Good Company

Every night when Chad gets home, Nicole is usually here too and they’ve been spending an hour or so sprawled out in the family room floor working a puzzle.  I’ve so enjoyed having them upstairs with me .. they giggle and discuss the funniest things!  Wednesday when I told them the house was going to be shown on Thursday, the first thing Nicole said was “I’ll move the puzzle downstairs” and I said NO!  It doesn’t hurt to have it look like someone lives here and just seeing the puzzle, even when Chad and Nicole weren’t here, made me smile . . thinking about them there working on it.

The people who looked at the house probably told the realtor they would have made an offer except for the puzzle in the floor!  🙂

Last night they finished it!

They’re happy to have it finished.  I’m hoping they buy a new puzzle today and spend more time upstairs working on it.

Nicole is so funny!  Last night I asked her how tall she is.  She said “I don’t know!” and I kinda smirked.  She said “Is that something I’m supposed to know?”  I guess not!  🙂


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    Fitzy says

    My daughter asked me about my blood type! I said, “I don’t know, why would I need to know?!” She was SHOCKED that I didn’t know, lol. I figure when someone needs to know, they’ll figure it out…or not!

    The kids look adorable together.

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      LInda in NE says

      Blood type??? Geez, I’d have to dig out my Red Cross card to find that. I’m just happy to HAVE blood!!

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    I love to listen to the grown kid’s conversations – they have such a new perspective on life, sometimes refreshing. LoL

    Sounds like she has her priorties in order – why clutter up with information that can be found when needed. The doctor’s office usually measures even if I do tell them my height. Judy C in NC

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    Sandy says

    Chad and Nicole make a cute couple. Is she interested in sewing or cooking? It’s fun hearing the chatter of our kids. (They may be full grown but they are always are kids, lol.) It keeps us young!

    I wish I had the patience of putting puzzles together. My sister and daughter both love those 1500+ puzzles and I think if I can’t find the right piece you can “make” it fit. It just isn’t relaxing for me but everyone has their own hobby.

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    SarahB says

    My kids are like that together some times too. It’s silly what they find to talk about when working together on something. I think you should offer to buy the next puzzle, I bet they will find something complicated and large that will take more time (wink, wink).. They are a cute couple!

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    pdudgeon says

    agree, a great couple.
    as for her height, some states have that info on the driver’s license. as for the blood type, if she’ll go to a red cross blood drive, they can type her blood right there and send her a card with the name and blood type right on it for her wallet.
    I made sure i knew my kid’s blood type when they were born, as it saves time in emergency situations to know the family blood types.
    mine happens to be the same as all 3 of my kids.

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    pdudgeon says

    p.s. at least people are still looking at your house. that’s a plus right there!

    i used to get my kids ready for school by having them do puzzles together a few weeks before school started. kind of gets their brains in working order to concentrate on something and process information again.

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    Mel Meister says

    I’m wondering how she got her driver’s license without knowing how tall she is. Perhaps it’s by state, but in Florida, your height is on your license.

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    That kind of reminds me of the country song “she thinks were just fishin’. It’s about a father taking his daughter fishing. While they are together they talk about all the stuff that is going on in her life. The dad gets to spend time with his daughter and learn about her life and she thinks their just fishin’. The best conversations come when you are enjoying time with someone.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Doe in Mi says

    Judy you just gotta get in on the puzzle solving with the kids. Its so much fun yakking with them. I used to get a 1500 piece puzzle for Christmas every year and the kids (grade school age) and I would get it going late afternoon then stay up almost all night working on it. We always had a ball yakking and laughing and puzzle-ing.

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    lw says

    If I was looking at a house with a puzzle on the floor, I’d want to work on the puzzle, especially if it was more than 1/2 way done.

    My daughters and I are all A positive; the Red Cross tells you when you donate blood. And in California, our height is on our driver’s license, though at 53, I’m probably shorter than when they measured me at 22.

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    It has been my experience that even though I know my blood type the hospital type checks just to be sure.

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    I like the frame the puzzle is in – can you tell me where you got it? It might keep a puzzle in progress from being spread out or messed up. Thanks for the info.

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    Connie says

    Ok, now you’ve done it! I’ve been wanting to start a puzzle, but I get obsessed and then nothing else gets done, like quilting. They look like they belong together!