Essentials Thread Winner

A while back, Connecting Threads contacted me to see if I would try their Essential thread.  They sent me four spools and I used one and posted over the weekend that I would give the other three to someone who commented on which sock pattern I should choose.

First, I’ll review the thread and then I’ll tell you the winner!

I had not used Essential thread before.  There was no particular reason why I had not used it except that several years ago, a retailer was going to stop carrying one line of thread that I love and he gave me the opportunity to buy a huge box of what was left for dirt cheap so I did and even though it’s a lot of odd colors, I use it a lot.  And, another brand of thread that I like, I see the vendor at local quilt shows and can buy the cones of thread without paying shipping so I stock up on a couple of cones of two basic colors I  use and then I rarely have to change thread.  I had never even seen Essential thread in real life before receiving the four spools sent by Connecting Threads.

My opinion:  It seems a little thicker, but not much, than the threads I normally use.  With just a minor tension adjustment on my Bernina, it worked just fine and gave me perfect stitches and the Bernina seemed quite happy with it.  I saw no more or no less lint than I see with the other brands I mostly use.  It seemed plenty strong.

I would use it again.  I liked it equally as much as the other two threads I use and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it when I need thread.  I just clicked over to the Connecting Threads website and see that they have it on sale for 30% off through August 15 and that makes this thread much more affordable than the other two brands I use.  If I weren’t in the middle of a move, I’d definitely be stocking up on some of this thread right now.

Now . . the winner of three spools of thread is:

Judy D., congratulations and please email me your address and I’ll get three spools of thread on their way to you!



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    I use Connecting Threads thread all the time. My Jamone and Brother love it. I, too, received a notice about the sale and will be stocking up on white and neutral.

  2. 5

    Sharon Spingler says

    I have 2 spools of all the Essentials and love them and yes, they are thicker but work great when doing satin stitch.

  3. 6

    Marla says

    I have good luck with Essentials too with my Bernina. I also love the Essential Pro thread for longarm quilting. My Innova loves it and have had great luck with it. I just wish they had more colors to choose from. Just finished one using lilac thread and turned out great. Congrats to Judy D.!

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    Congratulations to Judy D! I use Essential thread all of the time – they have the prettiest colors – and they are very affordable. I usually stock up on the sets when they go on sale. Which reminds me… ;))

  5. 9

    Chris says

    I use Essentials thread and love it. The shipping issue is a no brainer. $50 purchase and no shipping then. Doesn’t take long to have a $50 purchase. They have large cones of the major colors also. They carry Hobbs battings and have them on sale all the time to. Chris

  6. 11


    I love their thread. Even with shipping on a smaller order, it’s less expensive than the chain store sale prices on threads I don’t like as much.

  7. 13


    I really like Essential thread. I am a little disappointed that Connecting Threads no longer carries the variegated thread, as I like to use that in children’s quilts. But their threads have worked well for me, with a nice selection of colors.

  8. 14

    Kathy C says

    Congratulations Judy D…
    WA is getting closer to having a winner in OR…maybe next time 🙂

  9. 15

    Joan says

    I use the Essentials on my Bernina and on my HQ16. It works wonderful in both machines. I have almost all the colors and use it for thread painting as well as piecing and applique. The HQ16 also loves it and I do not find any more lint than other brands. I also use the Marathon poly thread for thread painting. Can usually find that thread at the bigger conventions. It too, is pretty reasonable in price.

  10. 16

    Danette Mollere says

    I also use Essentials all the time. Yes, I have to adjust my distance a little because it is thicker. But what a great thread. Love, love it. And the price makes it even more worthwhile.