Loving Paraphernalia Cables!

Even having to clean house so it could be shown later this morning, I got a good bit of knitting done on my Bugga Paraphernalia socks yesterday. For something that looks so complicated, this goes so quickly!  I’ll admit I didn’t do the twisted rib but did regular rib.  I don’t like knitting rib anyway and the twisted rib . . I just don’t see that the extra effort pays off so I did regular K1 P1 ribbing.

Knitting socks with four double point needles is my preferred method.  This pattern calls for using five needles but I kept getting myself tangled up in needles and I switched to using just four.  The stitches to the left of the marker on the top needle should be on a 4th needle but it’s working just fine to have them on the same needle, with the marker separating the two batches of stitches.

I’ll knit on this sock today and then switch off to the real Project II socks tomorrow.  Hope I don’t get cable burnout before both pairs of these socks are done.


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    The twisted rib stitch will give you a little more spring in that area. Sometimes regular ribbing will stretch out a bit. The twisted rib has more elasticity to it and tends to not stretch out as much.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I’ve never had a problem with my regular ribbing getting too loose on socks with at least 10% nylon, plus the entire leg of this sock is k3 p1 so it’s all ribbing — of sorts. I think these will be fine.

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    Susan T says

    Don’t see how you could suffer “burnout” with such an interesting cable design! Makes me wish that I wasn’t allergic to wool…..

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      Mostly because I have four socks to get made in two weeks and since it’s a sock that requires following a chart, I can’t just pick it up and knit a few stitches here and there but, being a fairly new pattern knitter, I have to pay careful attention to what I’m doing.

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    pdudgeon says

    ok, now that i see the cable close-up i recognize it as one i’ve done before–like about 35 years ago, LOL.
    I made a baby sweater with this cable as the center panel, and surrounded the cable with seed stitches, more cables, and ribbing.

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    pdudgeon says

    …or maybe it was moss stitches…can’t remember the correct terminology this morning!

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      There are no seed or moss stitches in this one. It’s pretty much ribbing/cables with no background stitches. The pattern is easy to follow but it still must be followed and I’m not so good at following patterns.

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    Ava says

    Your socks are looking great. I’ve made some progress but it’s slow. I’m beginning to get comfortable with the five needles. I’ve only used two circs in the past, so I’ve already learned something.