Mr. Kitty All Grown Up

Do you remember almost two years ago when we found a cat living in our garage?  Chad named him Mr. Kitty and though the kitten was quite wild, Chad managed to get him into a box and while trying to put him into a small crate, Mr. Kitty escaped.  Chad called him and we left food out for a while but we didn’t see him.

Chad was out last night right at dusk and he called me to come outside.  This cat had been hanging around out there and while Chad couldn’t get close to him, the cat just sat at a distance and watched Chad for a while.

We think it could be Mr. Kitty all grown up!  There’s a definite resemblance!

Chad was determined to get close to him.

Chad crawled on his belly, meowing . . trying to keep Mr. Kitty from noticing that he was sneaking up on him.

Looks like Chad is taking after Vince in the wardrobe department.  Notice the holes in the armpits of his shirt?

So close but . . no deal.  Mr. Kitty walked away. It was kinda funny to see the same cat hanging around 2 years later . . or else it’s a cat that looks a whole lot like Mr. Kitty.


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    pat says

    I don’t think it is the same one look around the mouth- nose area one has more white on it.
    They are both pretty.

  2. 2

    Donna P. says

    Well, no matter who it is, the cat knows you’re a sucker for them. 😉 Or maybe it’s Son of Mr. Kitty 😉

  3. 4


    It very well could be the same cat. They have an amazing memory. Chad was fighting a losing battle with a wild cat that isn’t used to being around people. Chad is quite the animal lover it seems.

  4. 5


    Your blog is 1 of 2 that I read EVERY day. I feel like I know you, Vince and Chad personally (and your pets, too). I have lived in Jasper, TX, for 50 years, and I’m so sorry I didn’t know you when you lived here. You are a super quilter, and very generous with your ideas and patterns. I pray that you will find a good house in Brownwood.

  5. 8


    I agree I don’t think it is the same on as the white markings are different but it could be a sibling or other relative.

  6. 9


    Not the same kitty but it’s a pretty one for sure. Cute pictures of Chad crawling on the ground trying to catch it. 🙂

  7. 10


    cute cat! But, it’s not the same one. A cat’s markings pretty much stay the same throughout their lives. The baby picture has completely white chin and white up the nose. The adult picture has a black chin. Also, their noses are different. The baby has some pink whereas the adult has solid black nose.

  8. 11

    lw says

    It’s likely a relative of Mr. Kitty.

    It’s awfully hard to convince a feral kitten/cat that while you are a large meat-eating predator, that you are not going to eat him. I’ve got friends who volunteer to rehabilitate feral cats, and it can be years before they learn to trust humans.

  9. 12

    Linda in NE says

    Nope, that’s not Mr. Kitty. The facial coloring is all wrong…the kitten has more white around the nose and mouth than the adult cat. Chad just plain loves animals doesn’t he?? I consider that a good trait to have.

  10. 13

    Bonnie says

    Both kitties are pretty; 13 yrs ago we had a feral mama hanging around and she had about her 3rd litter with one that I was determined to tame. He got in once when he was about 3 mos, but capturing him…well, I still have the scars! Over the next year or so he grew a little less fearful to where we could quietly approach and pet while feeding. One day I went for it and was able to grab him, brought him in and for the next 2 yrs he spent his nights locked in a bathroom and days had free roam of the house. I’d go in and spend time with him and his sister (she never tamed). We named him Monster. We did eventually over the years get him to be a bit of a lap-cat, but he was still skittish & would only let my husband or I pet & hold him, my son (same age as cat) could never get near him. Eventually, we let him have outside time again – he was gone for several days but did return, we’d leave the door open for him to come and go as he pleased during the day. He got to where he’d be in all day and sleeping on a bed, but want out at night. He remained lovable to DH & I. Then last June he didn’t come back. At 12, we figure he probably tangled with the wrong coyote as he wasn’t found at shelter or deceased. I miss him, but always felt his heart belonged outside and we had in large part had success in taming him. Ferals can be tamed, even once they’re an adult, but it takes a lot of patience and persistence, and the knowledge that they’ll never be like a cat that’s been raised from birth to be people-sociable. He must have loved us too because he’d occasionally bring us some of his fresh-meat presents 😉 one still living and active!

  11. 14

    Mel Meister says

    The coloring isn’t the same on the two cats. And the adult cat appears to have long hair which the kitten does not. I suppose they could be related, but I’m doubting it.

  12. 15


    Even though the white is different in the picture. We have a cat that was mostly white with a few dark markings as a kitten, and as a grown up, she is mostly dark. SOooooo it could be the same cat. My dad has a wild cat that took him almost 3 years of feeding it everyday for her to finally let him pet her head for a few seconds, she only lets him pet her. Her name is FourFifty…….a long story.