machine for $35 that needs to be taken in and restored. But, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to do that. So, I think I’m going to Craigslist it and hope it finds and loving home.

    I inherited a knee pedal machine with its cabinet from my Grandmother. I need to take it in to get restored. It’s a beaut! I plan to set it up in my future “studio”.

    I am expecting a new Brother (not a sibling! ha!) soon. It has a deep throat and be perfect for quilting.

    So no. I don’t think I’m brand loyal. LOL. 🙂

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    My Viking is “o.k.” but I really only bought it because there was a dealer in the area. I wish I hadn’t traded in my Bernina. Sometimes I almost consider moving just to be closer (than 4 hours) to a Bernina dealer. Well, and my grandkids too.

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    I have had a Juki short arm, a Gammill Classic and now own an APQS Ultimate 1 which I love and would buy APQS again in a heartbeat. My digital cameras are Fuji. They take wonderful pictures and would buy one again anytime. I do own a couple of Singer 301’s and a 401 and a Pfaff 2140. I have had Pfaff since 1992 but when we move in 2009 I lost my Pfaff dealer. So I am looking around to see if something else would work for me. I think most people stick with what is familiar and comfortable as long as it is working for them.

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    Julianne says

    Well I am a Ford person.. I will drive other brands but I love a Ford. LOL My cameras are Nikon and Cannon. I prefer a Motorola phone. I have a different brand at the moment…it is only OK. Sewing machines.. I love Singer. I have resisted buying a new machine because I know I won’t like it whatever brand it it. I am a Gammill girl.LOL I prefer Charmin tissue. ; ) Honestly I am not sure how brand loyal I really am, I might own and use a different brand but I probably won’t like it nearly as much. 🙂

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    The only name brands that I stick to is food, no generic brands when it comes to flour, sugar, pretty much anything in the grocery store. My first 2 sewing machines were Singers (loved them and used them till there were practically dead), I have a Babylock Serger (but hardly use that); this last one is a Husqvarna and I am enjoying it.
    My husband is now a huge Ford fan, I have a Ford Escape and he loves it, yesterday he bought himself an Expedition and is now in heaven; of course he swore that he would not buy another black vehicle, but this one is black, so I don’t think he is stuck that much to the Ford brand.

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    I’m a Pepsi girl! I love my little Janome Gem and my Gammill Classic (although I didn’t do much research and I do like some of the APQS features…). I have Peter Pan creamy peanut butter on toast every morning, and I forced hubby to switch to Crest toothpaste when we got married!

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    Just in food, LOL. I guess you can tell what is important to me, can’t you??? I have a Kenmore and a Singer Featherweight (from 1937) and they both work swimmingly.
    I love my Canon Rebel, but it is a FILM camera. I’d love to get the digital version! Otherwise, I take pics on my iPhone.

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    I have my second Panasonic Lumix super-zoom camera, and if it died, I would buy another one just like it. Jif peanut butter. Fords. OPI nail polish. Keurig coffee brewer. Love my three Janomes. I guess I’m pretty loyal; I just celebrated 40 years with the same man. When you find something you like…

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    Carolyn Thomas says

    No loyalty with car brands. Cameras … got to be an Olympus. I’ve tried Nikon and have been unhappy. Computers… Laptops, Dell.. Desktops… We build our own. Sewing machine: Pfaff. I keep trying to get my mind around the idea of upgrading. Just can’t get rid of or replace my 1222e. Adams Peanut butter, Tillamook cheese, Sears Kenmore household appliances and Craftsman outdoor appliances and tools.

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    Patty says

    I owned 17 cars in the first 11 years of our marriage and not a Ford in the bunch. I am a Viking person for sewing machines and I like my Canon cameras. My daughter is wanting to take up photography and we are looking for a Nikon D3100 for her. She has been told that is a good one to learn on.

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    My fave machine is Pfaff (have a Bernina but never bonded with her), my dogs have to be rescue mutts, seem to always own a Seiko watch (just happens?), computers and printers are always HP. If we got into food, the list would be way too long!

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    Darlene S says

    Let’s see – Honda & Jeep, (am open to others tho), Bernina, Featherweights, Gammill, open on cameras, computers (none last long enough before needing replacing), most brand foods will do. Now restuarants are another thing!! 🙂

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    Quiltinggranna says

    3 Berninas, Apple desktop, laptop, iphone and ipad, Honda, Lexus, Sony, Seiko, Crocs, Constant Comment tea, Diet Dr Pepper, Ghiradelli, Colgate, Einstein’s bagels, Jamba Juice…..I better not start on fabric companies!

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    Chris says

    It’s Viking for domestic, just love how easy they are to use. Handiquilter for machine quilting, it is like a timex, just keeps on working. Skippy, Best Foods, Clorox, Coke, French’s Yellow Mustard, oh and I converted my dh to fords. Hands down I am loyal.

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    Sara in AL says

    We always bought VW’s until they became harder to find a dealer to service. Now we have Dodge (Ram) trucks (we live on a farm). Have an APQS Liberty longarm. Have Pfaff sewing machines, and still own my faithful Singer Futura II, really miss my first machine it was a basic Kenmore. I will say that I am disappointed with the Creative Vision I bought. I wish I had know how expensive the software is that you should have to do the embroidery. For a digital camera, I started with a Kodak P800, haven’t upgraded yet. I want a Nikon, but DH says that a Kodak is good. Judy, I really like the idea of a smaller camera to carry around, think I will look at the Sony.

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    Linda H says

    I’m not much of a brand person, but I do have a few favorites. I don’t own a cell phone or a camera and my computer was built by a friend. I drive a Merc, but only because DH wants me to drive a big, “safe” car. I sew on a Viking and it will probably last me until I can no longer sew. My mid arm is a Nolting and I’m quite pleased with it. I couldn’t care less about fabric labels. I prefer freshly ground pnut butter, Kraft Olive Oil mayo, fresh veggies and Peet’s coffee. Oh, and I buy my shoes at one particular local store. Other than that, generic brands and what’s the cheapest suit me fine. Oh, the choices available. Aren’t we blessed!

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    Patricia says

    I’m loyal to my family and friends, brand names, not so much, in fact probably not at all.

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    Cars who cares, we have driven Holden, Ford, Nissan, Dihatshu, as long as it gets me from A to B.
    Sewing machines I have a Janome at the moment, learnt on my mothers singer, bought a Husqvarna in the early eighties and got the Janome for my 50th in 2006. Also have a Janome overlocker (serger) since about 1991.
    As for technology we are currently are in our Panasonic phase, TV flat screen, DVD Blue ray player, cameras.
    Fun topic

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    Marilyn S says

    GMC cards, currency have a 2008 GMC Acadia and a 2008 Chevy Malibu. Have almost always had GM cars except for a dud Dodge pickup, a great VW Rabbit sand a great Toyota pickup that kept on going and going. Berninas (3), APQS Millie, Best Foods Mayo, Keruig coffee maker, Jif, Hoffman, Moda, Timeless Treasures fabrics (will not buy from Joannes). Clothing from Talbot’s, Chico’s, Coldwater Creek or my sewing machine. Shoes, Crocs or from Nordstrom’s. I wear a size 12 and shoes are almost impossible for me to buy. I require very little in clothing and shoes now as I am retired. I am very much a jeans and t shirt type of person. Plus, I hate to shop.
    cameras are a Canon T1i for DH and Nikons. I have a fairly new Nikon 8100, a Nikon P7100 sand just gave our son our little Nikon which we loved.

    Great topic.

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    True, True, True…

    Cameras have to be Canon. Being a Semi-Pro, I have 4 DSLRs, 3 Video Cameras, and a pocket camera… All Canons. Love ’em and won’t leave ’em.

    Driving a Chevy right now and hate it. Drove a Honda once, hated it. Bought both of ’em because I got a great deal I couldn’t pass up.

    My first new car was a Yugo, and believe it or not, I’d buy another one in a heartbeat if they were still around. Fords have been in my Driveway for the past 28 years. I’m really liking the new Fiesta and the new Focus, so I’ll probably have another one soon.

    Good Post. Made Me think…