A Conversation with Chad

Chad started talking very early and the kid hasn’t stopped talking since.  He always has these grand ideas of things he’s going to do to make millions of $$.  Yep, he’s still working part-time at Wal-Mart.

His newest idea, that he shared with me on Monday while driving to Springfield, is something about building a lake and a campground around the lake.  He and Nicole went to Kansas City Friday and she said she heard the whole story then so Chad was telling me:

There’s going to be this big lake with fingers and at the end of each finger will be a cabin with a little boat and the only way to the cabin is by boat.  The people staying in the cabin can cook themselves . .

What he meant was that they eat out or can cook inside the cabin for themselves but Nicole and I both cracked up laughing.  We were both saying “cook THEMSELVES?”  I could just see somebody climbing up on the stove and started to cook their own self.  Nicole and I were both laughing so hard that we had tears rolling down our cheeks.  Chad wasn’t amused!

But yesterday while he was hooked up to an IV but hadn’t been given anesthesia yet, he shared his new idea.  He might join the professional bass fishing circuit.  Some of those guys make $200,000 or $300,0000 a year!  Some even get their own TV shows!

I’m thinking to myself . . reality!  Chad!  Reality!!  Will he figure it out someday?  Will he get a job working for a corporatio?  Will he go back to Louisiana and live in a little cabin on a lake and be a fishing guide?  Will he own a lake with cabins at the ends of the fingers where folks cook themselves?  Will he have his own bass fishing TV show?

The next few weeks, when we move off and leave him to make ends meet – to pay rent, buy groceries, pay medical bills – could be very interesting!



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    He has had good role models and a great family life. He will do fine on his own……. And one day he will realize that money has so little to do with happiness……..

    Thinking of you daily as your life takes another road…….

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    I love that he dreams big! That is how entrepreneurs are made! He doesn’t want to work for someone else and have an office job? Who can blame him? I say, keep dreaming Chad, keep thinking outside the box. He will do great things!

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    pdudgeon says

    “There’s going to be this big lake with fingers and at the end of each finger will be a cabin with a little boat and the only way to the cabin is by boat. ”

    Ummm, yea Chad…and you’ll get the building materials to the cabin site how??? oh, by boat, hmm, ok…….
    better build the cabins first and then carve out the lake. ROTFLOL.

  4. 5

    bcinindy says

    Given the weather today, cooking yourself seems well within the realm of possibility.

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    You have to dream to find your dreams. It’s a grat time of life. He’ll find his way. Sounds like wildlife and the outdoors is his thing; there is so much to do in those fields of work. If you love your work, it’s not work. That would apply to you, Judy, as you live your life every day enjoying your “work”.

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    Reality is good, but those who dream big often rise above the mediocrity that so many of us are stuck with in life. I hope he reaches some of those lofty goals. 😉

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    Karen says

    When our youngest son, who is now 34 years old, was a young man, he always wanted to own his own tractor trailer rig and make BIG money! He has since settled down and is now a software engineer. Our oldest always wanted to be a park ranger, he’s career Air Force. It’s interesting how our kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up and then what they eventually end up doing. Chad has the whole world at his feet. I can understand why he’d have a hard time making up his mind.

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    Cindy in NC says

    Maybe Chad could be one of the alligator hunters on Swamp People! Sadly, one of the things that keeps many people tied to “real” jobs instead of pursuing their dreams is the need for health insurance. Even a short hospital stay or modest medical problem is beyond most people’s ability to pay without insurance. Be sure to show Chad the bill for his few hours in the hospital so he can take that into consideration when deciding his future.

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    I think it’s great that Chad is an original thinker – that boy is going to go places I’m sure, and I bet he won’t have a boring life. The ingenious people are the ones that make the world an interesting place! Go Chad!!

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    Alma says

    That is so funny! Reality will sink in the first time he gets hungry after you move and it is 2 days before payday!

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    Deb Myers says

    We’ve all read and followed along on your’s and Vince’s house hunting and moving saga…but no one has addressed what Chad’s plans are?? (Other than the fact that he’s not making the move with you, and it staying put.) But, where IS Chad going to live, exactly? Has he been out “house hunting”, as well?? With time running out, where’s he going to end up?? has he found the perfect bachelor pad?? YIKES!

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    Nana 12 says

    I just want you to know that I love, love, love your blog!!! I find myself checking it out all during the day to see what’s new. I know things might be a bit rough for you now, but if anyone can come through w/flying colors, you can!!

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    Deb Myers says

    Oh yeah~~ forgot to mention….does Chad know about The Finger Lakes in Central New York State (a little slice of heaven, to be sure~~) For Real!! There are 11 skinny lakes, the bigget being 3 miles wide x 41 miles long, that are in the center of New York state (hence, the name “Central New York”,versus “downstate”/NYC, “western New York”/Buffalo, Niagara Falls, etc) If you look at the lakes on a map they look just like your fingers dangling off your hand. Again, hence the name. Beautiful, beautiful area of the country and state….TONS of vineyards, wineries and wine tours galore, too! Very peaceful!!

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    Diann Smith says

    If he sticks with Wallyworld till retirement and buys the stock he can leave in a really good place..I know several who have done it.

  15. 18


    Ah to be young and so full of imagination – this might end up being tough love when you get to listen to the reality compaints from him. Hang in there Chad – life is ahead. Judy C in NC

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    pdudgeon says

    p.s. forgot to mention that cold applesauce is great for sore throats, and a nice change from endless ice cream (if Chad ever gets tired of ice cream!)

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    Suzanne says

    Boys always dream big! Last year my son wanted to be a lifegaurd so he could sit on the tall chair ….then he wanted to be a fireman so he could drive the big truck….this year he just told me he wants to win a million dollars and have our familyroom roof open up and have the money dropped in by helicopter….but he’s only eight! I guess I have a few more dreams and ideas to hear about over the next few years!
    Funny my daughter has wanted to be an Archeologist for the last 4 years and she’s only eleven..hm…everyone is different.

  18. 23

    Terri says

    lol my son does the same thing… always a million dollar idea. The latest is being a professional poker player. He says he is good enough, just needs lots of practice. But, hard to practice and keep a job so you can pay bills at the same time lol. And who knows, maybe one of their ideas will provide them a good living someday! Your Chad sounds so much like my Bryan, I bet they would be friends 🙂