What the Day Holds

Most mornings I’m up around daylight and there’s just something about those few minutes when the dawn is overtaking the darkness.  Night is ending.  Day is breaking.  A new day is beginning!

No matter what our plans are, we never know what a day holds.  I remember several months ago when Vince called to tell me about the Brownwood, TX job.  While I knew that sooner rather than later we’d be going somewhere, it just threw everything into a spin and you know what’s happened since I shared the news about the move.

As we arrived in Joplin yesterday just after daybreak and I got out of the car at the surgery center and looked out over the horizon, I thought back to the morning of May 22.  Everyone in the area knew there was a good chance of severe weather that day but no one expected what happened and so very many lives, even the landscape and future of the City of Joplin was changed.  It will be rebuilt better and stronger but it will never be the same.

Off in the distances from the surgery center where Chad was being treated, is St. John’s.  Battered and closed due to the tornado, to be torn completely down and a new hospital built in its place, you know the patients who were being treated there on May 22, as well as the employees and those visiting, never dreamed the hospital would be in the direct path of an F-5 tornado.

It’s almost comical when I really think about it .. no amount of planning we can do guarantees the outcome of anything — our day, our career, our vacation, our children!  I’m a big planner and I think we do need to plan but we also need to realize that plans change and monkey wrenches are thrown in . . maybe a tornado, an illness, an accident, a job loss . . I don’t think we even realize how flexible we truly are.  We roll with the punches, we keep our chins up, we keep on keeping on.

The more I think about it, the more excited I am to see what each new day holds.  It’s early in the morning, just as the sun is chasing away the darkness when I’m often sitting on my back porch with anticipation.  In what seems like just a few hours, darkness will again overtake the daylight and this day will be gone.  Did my plans for the day come to fruition?  Did my day take a totally different path from what I intended it to take? I believe that God has a plan for my day  . . today, tomorrow, the next day.  I watch the lights in neighboring homes come on, knowing those folks are stirring, waiting to see what their day brings; I hear car doors slam down the street and I know some are leaving for work, wondering what their day will bring.  I will bring my laptop back into the house and get started with my day, and see what my day brings.  A house to rent, a house to buy, a good day or a bad day for Chad after his tonsillectomy . . and who knows what else.

Life is pretty amazing and I’m so glad for the life I have.


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    A great post, Judy. I didn’t get a chance to check in with you yesterday. I’m hoping Chad has a good day today! xoxo

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    Lizzy Hentze says

    Amen to that! And no matter what life throws at you Judy, you always remember that the glass is half full, not the other way ’round!

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    Pat in Washington says

    Yes. Life is random, and we can’t know for sure how it’s going to turn out. Seize the day … do something fun, something creative, something to improve your mind, something to help someone. Love your early-rising thoughts!

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    Debi says

    We’ve had good luck finding a rental by placing an ad in the church bulletin of the new church we would attend after the move. Just a thought.

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      I think, at least for myself, that most of us know this saying well but I too often don’t really live by the words.

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    Debbie R. says

    I need to bottle these words and read every morning….. So many of us have had changes in our plans these past couple of years…… thank you

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    Doe in Mi says

    Love your good positive thinking today Judy. My sister and I were talking this morning about staying positive and not always being so negative. Its like the saying “you get what you say”. So I agree with you today. Life and God is good.

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    Very good post…sometimes we let the details of our life overtake us and all need to stop and “smell the roses” so to speak. Just think how boring life would be if all our plans turned out just like we planned. Sometimes it is the unexpected that turns out to be more wonderful than the expected.

    Have a good day!

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    Marky says

    You ‘rock’ Judy! I love your attitude and I’m also a subscriber to the same philosophy. You will survive your current situation because you have the right perspective. I truly believe “seek and ye shall find”, although it doesn’t always happen according to our time table! We find in life what we look for in each day and I always try to find the silver lining in every situation. Those who age well are those who can adjust to the inevitable changes life brings.

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    candace in WA says

    Judy, I read your posts daily but don’t comment often. Take joy in the simple blessings is the way I try to move through my day!

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    Elizabeth says

    Judy, I had my tonsils out at 22 and it was done with a local. It was not the best experience of my life, but it sure made a difference to how I felt without the constant SORE throat.

    On another note: I have just bought 34 balls of sock yarn and some of the smaller sizes of the needles that I have been avoiding. Thanks for chatting about knitting and all the other topics you cover. You are in my top three of blogs that I always read.

    Have a doctor Pepper and knit a bit. Things will work out. Liz

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    Good post even if I read it late in the day today. Maybe you need to do a search for the number of acres of land you desire and live in the house that is on the land until you can build a house you desire. Then you will have a place for Chad to land once in a while.