A New Puzzle

It was so nice having Chad and Nicole spend time sprawled out in the living room working the puzzle that I ordered two more puzzles for them.  They arrived yesterday and Chad was feeling a bit better than he had been and decided they should start one of them.

This is as far as they got.  He’s feeling so bad!  At least he isn’t sick at his stomach and it hurts to talk so he sits quietly and looks pathetic.  We’re expecting today, tomorrow and Sunday to be the worst days . . if what the doctor and everyone else has said holds true for Chad.  Nicole is amazing!  She had to go to work yesterday but she texted Chad every 4 hours to remind him to take his pain meds. We’re all counting down the days til he’s better and quite thankful that it hasn’t been any worse than it’s been.



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    Gail says

    Judy, I had my tonsils out at 21, and it was a nasty time. However, in 2 weeks, he will probably be back fishing and doing Chad things like it never happened. Tell him that after this first week or two, he will rarely have a sore throat or the other stuff that comes with tonsil infections. The change in health is well worth it.

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    Debbie says

    So sorry for Chad…. my grandson was 5, my oldest brother 21 and my youngest brother 5…. The ice cream myth didn’t hold true for all of them… they didn’t want ice cream or much any thing else for several days… they were miserable…. until they weren’t!!!!

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    Alma says

    Everyone, and everyone’s Mother has great hopes that they or their children will react better to situations. I am sure that for a very short time, Chad thought he could breeze thru this recovery. Sorry to hear about his pain. Sadly, the doctor’s and nurses were correct. This too shall pass.

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    If you ever figure out a way to clone Nicole, please put me at the top of the list to receive one. That girl is amazing. It sounds like they are really meant for each other. They are both blessed to have found each other as are you for having raised such a wonderful son.

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    pdudgeon says

    the puzzle looks beautiful and is a great idea for recoup time for Chad. meanwhile i’ll bet his brain is going 90 miles a minute. don’t forget to give him a pad and pen for his notes to you, and a bell to call you if he needs anything.
    (((huggs for both of you!)))

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    I’m hoping the next few days go quickly for Chad. With my daughter and her tonsillectomy in her late 20’s, the doctors were “right on” with the days that she’d feel the worst. In the midst of it, she was regretting having the surgery but once beyond that, she did very well and hasn’t had chronic sore throats again since that time.

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    quilterbee says

    Sending prayers for , Chad. I agree that Nicole and Chad have a lot in common and from your posts she has a good heart.