Design Wall – July 18, 2011

Let’s just pretend that I’m not going to have my own design wall up til September.  But, you have something on your design wall so please share it with me so I don’t feel quilt so quilt deprived!


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    When we moved from TX to OK back in 2006, we had to live in a hotel for 30 days while we waited for our home to be finished. I thought I’d go nuts without my sewing machine. Hope the knitting helps you deal with the gap.

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    Last time we moved, I had to pack up all my stuff before we put the house on the market because my sewing room was also the living room. Then it took months for the house to sell. I just about went nuts! You have my sympathy!

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    My design wall this week is my settee! I have been trying to decide what to do with this 1600 quilt.. think I have the answer and will try and get it sorted this afternoon.

    Judy if you cannot quilt, can you not start designing some of your great workshops for us? I loved the quilt for an hour a day you did some time ago. Or maybe you can think of something else we can do quilty wise.

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    Judy – I think I will be almost as happy as you will be when you get your home AND DESIGN WALL all in place!

    You all have some beautiful quilts on your design walls this week!

    sao in Midlothian, VA and now Kansas City, MO

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    Oh Judy…I don’t think I could stand it! Tell Vince to get you a sewing room asap or he’s going to hear about it from your faithful followers!