We’re Home!

We had to be in Joplin this morning at 6:30 so that meant leaving home at 5:10 which meant getting up at 4:30.  Nicole went along to help and what a great help she was!

There’s her pink purse.  There’s her pink and gray shoes.  There’s Chad’s quilt but . . where’s Nicole?  Oh . . yes . . she’s curled up on that little sofa helping sleeping!  Seriously, she is a big help.  She was tired.  Getting up at 4:30 is tough on folks that age.  She barely fell asleep when they called us to go back to recovery.  Surgery took 15 minutes, recovery took about an hour.

When we went back to recovery, Chad was barely awake and he was trying to talk:

Chad: Mumble, Mumble
Me: What?
Chad: Mumble, Mumble
Me: I can’t understand you.
Chad: Mumble, Mumble, Grumble.
Nurse: Just wait a few minutes Chad and we’ll be able to understand you better.
Chad: Grumble, Mumble . . Books-a-Million!
Me: No! We are not going shopping when we leave here.
Nurse: No! You cannot go shopping when you leave here!

After a few minutes, the doctor comes in:
Doc: Chad, how are you doing?
Chad: Can I go to Books-A-Million.  I can’t find decent fishing magazines in Nevada!
Doc: Sure!
Chad: Can I go to T. J. Maxx?
Doc: Sure! Go anywhere you feel like going but do NOT drive as long as you’re taking pain meds!

So, we went to Books-A-Million, who has changed their hours and they don’t open til 10 a.m. now.  Amazing that we drove to Joplin from Nevada, Chad had his tonsils out and we were still at Books-A-Million before they opened.  He got his fishing magazines and some book he wanted; then we went to T. J. Maxx and then stopped and got custard at Culver’s and now we’re home.  Chad is asleep.  Nicole is asleep.  I will be asleep in about 5 minutes.

The doctor and nurses seem to think Chad will feel pretty good today, a little worse tomorrow, terrible on days 3 – 5, and then feel pretty bad but not terrible through day 10.  He’s off work for a week and I’m sure he’ll be able to go back to work then.

Thanks for the prayers.  I guess as parents we all feel the same way so I don’t need to tell you that it’s horrible seeing your child under the weather and I’ll be so glad when he’s all back to normal.


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    I’m glad to read he’s home after the surgery. Too funny that he wanted to go shopping. Must get that from his Dad. Rest while you can!

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    Susan T says

    At 18, I was told that I’d feel better in about 10 days, and I did!

    DH is having cataract surgery on Friday!

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    Glad to hear Chad is home. My son had surgery on both eyes this morning and wanted to stop at Half Price Books on the way home. Since he couldn’t see we were able to talk him out of it. He has taken his pain med and is now sacked out on the couch.

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    grace thorne says

    judy, glad to hear your son is recovering as expected. even when they are grown, they are our little ones; mine’s 37 and i still feel the same.

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    Linda in NE says

    Imagine that….he wanted to go shopping after surgery!! Maybe the magazines & book will take his mind off the discomfort later on.

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    A family friend’s boy had his tonsils taken out recently and it was almost like you described. He was okay the first couple of days and then downright miserable and then he was fine after about a week or so… The only exception was that he had fevers and it was explained to the parents that it was normal. I pray Chad’s recovery goes well!

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    Deb Myers says

    So glad to hear that all went well~~ Bless his heart~~ Books-a-Million??? Now, that’s funny! You know what you’ll be doing for the next 7 – 10 days~~ “Now performing in the role of head nurse….” Good Luck to all~~~ Sending lotsa wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

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    Patty says

    I forgot to mention when I had mine out at 23 I had a crown on my front upper tooth. Right in the front. Apparently they attach a clamp to your tongue to get it out of the way and attached that to my crown. They must have gotten pretty agressive because as soon as I could eat again that crown fell right off. They had broken it loose in surgery. The doctor sent me a check to have it fixed. With a nice release form of course.

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    Glad all went well – I had mine out at 18. Learned the hard way not to drink anything acidic – no OJ or citrus! I did get a trip to Florida since I couldn’t go back to school, but we won’t tell Chad that!!!

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    ashley says

    So glad that everything went well. When I first started reading, I thought maybe Chad was still under anesthesia…my very first surgery I woke up and told the male nurse that he was the most handsome thing I had ever seen – when I finally “woke” up, I discovered that he actually looked more like he lived under a bridge – although, I got all the apple juice I could drink :). My second surgery, I woke up and asked the nurse if she could find my panties….seriously! So, at least Chad was coherent!

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    Good luck Chad and lack-of-tonsils!

    I dearly wish I had my tonsils out when I was younger! They’re such a pain.

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    Fishing magazines and custard and 2 fabulous ladies to take care of him. Chad’s going to be just fine! 🙂
    I’m glad things went so well.

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    Lots of prayers for a smooth recovery. Just be sure to follow the doc’s instructions especially about foods during the recovery period. I’m sure he’ll sail right through it all. After all…he has a terrific Mom. 🙂

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    Alma says

    I am happy to hear Chad came thru the surgery okay. When my daughter had her tonsils out at age 20, she was miserable from day 1!
    Hint: as soon as he feels ANY discomfort, start the pain pills. My S-I-L is a doctor and always said that waiting too long to start or repeat pain pills can lead to a lot of unnecessary pain. Best to maintain the level of medicine. Prevent as much as you can.

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    Don’t you love doctors? Sure, go shopping…just don’t drive. 🙂
    Don’t they know there is a worn out parent in the wings? Do they even think to ask? haha Guess not.

    Glad Chad came through and hopefully he will mend quickly and hopefully not have too much pain.

    I know Nicole was a big help as you sing her praises on a regular basis but I laughed out loud at how you wrote it all down. Too darn funny! Great picture!!!! 🙂

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    Michelle F. says

    I am glad to hear everything went well. Too funny about the shopping. Hope the healing is uneventful. You need some uneventfulness (is that a word?) in your life right now!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Chad will be ok, keep lots of freeze pops, popsicles and the like in the house for him. I had my tonsils out when I was 27. My Mom came to visit and made me lots of cream soups to eat. She wanted to shop too. I ended up getting a staff infection in my throat and had to take major antibiotics midway through my recovery. Now, when I get strep throat it goes strait to my nose and I get nose bleeds instead of a sore throat. I sure can sympathize.

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    Judy, I was 25 when I had this surgery, sicker than a dog for 10 days, take those pain pills, lots of fluids!!

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    Perry says

    So glad all went well with Chad’s surgery. I hope his recovery goes well also. Prayers for same!

  20. 23

    Kathleen says

    Hi Judy – I hope he keeps being better than expected! Glad the surgery went well –
    I am late in writing my support re the lost cottage. I just couldn’t believe it. too much, totally too much. Just keep your head up and breathe in, breathe out. You have lots of friends rooting for you! Kate the Quilting Professor

  21. 24


    I had no idea it was outpatient. Wow. Books a million. More impressed even.

    But then I had a breast reduction and was home after 6 hours. Just amazing to me still.

    glen: I felt like $#%@ the next day! LOL.

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    Marla says

    I am glad it is all over for you and Chad. Speaking from experience as a nurse, that is a tough surgery for an adult to go through.

  23. 28

    Karen says

    Hi. I well remember having my tonsils removed for the second time (they said they grew back in) at the ripe old age of 50. I was such a baby. Little kids running around like nothing had happened. And me crying for “drugs”. Funny now, not then.

  24. 29


    My freshman-at-college-age nephew had his tonsils out last year and stayed with us as we live in his college town. He did have a rough time. Not fun at all, but after that fifth day, he did start feeling better. Why is it so easy on little kids, and so hard on the big ones? I don’t have the answer, but will pray Chad’s recovery is smooth.

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    I agree with drinking plenty of fluids or ice chips, especially if he is taking an opioid pain med. For some people, these pain meds will create a GI issue (constipation) which he doesn’t need.

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    I agree with drinking plenty of fluids or ice chips, especially if he is taking an opioid pain med. For some people, these pain meds will create a GI issue (constipation) which he doesn’t need.

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    lots of fluids…NO dairy…lots of pain meds, and lots of sleep. Yes, he will feel better then feel worse. Give him more than 10 days to recooperate…it takes awhile to get all of that med out of your system.