Camp Loopy Project I – Sothia

The first project for Camp Loopy is due July 15.  It has to be finished, blocked, photographed and sent to The Loopy Ewe.  The first project had to be a cape, shawl or scarf using two colors of yarn.

My project I is coming along nicely.  Being a sock knitter, Sothia is taking forever to knit.  I’m on the last Ruffle Section though I just started it last night.  At the current time, there are 795 stitches on my needles.  That’s about 13 times more stitches I have than when I’m knitting socks.  I think  I’m a slow knitter but it takes about an hour to do one pass across all the stitches.  There are 12 rows to be done and I’m guessing that means 12 hours so it won’t be finished today.  I can sew at the sewing machine for 12 hours straight but my wrists and thumb cannot knit for 12 hours straight.

The yarn I used is Loopy Solids which is 100% Superwash Merino.  Here’s what my Sothia looks like now:

This is a very easy pattern, doesn’t require a lot of thinking or counting while knitting.  I love those kinds of projects.  If my mom likes this, I think I’ll give it to her.  Their church is always cold so she might like it for taking to church. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll be real happy to keep it for myself!  🙂


  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    what an amazing project! i checked out the pattern page, and that’s definitely one of the prettier shawls that i’ve seen lately. Nice Job!

  2. 3


    It is wonderful. LOVE IT. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I guess I am going to HAVE to make that next!

    I am knitting a ruffled scarf for my CAMP LOOPY project. IT TAKES FOREVER FOR SURE!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  3. 4


    That is a great pattern. I wasn’t going to start yet another project, but … I really like it. I might have to. I like shawls a lot. Yours is turning out very nice. I’d say you’re a very fast knitter.

  4. 6

    Denise says

    It’s looking great Judy! But don’t those longest rows take forever – and ruffly – even more stitches! But it’s turning out beautiful – I especially like that eyelet looking section. I have a shawl that starts out with all the stitches cast on knit from top down – thought I’d never get across those rows and start decreasing.

  5. 7

    Mary says

    I am so tempted but I didn’t even touch my socks this week so I’m trying to resist.