Blackthorn Needles

Edit to Add:

The Blackthorn folks saw my post on Ravelry and contacted me about the splintered needle and they are sending me a replacement.  This morning I wrote to The Loopy Ewe, where I had purchased it and didn’t hear anything back from them . . which kind of surprised me.  But, Blackthorn is sending me a new needle and that’s what matters in the end and they did it before I even notified them that I had a problem.


This morning when I was starting to knit the test cable socks, I decided to use my brand new Blackthorn needles so I could let you all know what I think about them.

They say “The feel of wood, the strength of steel.”  They feel good in my hands.  They are expensive but if they’re as strong as steel, they should last a very long time.

Not so!  I had barely cast on when one of them splintered.

I switched over to a pair of bamboo since I wanted to knit these socks with 2.5 mm needles and I don’t have 2.5 mm in the Quicksilver needles, which are my favorites.  The house is going to be shown in the morning so my knitting got interrupted with some house cleaning but I hope to make a bit of progress tonight.


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    Jane says

    Bummer about the needles. Wishing you well on your house showing tomorrow. Maybe this will be the one!

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    Sibyl says

    That is what I was wondering—if they fall apart that easily—must be wimpy steel. If they stay they are the strength of steel.

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    Alma says

    I would send that picture to the company. Terrible to have a needle do that and it is new.

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    Sibyl says

    That is what I call customer service. That is a good gesture for them. Would make you want to purchase from them again, when they take time out of their day to contact you. Kudos to them.

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    That’s really good customer service! Good for them.

    I’m swatching now but think I need to buy smaller needles. I’ve always used size 2 and don’t have any 1s.

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    Joanne says

    Next time you feel a needle splurge coming on, try the signature double points. They have an amazing assortment of lengths and tips – I LOVE the stilettos. Pricy, but so worth it!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Awesome customer service. They REALLY want to keep you as a customer. The one that spintered could have been an anomaly.

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      From what I’ve read since mine splintered is that they rarely have a problem but have had a few splinter and it generally happens within the first few minutes of using them. Knitters who have used them a whole lot are reporting no problems with them and are loving them.

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    pdudgeon says

    agreed, very excellent customer service!
    blackthorn wood by it’s nature is supposed to be very strong, is traditionally used for fence posts, and was planted in hedges between pastures during the Middle Ages. so the split was probably due to a bad piece of wood, and was not the normal character of the wood itself.