The Everchanging Date!

This move has to be the craziest move we’ve ever made.  It’s no one’s fault . . just a combination of lots of things that have made it so frustrating.  The original date for me to leave was June 6.  That was way premature so we canceled that date and advised the movers we would let them know a date when we knew more.  A few weeks ago, we decided on July 25 as the day the packers would come and get started and they would leave with our stuff on July 29.  Since we have no house and I will be moving into Vince’s rented 400 square feet “bungalow”, we were going to put all our stuff in storage.  Then we decided that was crazy.  Unless our house sells, I can stay here til October 8 so we decided to put off my leaving til around October 1.  We never called the movers to cancel because they only had us penciled in for July 25 and said we needed to let them know for sure by July 15.  When Vince was here last week, the whole time he was here, he was busy working — cutting weeds and trimming and he decided coming home was no fun since he had to work so hard the few days he was here so he decided to leave the move date at July 25 and put our stuff in storage.

Today we found out that Chad’s tonsillectomy is scheduled for July 20 and it’s going to cost us $2,500/month to store our furniture/fabric/yarn if we leave it in storage more than two months.  The doctor told Chad he can’t lift more than 10 pounds for at least 10 days, he can’t bend over or do anything stressful so him trying to move all his stuff out and into an apartment on July 28 and 29 was going to be pushing it a bit close so our move date has been changed.

For now, and I hope there are no more changes, the packers will come on August 8 – 10, load on August 11 and 12 and leave with our stuff then.  It will have to go into storage but hopefully for not longer than two months!  That gives Chad an extra 10 days to recover (a total of  21 days from surgery til he has to move) so he should be back to normal by the time he has to do heavy lifting.  Hopefully the house we’re wanting will be available by mid-August and we won’t have to spend too much time separated from our stuff . . and hopefully we won’t spend much time in the bungalow!

And my biggest hope of all . . once we get moved into a house  . . we never move again!


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    Kate says

    Wow do you wonder if the universe is telling you not to move! You are certainly having obsticals. Hang in there and remember to breathe, and make sure to save out some small projects and not pack everything, you will need the stress reliever. Moving is in the top 3 of stress producers. Take care of youself, and good luck.

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    I believe things happen for a reason. Chad having an operation is not something I was expecting, but it will be best for all involved for you to be with Chad during at least the first few days of his recovery. I just talked again with the Real Estate broker we are dealing with and he offered me a job when I get to WI if I get my license. That knocked me off my feet. We are going to make our final offer this week on a house. Best to you with the house you are looking at in Texas. I hope this is the last move for both of us.

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    Cindy in NC says

    I hope Chad’s surgery goes well. It’s certainly harder to recover from this procedure as an adult. A few years ago our oldest had a tonsillectomy at age 27. She was living in Chicago at the time, and my husband went out to be with her. He had to stay 10 days because her recovery was hampered by the fact that most pain medicine makes her sick. Judy, I think this whole moving fiasco would be made considerably less stressful by the presence of a chocolate lab puppy.

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    I agree completely tht you should be there with Chad–this is no fun for an adult and only his mother will know what is best. Don’t let him overdo as men tend to get going too fast and pay for it later. You can then leave him with a clear conscence and a new lease of life without all those infections. Chocolate lab: I would wait. Pups are a handful despite the fact that I love them to pieces. SO much energy and you have enough on your plate. We’ll be thinking of you all.

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    Kathleen says

    Oh Judy, I would be completely nuts by now if I was you. You have every right to cry, scream, kick, holler, and pout – all at once if you wish. But I do like that hint about “the house we want” – – good to know there’s a good possibility in the works!

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    Perry says

    Good grief! I do feel sorry for Chad, however. At least something good is coming from this moving delay. I know you will take good care of him, and he is one fortunate young man to have you as his mother. Take care of the two of you, and think positively. Look at the mountain of socks and scarves you can get made during this extra time, lol.

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    Linda B in MI says

    amen on it being your last move, I wish I knew I was only moving one more time…25 and counting! And Chad, listen to your mom, get well soon.

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    I’m so sorry to hear Chad has to have his tonsils removed. As an adult, I had this done at about his age. It was not fun back then. The 60’s. Hopefully they have greatly improved this type of surgery. Hmmm–I don’t remember not being able to lift or do anything out of the ordinary. I had a baby, a house, and stuff to do so I just went on like normal. I was in the hospital about 3 days (back then)—then back to a regular routine except for eating. Only soft foods—- and pain meds. were very welcome as I recall. I had a very sore throat from the procedure. Worse than the tonsillitis!

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    Has Chad found an apartment? Is he putting all HIS stuff in storage too? where is he going to put his hunting stuff, or are you taking that stuff with you? THAT is what it costs to store your stuff for a MONTH?? WHAT A RIP OFF! That is more then rent for a whole APPARTMENT! I think you should just do that to store your stuff! Holy moly.

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    Marilyn S says

    So sorry that Chad has to go thru this. I had mine out at four, with ether. Came home the same day and wanted lamb chops for dinner. Forget the jello and ice cream. I recovered right away. It is. Uch harder on adults, but I am sure he will do fine
    I am hoping that this house works out well for you. I sure hope that you get a buyer, or even a renter who is going to work for 3M.

    We are in Lake Tahoe for the month of July. It is cool and beautiful. Went to one of the LQS today and looked around. I have been working on piecing a top (or two) as I do each summer when we are her. Lots of company coming the next three weeks so this week is my chance. We are so happy to be out of the heat and humidity going on home in Palm Springs.

    Just pack a machine and a project or two and a few knitting projects and you will be fine until you get into the new place. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. I will certainly be thinking of you both, and Chad.

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    I was thinking about Chad and his tonsils today! He will feel so much better when this is over. You will feel so much better when all of this is over. Hang in there my friend.

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    wanda ll says

    Well Judy here is a news flash for you and Chad. Having your tonsils at his age is going to be rough.I know cause I had mine out as adult too. It was necessary and I’m not sorry I did it. I had to stay in hospital a week. Was sick as a horse and took me a couple of weeks to get better. Doctor later told me adults have a very hard time with ths surgery. Now this was before lazer so maybe that will make a difference. But only giving Chad 10 to recover might be pushing it a bit. Maybe not but thought you might like to know surgery recovery might not be so fast.
    Good Luck coming to Texas it is the best state . Loved it all my life it has the best of everything .Why not build you a house? It’s summer and would only take mabe 2 months to built one .Just and idea.
    Your quilter friend,
    wanda ll form Houston area

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    pdudgeon says

    hopefuly they have Chad on antibiotics before the surgery date so he won’t get sick while waiting.

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    Pam says

    Judy, so glad you have all of us, your quilting and your knitting to maintain some sanity at this crazy time.