Looks Like Roadkill

While in Joplin yesterday we had to eat lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant.  Chad and Nicole chose our dishes.

The more I looked at this dish, the more it reminded me of roadkill, or the possums we caught in the trap . . or both!  Check out the “eyeballs”!

But, it sure was good.  I’m going to miss that place when we leave here.


  1. 1

    Mary says

    Oh my, I assumed Chad had designed that plate when the picture first came up. NO WAY would I have ever been able to eat that!!!

  2. 2


    I’m with Mary…I couldn’t eat that. If it’s feet were sticking straight up…it would definitely be roadkill.

  3. 3

    Sandy says

    It sure does look like a rat or possum. I am glad you were brave enough to try it and enjoyed it. Isn’t it funny how our kids wouldn’t eat a new dish we would make (at least mine when they were young) and they can pick something like this? I am guilty too of if it doesn’t look appealing, I don’t want to try it. lol

  4. 7


    Judy, you are too funny…….but you are right…..it does look like road kill…..glad it tasted better than it looked…..have a wonderful day….(o:

  5. 14

    Linda B in MI says

    oh I love sushi! what was in it and it did look good, sort like a fish….emmm good! definetly NOT roadkill

  6. 16

    Gwynette says

    When I scrolled down to the picture, without reading a word, I thought…… DEAD ANIMAL!!! Tell me ‘yawl’ didn’t eat that!!