Yarn Panic

There’s no way I will run out of yarn . . not in 2011, not in 2015, not in this lifetime  . . probably.  But, there’s some amount of panic that set in when Vince and I had this conversation over the phone last week:

Me: Honey, I think I’m going to need to order some yarn on August 1 for the Camp Loopy Project and it probably will not get shipped from them to me til August 3 or 4 because they get really swamped when they announce the new project on the 1st.
Vince: O.K.
Me: And, it usually takes a week for the yarn to get to me.
Vince: O.K.
Me: And, we’re leaving on August 11 and I’m afraid the yarn will arrive after we’ve left.
Vince: Can’t you have it shipped to Texas?
Me: Where? We don’t have an address.
Vince: Send it to my office.

Then there was a long silence and Vince was saying “Judy?  Judy?  Are you still there?”

I was thinking . . how horrible would it be for every yarn purchase I make to have to be sent to Vince’s office?  I know . . it’s just temporary but even temporary could be a problem.

I immediately ordered some yarn — just to be sure I have plenty.  You know . . it’s the same as buying fabric.  A knitter cannot have too much yarn just like a quilter cannot have too much fabric . . unless she’s  moving!

The top row was sale yarn.  Lorna’s Laces used to be put up on smaller skeins and it took 2 skeins for one pair of socks but they switched to putting it up in larger skeins so that one skein will make a pair of socks.  Eat, Sleep, Knit had the smaller skeins on sale so I couldn’t pass that up.  Justified purchase!

How can you order yarn without ordering a bit of Madelinetosh?  Impossible!  The bottom row is all Madelinetosh.  Everything is Tosh Merino Light except the orange and that’s sock yarn.

The next package of yarn I order will be for my August Camp Loopy Project and it will be shipped to Vince’s office.  Wish me luck with that!


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    OMG, I want to roll around in that lusciousness!

    Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. I refuse to look at the links! I refuse to look at the links!

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    Alma says

    I am sure that all the other men in the office have had experiences with wife’s hobbies. All the women in the office will be jealous!

  3. 5

    Margery says

    Of course you have to buy fabric and yarn. Think of it this way: a painter can mix exactly the colour he/she might want; we can’t, so we have to buy every colour we might want.

  4. 6

    pdudgeon says

    there is one bonus in all of this—Vince will now have no excuse not to know what kind of yarns you usually order and from whom.
    this will make his birthday and Christmas and ‘honey do’ shopping for you that much easier, and you’ll be almost guaranteed not to wind up with several more green weed eaters!

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    You must continue to do what you need to do in order to stay sane – and if that is buying yarn, so be it. I am sure Vince would rather see you happy – right? No guilt!!! Think about all the beautiful things to make with that yarn and you now have lots of choices. Good for you. Judy C in NC sends warmest wishes

  6. 10

    Sandy says

    Oh boy, no sneaking yarn into the house while hubby is away. Don’t you just hate it when they see how much we really buy? My husband is always amazed how $80.00 worth of fabric can fit in a very small bag. He never says anything…..his remote control airplane hobby buys me alot of leverage, lol. Hopefully you will have a house soon!

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    Donna P. says

    I have to admit that I don’t knit since I seem to be fumble fingers with the yarn. However, your colors are beautiful – you can tell you’re a quilter too by the colors you’ve chosen! And as for having too much fabric when we move – dh can ride in the moving van – I’ll put the the fabric in the car with me. 🙂

  8. 12

    Shannon says


    The yarn is pretty, but…..

    I hesitate to say.

    I am a bit worried about you. Trust me, I know all about shopping and the need to have something.

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      The problem with that idea is . . if we’re staying out at the “bungalow”, it’s about 15 miles out of town and Vince would be the one going by the post office every day!

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    bcinindy says

    Your yarn choices are lovely but how can you knit with really dark yarn? I seem to only be able to knit really dark yarn in full sunlight. Without that much light I can hardly see what I am knitting.

  10. 16

    Kathleen says

    Hey Judy – whatever it takes at this moment to make you feel good – do it! Buy the yarn. Hoard the yarn… Heck, sleep with the yarn… Kate

    • 16.1


      I have gone to bed a couple of nights with knitting patterns — reading them and falling asleep with them.

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    I’d still go for a PO box since you are going to be moving a second time to your home. Even with change of address forms, it takes a while for mail to go from one place to another. And sometimes, it is convenient to have all the mail go to a PO box and not to a home address.

    • 17.1

      Judy Laquidara says

      There won’t be any difference in having our mail sent to Vince’s office or getting it at a post office box. And we’re still holding out hope that we can move directly into the house we want.

  12. 18


    Lovely yarn! Are you going to use the orange with the Edison Bulb yarn?

    Good luck with the Camp Loopy order being shipped to the office. Any other orders you can have shipped to me and I’ll hold onto them until you’ve got a home address.

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    I feel your pain Judy – My husband has been going a lot lately on some little deployments and then home for about 2 weeks in between. As soon as I know he is leaving again, I start the ordering. If there is something I need close to the time I know he is going to be home, I calculate the days it would take for shipment vs how bad I actually need/want it. When his schedule changes it drives me crazy because sometimes I am caught unaware and there is a bunch of packages coming in that I have to explain…lol

  14. 21

    Eileen says

    This is exactly why I never carp about my husband buying seeds, seedlings, plants, bags of mulch, tomato cages, whatever he wants for his gardening hobby. (I think the tomatoes wind up costing about $5.00 apiece.) His expenses make my conscience feel better about that next bunch of batiks.

  15. 22

    Denise says

    Judy you haven’t thought of the best solution… have them shipped to Susan’s house and then you can go visit and stash them into the car. LOL

  16. 24

    Mary says

    You’re just out of control….aren’t you supposed to be using stash yarn???

    I went into the local yarn shop yesterday for needles and came out with yarn for a pair of socks and a shawl — they had the striped study shawl done up and I recognized it …and bought yarn for it but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it as I have socks and a scarf in progress and I don’t spend that much time knitting!!!

  17. 25

    Doris - The Quilting Queen says

    You can always use my address and pick it up whenever you do happen to come to town.