Sock Summit

Who would ever have thought there would be a Sock Summit — a whole conference just for socks!  That would be like having a whole quilt show for nine patches!  Or, I guess it’s kinda like the Dear Jane folks getting together every year.  Maybe it’s not so unusual . . but it surely sounds like fun.

And you thought I was nuts for making so many socks!  Maybe I am nuts (no comments please) but there are a lot of other sock nuts out there too.  This year it’s July 28 – 31 in Portland, Oregon.  I’m kinda busy this year but I have several blog readers in the area who have invited me to Oregon.   I think a Sock Summit would be so fun!  I’ve never had a knitting lesson or a sock lesson and am pretty much self taught so I could learn a lot from days of classes.  In college, a friend was a knitter but she was left handed and I watched her and that’s how I learned to knit so I know I could learn a whole lot

Did the rest of you knitters know there’s a Sock Summit?  Want to go next year?  We could have a whole group of quilter/knitter sock makers!


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    Donna in KS says

    Judy, I consider myself a quilter. I consider myself a knitter, because I can knit and have knit, mostly shawls and scarves. But I am not a sock knitter, have never figured them out! So does this leave me out???? boohoo boohoo!!!

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      Donna, Of course you’re not left out! You can come and learn to knit socks, or you can knit something else or you can just hang out with us sock knitters and have fun.

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    And maybe we could extend out trip to Portland and visit all the great places in the area!
    Guess I’d better get busy if I want to be a candidate to attend.
    I’ve only finished one pair of socks and one pair of slipper socks!

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    Frieda Z says

    This is the second one and they are doing them every other year. I would love to go sometime.

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    Thanks for that Judy. I’m going to see what this sock summit is all about and maybe, just maybe, I’ll venture across the big river. Or have someone venture with me. 🙂 How fun would it have been if you could have come here this year for a sock summit! Darn!!!

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    quilterbee says

    I saw something online about this last time they had the summit. It looks like it was a huge event. I saw some women with their knitting in a bag hanging from their shoulders walking around and knitting. I just couldn’t knit and walk at the same time. If you google the last event you can probably see what the last one was like.

    I like the yarn and the socks you are knitting. I’m glad the pattern isn’t as difficult as it looked.

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    Gwen says

    One of the organizers is The Yarn Harlot. I get a kick out of her blog. She has an interesting sense of humor. Right now I can’t think of her name, but she has written lots of patterns and books. She knits way more than socks! I am such a knitting novice I would be way out of my element at Sock Summit!

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    Ava says

    That sounds like a ton of fun. If it’s every other year, all of us who are just learning have two years to get ready.

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    pdudgeon says

    if you go, be sure to visit the Rose Gardens. 100’s of roses, lovely bonsi gardens, a cute train ride, and a lot of fun!

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    Not so sure about that one – I would probably still be working on my first pair socks that are still on the needles. I am nearing the toe – well a couple more inches and then the toes – but it sure has taken it’s toll. Judy C in NC

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    Kathy C says

    I didn’t know about this but I am going to check it out.
    I bet there will be someone there who can teach me to knit socks.

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    Evelyn says

    I taught myself how to knit socks by watching videos on You Tube! Once I got the hang of it – it was easy. But it isn’t easy when I was trying to figure it out all by myself – the directions did not make any sense! Just being able to watch the You Tube videos, hitting pause, rewinding… I got the hang of it! Now I love knitting socks! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Carolyn Thomas says

    How cool! I live 200 miles east of Portland. I would love to go, but am in the middle of Pea Harvest here in Eastern Oregon. I drive a truck full of peas from the field to the processing plant in Weston, Oregon.
    I just learned to knit in 2008. I have made 2 baby blankets and several dishcloths. I wanted to learn to knit socks like my hero, Judy L., so I bought a book. Lo and behold….. I am knitting socks with 5 double pointed needles. I never start with easy stuff! 🙂

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    I was taking a plane somewhere a couple of years ago and 2 ladies in front of me in line were going to what they called “Sock Camp” in Oregon or Washington. They had beautiful socks on with shoes that showed them off. They had projects with them that had been assigned and told me about all the fun stuff they’d be doing.

    I was thinking about your last few days of posts and thought that what you really need is a retreat to get you out of your house for a few days–give you a different perspective. This Sock Summit sounds perfect!! Do it!