A Few Skeins of Yarn

The mailman just dropped by and left me a little package.  Since I’ll soon be moving and will possibly be kinda homeless . . living in a hotel without a real address, I keep feeling a desperate urge to order yarn while I have an address.

Last week when I was winding the Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn into a cake, I was reminded what a fantastic feel that yarn has.  I figured the Composition Book Gray would make good man socks . . maybe a Christmas gift for some of the many men in my life — Vince, Chad or Dad.  The green is Seaglass and Eat, Sleep, Knit shows that as a discontinued color.  Not sure if it’s one they’re no longer carrying or if Madelinetosh is discontinuing it and I surely didn’t want to miss out on that gorgeous green.  The brown is Fig.  Seems like every time I try to order it, it’s out of stock so I grabbed two skeins of it.

This afternoon I’m going to wind these into cakes and add them to the “carry with me” bag so I’ll have plenty of knitting options while separated from my stash.


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      I love him a lot but maybe not enough to share my green yarn. He actually has never worn a pair of socks I made for him but I keep making them because he keeps saying “Are those for me?” so every now and then, I can say “yes”.

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      We could get a PO box but we get so little mail (if you don’t count junk mail) that we’ll probably use Vince’s work address or the hotel address for the mail we have to get.

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      The Tosh Sock yarn is $24/skein at Eat, Sleep, Knit so while it’s not the most expensive yarn out there, it’s not the least expensive either but it’s one of those yarns that the whole time I’m knitting it, I’m saying “I LOVE this yarn.” It feels so good and knits like a dream. Some yarns, even some that are kind of expensive, feel scratchy to my hands but Tosh Sock feels so soft and smooth.

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    Evelyn says

    Beautiful! Great plan to have little kits all made up for when you are in between places. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Kristin says

    That website is seriously testing my yarn diet resolve. I see some Madelinetosh Vintage in my future.


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    Once you get to Texas, check out http://tinsmithswife.com/ – according to the latest Texas Monthly, they sell Madelinetosh yarn at their store. So you can go in and compare colors and such in person, instead of online.

    Just a tip! I’ve never been there, but you’d probably like it!

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    Better stock up now. ESK posted during the weekend that their prices will be going up in the near future. :0(