For my non-knitting quilting friends, I feel the need to apologize for the lack of quilting lately.  Please stick with me . . I will get back to quilting eventually.

The Loopy Ewe’s Camp Loopy Project II starts on July 15.  We cannot cast on . . no matter how badly we want to do it . . til July 15.  I have decided to use the Paraphernalia pattern and those cables look just a bit intimidating so I’m going to practice on another pair of socks so that when July 15 gets here, I’ll be ready to hit the deck running and hopefully not have to do any ripping. No doubt, the socks I’m starting today will get set aside in less than two days when I can start on the real Project II.

After looking at all the completed Paraphernalia socks on Ravelry, I’m wondering if my Composition Book Gray sock yarn isn’t going to be too mottled for the cables to show up nicely.  The socks where the cables show up best are the mostly 100% solid yarns but I’m still going to use the Composition Book Gray because that’s what I ordered for the project and it’s wound into a ball and ready to go.

Even though it’s not solid either, this yarn happened to be sitting on my coffee table and saved me a trip downstairs to look for something else.  How’s that for putting a lot of effort into deciding what to use?

This is Bugga in Bog Fritillary.  Bugga yarn is one of my favorites.  70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon.  How can you not love that combination? If you click on the Bugga link, I’m really trying to be strong and not order the Green Long-Legged Fly and Smiley Face Spider.  How can you not want yarn with those names?

Anyone out there wanting to try cables?  You can download the pattern, grab a skein of yarn and knit along with me so I’m not knitting all alone!  🙂

No cooking, no cleaning, no grass cutting today — I’m knitting.


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    Love the names, and I think Fritillary is a type of butterfly. Well, I printed off the pattern and I’m going to look at my sock yarn stash. I tend to choose the self-striping yarns, so I’m hoping I have something in a more solid pattern. We have a car trip coming up, and this is just the ticket! My biggest challenge will be handling double points. I’m a two-circular-needle gal. I’ve done it before…but it’s been a long time!

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    How cute! Thanks for the link, I stored it in my Rav library. I am on a mission to knit up all the sock yarn I currently have before I can add more. It’s a promise I made DH. I still have 22 pairs to knit. *sigh*

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    I got the pattern! Now I need to check my sock yarn stash. I won’t be able to do alot today but maybe I could get started. I heart knitting.

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    SarahB says

    I am “so” going to start knitting a pair of socks today! I am tired of watching you make these gorgeous creations of knits and me paralyzed by fear and envy!! I have sock yarn (not fancy, just cheap, but it will work), needles and basic instructions… okay, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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    Sandie says

    Heading out on an extended weekend car trip – 30 hours riding time between now and Tuesday morning when we get back home. Headed to the Knoxville AQS show with a detour to Kentucky to visit friends before coming home to PA. I hope to have the pair I am working on now done and my Camp Loopy cable socks well on their way by the time I get home. Since it is the first time I have tried cables, mine will be much simpler than yours, so I hope I can do them! Good Luck with yours!

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    I have the pattern in English and a mystery language that I first downloaded. I think vasen sukka means left sock. Ohje means directions. Wonder if that’s German. It’s Greek to me. I can get distracted so easily. That’s why it takes forever for me to get something completed. Now I’m on a hunt for the yarn and needles. I’m sort of knitting with you all, Judy. I’d really like to Google some of these foreign words, but that won’t get socks knitted. (Oh look, there’s a bird.) Ha Ha – Back to the project at hand. Can I get 68 stitches cast on before supper?

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    As a non knitter.. I am getting worried that you are suddenly going to burst forth and bombard us with quilting ideas .. all of which we will want to make !! I’m planning on getting myself upto date with my projects just in case.

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    pdudgeon says

    Hmmm, cables within cables…that pattern looks like a 4 star out of 5 as far as the difficulty level is concerned.
    Judy, you’re a braver woman than i am!

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    Gwen says

    That color would really fit Olympic Copper’s name! Love it. It will be pretty in anything.

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    Kathy C says

    Wish I could knit socks. I CAN knit but no matter how I have tried on my own to master the sock thing, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I really need someone to SHOW me how.
    Want to visit and show me how, Judy?

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    Linda B in MI says

    Oh don’t worry Judy. I look at it this way, anything that helps you pass the time waiting to move is fantastic!!!! Quilting takes up more supplies, fabric and room, while a few knit projects can go in a bag or two. have fun Judy, you could always design a quilt or two…no strings(yarn) attached..LOL

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    peggy says

    Coincidentally, I started reading your blog because you are a quilter. Last year, I started to knit, so now I love that you are blogging about knitting. My husband actually asked the other day if I was ever going to quilt again. I told him it depends on how long I live. Right now I’m sooo into knitting. BTW, the reason he asked was because he was thinking maybe I could get rid of all my fabric and quilting related things, so I could make more room. I don’t think that’s going to happen.