My Idea of a Dream Job

When I asked dream jobs, I didn’t tell you about my ideas of a dream job.  I have several ideas of things I would like to do but mostly I’m just dreaming.  When I worked at a real job, I had two of the best jobs ever and I would go back to either of those jobs any day . . if I needed a work outside the home type job.  I realize having two jobs that were great was pretty lucky but here are ideas I’ve had about things I’d like to do.

1.  When we were in Kentucky, they were building new elementary schools and they would sell off some of the older elementary schools.  Most were old and pretty small as far as schools go.  I always dreamed of renovating one of the old schools and having a wing of sleeping quarters, then a wing of sewing rooms — sewing machines, long arm machines, cutting tables all set up.  I would have laundry facilities and have a place set up where we could dye fabric.  If I suddenly had 48 hours in my day, I would have an herb garden where visitors could experience fresh herbs and then, of course, a huge kitchen and eating area where meals would be served, fresh herbs would be used and canning classes could be taught.  The plan was to have classes — people could sign up for a few days of classes on the longarm, or for canning classes or they could just come and spend a few days to get away from home — sew, or quilt or work in the garden and have all their meals provided.  I figured I’d have facilities for men (bathrooms/showers) so if someone’s husband or even men quilters wanted to come, they’d be welcome too.

2.  A bed and breakfast.  That was mentioned by others too.  I would love to have a B&B with pretty gardens, have yummy snacks in the evenings and breakfast in the mornings.  I’d have beautiful bedrooms with lots of quilts and fresh flowers in the rooms.

3.  Another idea I’ve had is to have meals to go.  I would publish the menu for the week on a website and people would order at least 24 hours ahead of time, pay and then come to the drive-thru and pick it up, all packaged and ready to go.  They’d have “home cooked” meals at home without having to cook or clean up a mess.  Say Wednesday was Spinach meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, seasoned green beans, fruit salad, homemade rolls and a choice of a slice of either coconut, chocolate or buttermilk pies.  Customers would have to order before the end of the day on Tuesday and they would say they wanted 2 adult servings, 2 child servings and their pie would be 2 coconuts, 1 chocolate and 1 buttermilk slice.  They would pay online using a credit card and then pick up their food at a drive through.  The food would be taken home, heated if necessary (hot food would be hot when they picked it up).

The food idea would have to be done in a separate building because kitchens have to be inspected and licensed and that doesn’t happen with a dog in the house.

Just ideas — probably not something we’ll ever do but you never know about us!  🙂


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    Excellent ideas on all. I am a VERY visual person and know that hands on is best for me. I wanted to make an angel food cake from scratch but had never seen it done. I’d tried and tried…no luck. Then after watching a YouTube video, I figured it out. Sometimes people just need to see. The school idea would be perfect for that!!

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    Marla says

    I have had your #3 idea for years and years also. I used to dream when I was working with two small children of driving by a place on the way home to pick up my main course of the day whether it was chicken, pasta or meatloaf and take it home to add with a side dish and salad and call it good. If I had a place like that I would have called it “The Main Event”.

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    QuilterB says

    Love the school/retreat idea. You’d be swamped. I’d be one of your first customers. The meals idea is great too. There are certainly busy days I would love to be able to order a home cooked meal.

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    Wow – they are all so appealing and I could also picture myself doing any one of those things. I personally think that school idea could grow out of control, considering how many people would respond. You would need plenty of assistants – count me in. I would love to go to a school like that. Judy C in NC just a dreaming!!!

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    Debbie R. says

    Love the school retreat idea. I have a school just 2 blocks from my house that is for sale. It is the elementary school my two girls went to. It would be perfect for that. I have thought about a family compound. The little Arkansas River runs just behind the school…. lovely setting. Now if only I had the 300,000 to buy it and another 300,000 to remodel it. (don’t think so) but I will keep dreaming. I would love to have mom and dad that close,and my sister.

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    Ooh — if you ever do the school thing let me know know! I’ve often thought an abandoned nursing home or small hospital might work for a retreat setting.

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    Pam says

    A few years ago a coffee/sandwich shop in my neighborhood actually offered dinners like your idea number three. They published menus two weeks ahead of time. You could call ahead to reserve a dinner or just drop by and when they ran out, they ran out. It was all delicious home cooked food and a great convenience if I got busy and realized dinner just wasn’t going to get made that day.

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    Karla says

    When I was young I always wanted to be a nurse. It took me a while but I finally did make that goal. I work with PTSD (mostly men but have had a few females) clients and to see the changes in them is amazing. Sometimes it takes a few times of coming back through the program but each time I can see the differences of before and after. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world but I also love quilting. This is something I always wanted to do also. I made a quilt for my grandaughter (my first completed) and gave it to her on her birthday. She sent me a text and told me she would cherish it and that she loved it. That too gave me such a sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t change anything in my life at this time. 🙂

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    There is a place called Cedar Lakes in Ripley, WV where they offer all kinds of creative classes in that kind of setting. They have dorm cabins and a lodge with hotel-like rooms. We have a quilt retreat there every February ( sometimes with the snow up to the windows!) It is a lovely place and I really look forward to it. There is a restaurant here in Charleston, WV that offers meals just like you describe. I have never taken advantage of it, but I think I will!

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    Cindy in NC says

    My wonderful longarm quilter, Margaret, is pursuing a dream similar to yours right now. Six months ago she and her husband, who also quilts, bought and moved into a B&B on the NC coast. After months of hard renovation work, it will officially open on Monday. One reason Margaret and Johnny chose this particular place is because it included a separate cottage that they turned into a quilting studio. They plan to eventually offer quilting retreats and events. Margaret keeps her old customers happy by returning to town once a month and setting up “shop” in the backroom of the LQS so customers can drop off and pick up their quilts. I’ll be there Friday to pick up my string quilt.

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    I love the meals to go idea. I would limit the number of meals available, so it would not be too many for one or two people to handle. Limiting it to certain times for the pick-up etc. Good ideas.

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    lw says

    If you decide to do #1, I’d like to come and work for you. I love gardening, cooking, and sewing. I don’t even mind the logistics of running what amounts to a bed and breakfast.

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    I think if it became a job it would not be fun anymore. My mom is the best seamstress I know. When we were kids we used to tell her she should go into business making clothes and selling them. She always said that if it became a job she wouldn’t want to do it anymore

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      Cindy M says

      Marilyn — I agree with your mom. I always say one way to ruin my wonderful hobby of quilting would be to try to make a living doing it.

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    Meals to Go….a young lady in our area is making a go of her version of your dream . She has a restaurant in a gas station…and serves lunches. She takes dinner orders for her “daily” specials and you just go through and pick up your dinner. Each day she has a different special and that’s ALL you can order. You can have it cooked and ready to serve when you get it home OR pick it up frozen to thaw, heat and serve later. Previous days menus are available frozen. Think she has several serving sizes too. She’s only open M-F and from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

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    I’m a bit behind reading blogs but wanted to comment on this one. Threads of Time in Danville, IL, is a quilt shop and retreat center in a former nursing home. They also have a yarn shop in the middle of the building (the original store is in Champaign, IL). Four friends and I drove over there the other night to hear Marti Michell. We took a tour of the retreat center – great set up – two sewing rooms, sleeping for 36 and, best of all, tons of bathrooms! Certainly makes one think about it.