Camp Loopy Project II

Camp Loopy Project II starts July 15 and it’s socks, mittens or gloves but the catch it . . they have to have cables.  The yarn for my project will be Madelinetosh Sock and the color is Composition Book Gray, which is actually a grayish lavender.  I have this same color in Madelinetosh Vintage to make a sweater.

Deciding on a pattern to use is the hardest part so I’m going to ask you to vote to decide what pattern I should make!  That way, if it’s too hard or I don’t like it, I can blame you.  🙂  Between now and cast on day (July 15), I may come up with a totally different pattern but as of today, here are the choices and you can leave a comment and tell me which one you think I should choose and why you think that.  I tell you what I’ll do . . because it takes a few minutes of your time to look at the patterns and comment, I’ll draw a name from the comments and one person will receive three spools of Essential thread from Connecting Threads. A name will be chosen Sunday (tomorrow, the 10th) evening.

When I first began looking at patterns, I was looking for something really easy and I thought I would use Cabley Goodness.  The more I looked at patterns, the more I liked more intricate patterns.  Intricate or simple?  July 15 – August 15 is going to be a crazy time around here so I just don’t know whether I should do something I can do almost with my eyes closed or whether I should tackle a project that will keep my mind off all the things I should be doing besides knitting.

The first pattern option is Paraphernalia.  I like those cables and think they would show up nicely on the tone on tone grayish lavender yarn.

If I had to choose today, I might choose these.  They’re Olympic Copper and I really like them.

These are BFF Socks by Cookie A.  They look kinda “retro” and I can see how they would be fun to make.

I’ll add up the totals, and I may or may not make the socks you’ve chosen . . just depends on what’s happening and how industrious I feel on July 15.  Your choices are:

Cabley Goodness
Olympic Copper
BFF Socks

Tell me what you think!


  1. 1

    Maureen says

    I love the Paraphenalia socks best. I really like cables and the more complex they are the better. Happy knitting!

  2. 3

    Linda in NE says

    I like the BFF socks. I love the look of all the cables but I suppose they would be harder to do. Really, you’re the one who’s making them so make the ones YOU like the best.

  3. 4


    They are all so cool, I can hardly stand it. I might have to deviate from my standard plain ribbed socks my next go-around. I would pick the BFF socks. I too like the retro-ness of this pattern. And in that yummy yarn, whatever you choose will be gorgeous. Cables are so pretty *sigh*

  4. 5

    Cindy in NC says

    Maybe I’m being swayed more by the beautiful color than the actual pattern, but I vote for Olympic Copper.

  5. 6


    I love all the cables in the BFF ( Not much of a knitter so I would never be able to do them but I do love them!). But knowing how much you are facing in that month’s time and allowing for the unexpected I would probably go with Cabley Goodness.

  6. 7

    Elizabeth says

    Hi Judy, I like the Olympic Copper pattern the best. It has cables but the in between knit looks like it could keep your mind occupied but not so much that you have to concentrate too hard. I am still straight knitting socks. I love the toe up because I really like the edge you get when you sew off at the end. Between you and Mary (Making scrap quilts from stash) I have gotten back to knitting. Thank you.

  7. 8

    Debbie says

    My vote goes to Cabley Goodness. I like the simplicity in the look of the sock and they just look comfortable.

  8. 9


    I actually love the look of the Olympic copper, but knowing what you are facing in the next month, I would probably choose Cabley Goodness. It looks somewhat easier, but what do I know. I have yet to make a pair of socks. LOL I am sure that whatever you choose will be gorgeous!

  9. 10


    I like the Paraphernalia the best. Cables scare me so I think you are very brave taking these on during this time. But then, you can knit just about anything. 🙂 Which ever you choose, they will be fabulous.

  10. 12


    Cabley Goodness was on my short list of patterns for Camp Loopy #2, so that’s my vote. I only ruled it out because I went with a heavier yarn. With so much going on, you may need the simple peace of knitting without another challenge.

  11. 13

    Linda says

    oh my goodness, I think I need to (re) learn to knit! I really like that Paraphernalia pattern

  12. 14

    Susan says

    My vote is for the Olympic Copper just because I like them, I think you would be able to manage that project with all you have going on in your life, and because they would look good on your toesies :o)

  13. 15

    pdudgeon says

    I LOVE that yarn color! And for socks i would choose BFF.
    you’re such a quick knitter that you’ll have these done in a jiffy.

  14. 16

    Kathy R in FL says

    My vote is for Paraphernalia. I agree with Terri that they look like they would be fun to wear! If I was a more confident knitter I might even attempt them myself. But I’m not, so I won’t! 🙂

  15. 17

    Donna O says

    I would choose the Cabley Goodness because of the simplicity of the pattern. It looks as if it would be a easy pattern that you could set down for a time and then pick up and start knitting again days later. I’m new to knitting socks and have never tried any pattern with cables, but this looks like something that I would like to try sometime in the future.

  16. 22


    I like the Cabley Goodness Top Down, Toe Up Sock pattern. The first one! I like the simplistic look of the single cable along the side of the sock. Do they wear wool socks where you plan to live in TX? I hope so, as you have a lot of wool socks now! But, I have a quilting friend in Hawaii who loves to knit socks and hats. She sends them to her family in Oregon and Washington, and when she comes here to the west coast she likes to come in the cool weather so she can wear her hand knitted socks! :o)

  17. 23


    I’m torn between all of them. I think I am choosing the Olympic Copper because it looks fantastic in that yarn, and I can see it done in the yarn you have chosen.

  18. 24


    Love the BFF socks. I think they’d be tricky enough yet not insanely complicated, and would be beautiful in your lavender-grey yarn.

  19. 25


    I like the Paraphernalia pattern the best – it looks somewhat challenging and that’s what you’ll need to get your mind off of the move.

  20. 27

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Oh, this is a tough choice, but I really like Olympic Gold. My second choice is Paraphernalia.

  21. 29

    Cindy from California says

    I would choose either Cabley Goodness or Olympic Gold. I like the cable designs on them and think that they would look pretty cool! I love the yarn color that you have selected.

  22. 30

    Susan J says

    My vote is for Paraphernalia…….i know very little about knitting, but I love the look of this pattern.

  23. 31

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    So many choices! I like BFF first, paraphernalia next and cabley goodness as your default.

  24. 32

    Karen says

    I like the Paraphernalia the best. They look different and isn’t that why we quilt or knit.

  25. 33

    Linda in PA says

    I like the BFF socks. They look really cool. My second choice would be cabley goodness. They look really nice, too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. 35

    Toni in TN says

    I like Cabley Goodness simply because I might be able to make them! They are all beautiful.

  27. 36

    Katherine says

    If I were choosing a sock pattern, given all that you have on your plate right now (and all I have on my plate right now!), I would choose Olympic Copper. There is more to keep your mind occupied than Cabley Goodness or BFF, but not as much that you have to pay attention to as Paraphernalia. I think the Olympic Copper pattern will become intuitive after a couple of rounds and you won’t have to keep the pattern as close but there will be enough diversity within the pattern that it won’t be boring. Thanks for showing us all these sock patterns. I’m mentally going through my sock yarn stash as I type!

  28. 38

    Ellie says

    I vote for the Paraphenalia because I love a challenge when I’m knitting but I’m not sure I would want to do it under lots of other stress and with a dead line. I guess my next choice would be Olympic Copper. Whatever you chose will be beautiful in that yarn.

  29. 39


    I vote for cabley goodness, but I don’t knit so I have no idea how difficult each one would be. I love your choice of color!

  30. 40

    Beth S says


    I vote for Cable Goodness. With all that is going on in your life right now, I think you need a simpler pattern than you might usually choose.

  31. 43

    Tina says

    Since you’re going to be crunched for time, I vote for Cabley Goodness. I really love the blue they’re pictured in. If I had all the time in the world, Paraphernalia. Lovely cables. (Of course, I’ve only knitted one pair of socks so far.) I may have to order me some patterns!

  32. 44

    Patricia Zeigler says

    For more complicated, I love Olympic Copper. (Thanks for the Cabley Goodness link. I think that will be my next pair, when the current pair is finished.

  33. 45

    Charlene Tudor says

    I love the BFF pattern….Once the pattern is established the cables would practically make themselves….I love it!

  34. 47

    Suzanne says

    I really like the Paraphernalia pattern and I am sure you are talented enough to do any pattern you chose! Good luck Judy!

  35. 48

    Sibyl says

    I like the BFF Socks. They look cute to me, but I am sure which ever pattern you make you will do a super job. Everything I have ever seen of yours always seems to turn out—of course you could just show us the stuff that is perfect or good, and show us the flubs. Hope you have a good weekend.


  36. 49

    Mary says

    I think Olympic Copper are my favorites too although I like the first pair – I wonder if that cable on the side of the foot would be uncomfortable so yes…I’m definitely choosing Olympic Copper

  37. 50


    I like Olympic copper. From what I see there are two rows of cables in each sock. Enough to be challenging, but not too overwhelming to do in the time frame. Pretty yarn and oh so pretty socks. If our winters stay as cold as they have been, I may have to try knitting again and socks it would be. vbg

  38. 51

    Gale says

    I love Paraphernalia because it looks so elegant and sophisticated – not overly cabled but not too simple.

  39. 53

    Jennifer W says

    I haven’t looked at anyone’s comments so I won’t be swayed. I like Cabley Goodness because it looks very simply elegant. It just looks pretty to me. Of course, my children will tell you that I like everything simple and uncluttered!

  40. 54


    I like Paraphernalia. I like the look of the cable, but also the name. We have lots of paraphernalia that supports our hobbies. The socks named Paraphernalia will be put to good use and no longer be a part of a hobby’s paraphernalia.

  41. 55

    Carla in Ma says

    Hi Judy
    You really like to make us make the hard decisions for you.
    Ok this is what you do, write all the pattern names on a piece of paper and throw them in the air and which ever one lands closes to you is the one you make.
    Ok I’ll do it for you, wait a minute , the winner is ?????
    Just kidding, I think the BFF is the most comfortable looking pair so that is my choice. I also think the cable work will look great in your blue yarn.

  42. 56

    DebrafromMD says

    I like Cabley Goodness. I printed the pattern so I can knit a pair for myself.

  43. 57


    I don’t know how you will ever decide….I guess by popular vote…they are all wonderful!

    I think I like the simplicity of the Cabley Goodness. That isn’t my favorite because it is the easiest – I just think it is classy!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  44. 59

    Sandy says

    My favorite is BFF closely followed by Olympic Copper. I know I would never be able to make either one as I am still at the heel turning stage of the pair I am making. (I think I need to start working on them again!) I love the yarn you are using. They will make a gorgeous pair of socks regardless of the pattern.

  45. 61


    If it were for ME, I would do the Cabely Goodness. I love the simple lines on this, and since I’ve never done cables that would be a good starting place. BUT since this is YOU, who can knit ANYTHING, I would pick the Olympic Copper. Happy sock knitting!
    Kat in Tamale Land

  46. 62

    QuilterB says

    Olympic Copper. The cables will look great in that yarn. Would love to do a cable sweater in that color.

  47. 63

    Donna says

    I LOVE the color of the Olympic Copper ones but I love the Cabley Goodness pattern. I’m not a knitter so what do I know. (lol)

  48. 64


    My vote is for the BFF socks. Even though there are a lot of cables, it looks like it would be easier to do. Plus, I just like the look better than the other ones. Of course, if you are making them for me, I would take any pair you choose to make!!!!!

  49. 66

    Mary Jo says

    I am voting for Cabley Goodness in light of all you have happening in the next month. You don’t want to overburden yourself!

  50. 67

    Diann Smith says

    I vote for Cabley Goodness. I like the look of those socks and also they are not so complicated that if something “housey” popped up you could abandon socks and then pick right back up where you stopped. Just when you get busy with something…maybe the right house will come along.

  51. 68

    Yvonne N says

    Experience would say – when all’s going well – things happen! Since you are in the midst of a move I’d go with the KISS principle – Keep it Simple Sister – and knit Cabley Goodness – lots of time for the others after you finish the Camp Loopy. Happy knitting!

  52. 71


    I like Paraphernalia (don’t know if I spelled that right) because of the soft design behind the cable. It is very pretty and the subtle design should show in that lavendar grey you are going to use. If the moving event is too hairy, then Casual Goodness would be better to do, and leave the harder cables for when you’re patiently waiting to move into a house. You’ll need something to keep you occupied.

  53. 72

    Julie says

    They all look hard to me but, I like the BFF socks the best. You will have a “few days of winter” in Brownwood and can wear your socks.

  54. 73

    Claudia Wade says

  55. 74

    Marla says

    I like all of them but especially the BFF socks. Can’t wait to see what you will choose!

  56. 76

    Perry says

    like BFF socks best. They look like they would be half way easy but yet I like the symmetry.

  57. 77


    I really like the Olympic Gold ones. If I were making them it would have to be the Blue pair since I am a blue nut. Good luck whatever you choose. I don’t envy you the move. We moved ourselves in 2009 it’s enough to make you decide to grow deep roots and love where you are planted.

  58. 78

    SueG says

    Though all the choices are great I cast a huge vote for paraphernalia I made them and they are utterly beautiful when finished and so fun to knit. I will be making more of these.

  59. 79

    SarahB says

    First one, Paraphernalia, definitely! If I could knit I would make those!! They are so girly and the cables would show up so wonderfully in the gray/violet. AND with just one large cable to show off it wouldn’t be too challenging with everything else going on.. I love it!

  60. 80

    Ray says

    BFF – I love the way they look and think that they would fit very nicely. 🙂

  61. 84

    Denise says

    I like the classic simple lines of the BFF best of the three but all are great looking socks.

  62. 85

    Kathy C says

    l really like the Paraphernalia pattern. When I do knit, which is not often, I like to do something with cables in it.
    It looks like there are different cables in that pattern.

  63. 86

    Gwen says

    Olympie Copper gets my vote, looks not too hard, but not too easy. More design than the first pattern, but I like that one as a second choice. The others just seem too over the top and don’t look comfortable to wear. Have fun!

  64. 87


    My vote is for Paraphernalia although I was really torn between that and the Olympic Copper. Either one of those would be great and the yarn is yummy!

  65. 88

    Angela says

    I don’t know how to knit, but the Paraphernalia pattern makes me want to learn they are so cute!

  66. 89

    Beth says

    A toss up between Cabley goodness and Paraphernalia–so-o-o I will vote on Cabley Goodness. I like the simplicity.


  67. 91

    Nancy says

    I think you should do ‘Cabley Goodness’. I think that you do not need to stress yourself by choosing a difficult pattern–you can knit one of the more challenging ones when you aren’t under a deadline. Besides, I think that that gorgeous wool would show up so beautifully on the more simple design!

  68. 92

    LisaS says

    I vote for paraphenalia. Right in the middle as far as difficulty goes (I’m guessing from the pictures – so I could be wrong).

  69. 93

    myrna sossner says

    Para(oops, gotta go back for spelling)Paraphernalia. That is my choice. I have not knitted anything for several years but would love the challenge of the cabling. It would keep my interest best if I were making the socks. With all the challenges in your life, Judy, you could blank out everything else each time you picked up the needles and yarn and concentrate on the pattern.

  70. 94


    I like the cable-y goodness because they look soooooo comfortable. I’ve only knit 2 pairs of socks and there’s nothing worse than going to all that trouble (maybe I wouldn’t think it was so much trouble if I finished more than 2 pairs)… then finding that they are NOT comfortable.

  71. 95

    Becky R says

    Pharaphernalia. Those cables are beautiful and graceful. I’m sure you don’t have anything like that now so you should stretch and do something new. The straight cables, while nice appear to be what you could purchase in a store. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cables such as these graceful cables! You must do these.

  72. 96

    Kathy in GA says

    So hard to choose – I like the retro look of BFF, but the cables in Paraphernalia are just too incredible cool! I’d love a sweater out of those cables…just sayin’

  73. 97

    Sandie says

    I am torn between Cabley Goodness, and Olympic Copper. My first choice is the clean classic look of the Cabley Goodness, but since I cannot figure out how to start toe up socks, I personally would have to make Olympic Copper

  74. 98


    I like the Olympic Copper – it doesn’t look as easy as the Cabley Goodness – nor as complicated as Paraphernalia and BFF (That’s a BUNCH of cables to keep going!) It looks like it would be just kind of “medium” with a nice cable to keep you thinking – and a bit of another pattern so your mind can wander if you want – best of both worlds. Besides – I think it would look great in the Composition Book Gray – that’s a gorgeous color!!

  75. 99

    Mel Meister says

    My Choice would be Paraphernalia. Wish I could have followed through with Camp Loopy, but I’m not going to get my shawl done and never got the yarn ordered for the socks.

  76. 100

    Penny Holliday says

    I think Cabely Goodness would look very nice in your yarn selection! I do think you need a little project w/ time frame goal to keep your mind occupied at this time! Have fun knitting!

  77. 101


    Man, I like them all, but since I don’t knit, it is hard to say. They all look snuggly and warm! I have actually never had a pair of knitted socks, so I dont know if those cables would bug a person (or me) or not. I mostly wear Smart Wools tho, and love the way they snug my feet. SO, after all that, my opinion means nothing! Oh well. Cant wait to see all your finished KNITTING projects too!

  78. 103

    Sharon says

    I absolutely LOVE Paraphernalia, but it sounds like you won’t have much time, so if you would wear Cabley Goodness, you should make those.

  79. 104

    Lizzy Hentze says

    I’d choose the BFF ones, they look cool. Cables are NOT difficult so I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble.

  80. 106

    Roberta says

    Olympic Copper because it would be a simple pattern to follow AND if you have an ops it would be easy to correct without unknitting.

  81. 109

    Bev in NC says

    I vote for Paraphernalia. To me it looks almost like a quilted cable for a border and very elegant.

  82. 110

    roccagal says

    i luv the paraphernalia pattern! it looks a little fancy,yet fun and i luv the colour of the yarn you have chosen!

  83. 113

    Evelyn says

    Olympic Copper! That looks like something you can fit in with your busy schedule – not as many cables as some of your other choices. And I love a K3, P1 rib – looks like this pattern has that. The sock always fits so nicely with that rib. Cheers! Evelyn

  84. 114


    I like the Olympic Copper pattern–it has some interest but is not overly busy. Mostly I think these socks look too short–but that is because I have size 9.5 feet and am over 5’8″! Whichever pattern you choose, they will look great in that yummy yarn. Question: do you wash these in the machine or by hand?

  85. 115

    Deb Shetler says

    I’m drawn to the classic look of the BFF socks. Can’t wait to see which ones you decide to make.

    Deb S.

  86. 116

    Glenda in Florida says

    I like Cabley Goodness, even though I don’t knit, nor do I have any idea what top down, toe up means. I just like the nice clean look, and how the single line of cable is featured. I flunked out of a 4-H knitting project when I was 10.

  87. 118

    SharO says

    I guess if you really want to practice cables, the BFF socks
    would be the way to do.
    Good luck, they all look like fun right now.

  88. 121


    I’d vote for Cabley Goodness. It looks like you could do it with only slightly more effort than your usual sock pattern. Thanks for the pattern. I downloaded it also. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get to all of the great patterns.

  89. 122

    Anita R says

    I like Paraphernalia, but Olympic Copper is a close second. They’re all pretty cute. Love your shawl!