Highway Scenery

Most anywhere I drive in Missouri, I find so many things I want to photograph and share.  Missouri is such a beautiful state.  I’m not sorry to be leaving and I’m definitely ready to get to Texas but I am going to miss so many things about Missouri – fall colors, snow, green in July . . the drought in Texas is so sad and only in areas where there’s heavy irrigation do you see green anything.

I don’t know what it is about hay but every time I see it, I want to stop and take pictures. These were taken with my cell phone  .. I just couldn’t help myself.

Isn’t Missouri pretty?

And look at the corn fields.  They’re everywhere and so green!

I’m very thankful that we’ve spent 4-1/2 years in Missouri.  Though moving is hard, it’s so nice to get to spend time in different states, meet new people and see different scenery.


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    I have lived in North Carolina, Virginia, Washington State, Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky, Texas and Minnesota and they have all been just great. The land and the people are all different; all fascinating in their own way.

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    Before getting married I lived in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and Tennessee. My wife grew up in Ohio, and that is where we have lived since we got married (after a short year in Tennessee).

    BUT, I have traveled to all of the 48 Contiguous United States, and YES, they are ALL beautiful in their own way. I can’t wait to get to Alaska and Hawaii, I’ll be able to claim to have visited all 50!!

    My dream is to visit them all once again on one massive trip via Motorcycle. Someday when the kids are grown and the responsibilities are fewer, and the bank account has a few more dollars… (This is why they call it dreaming!!)


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    Kim says

    I have visited lots of states but have lived my entire life within five miles of the house I grew up in.
    That corn looks like it is tasseling. We have had so much rain here (Indiana) that there are fields that will remain empty this season because it got too late to plant corn.

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    Sandy says

    Missouri is one of my favorite states. I love the rolling hills and area around Branson. We visit once or twice a year. We go thru the Joplin area when we go to Albuquerque to visit hubby’s family. We winter in Texas and I love the warmer temperatures and no shoveling, lol. As you know, enjoy the lush green vegetation as you don’t see that in Texas. Each state has it’s own beauty. Aren’t we fortunate to live in a country where we can enjoy different climates? As one of our Canadian friends said, “We can move from cold, colder, and COLDEST! lol

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    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    We’ve lived in 19 states – husband’s job requirements – and have been in the rest except Hawaii. Unless they build a bridge, we probably won’t get there. Each of our states has a unique beauty and isn’t it wonderful how they all blend together to form the United States of America?!!!!

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    Whoa! as an American living in Canada at this time, I can say I am sitting here in almost 90+ degrees (I know what Texas is like–hot) and my hottest summer EVER was our first year living here–no AC of course. We do have summer, it’s just short and hot. And it’s such a big country you really can’t generalize. Jokes abound about winter and the Fourth of July as our one day of summer . . . not true! Fun to hear where everyone has lived.

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    I think Oklahoma is hotter than Texas right now. It’s miserable and dry and actually NOT typically.

    We had lots of hay..thank goodness, because we’re still feeding it …there’s no pasture for the cows to eat.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    My home in the Oklahoma Ozarks is still surrounded by lovely green. The drought in Texas and western Oklahoma hasn’t hit here yet, but it may. I love the hills of eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. You have a good attitude about moving to Texas. Of course, you will be a little closer to your Louisiana, a state that really is full of loveliness, not to mention great food!

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    We lived in Missouri, 60 miles west of St. Louis for nearly 10 years. We loved it. I grew up in Northern Utah and had never seen so much green. We moved away last fall and I miss it terribly. Good luck on your move.

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    Katie says

    I was born in Texas and moved every 18 months from birth to 18 years old (including living internationally in Tripoli, Libya) for 2 years. Texas was where my heart was until I moved to beautiful NW Arkansas and just fell in love with the culture, the people, and last but not least — the beauty of the “Natural State”. I graduated from the University of Arkansas and decided to stay in Fayetteville. Texas ranks high on my list of favorite states to live — but give me NW Arkansas to hang my Welcome Home sign.

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    shirley bruner says

    you need a picture of the rocks on our place. that seems to be most of what is in our pasture. when we first moved here i got charlie horses in my calves from walking up and down the hill that is our driveway. i have lived in Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. my heart (and my son) is in Texas.

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    I’ve been a Minnesota girl all of my life, experiencing both farm and city life. Retired life is the best, and we are now “Winter Texans” in the coldest months. We do live in a spectacularly beautiful country.

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    I am a prairie Canadian girl through and through- I live in Western Canada where we get lots of snow in winter and have shorter summers. My favorite seasons are spring and fall where we see the beauty of Mother Nature changing. You can beat beautiful golden hay bales and big expansive blue prairie sky. Now if you asked my son’s girlfriend she would say you can’t beat the beauty and sounds of the ocean on the eastern coast.
    It all depends on where your heart is.

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    I’ve lived in Massachusetts all my life but have visited many states and yes they are all beautiful in their own way, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful and diverse country.

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    I’ve lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio , Iowa and Louisiana. I’ve visited all 50 states and every one has something unique and wonderful. My heart is here with my Cajun now.

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    Kathy C says

    I have lived in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Oregon.
    As everyone else said, each has something special and unique about it and its surrounding states.
    How lucky can a girl get?

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    JoAn GODFREY says

    i have lived in indiana.
    i have visited 30 states. some driving, some flying there. i hope to visit all the lower 48 at least. the corn and wheat are the same her now. they just cut the wheat today down the road from us. so pretty. i just LOVE summer. heat and all.

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    Carmel says

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Living in Australia, it’s so neat to see what it is like elsewhere in the world.

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    Your Pics look a lot like Michigan. And boy has it been hot here, so thankful for central air. The biggest difference here though is we have the Great Lakes, and my favorite place, Mackinac Island!!!