Design Wall – July 25, 2011

Through tears, clenched teeth, balled fists . . I say once again that there’s been no sewing this week and nothing on my design wall. For all the times you all have told me that my sewing has provided inspiration to you, by posting a link to what’s on your design wall, you’re now providing inspiration for me so please share what you’re working on. Some day soon, I hope to join in the fun! πŸ™‚


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    I just want to encourage you Judy that we all go through “seasons” in our quilting journey – so hang in there!! Whenever I can’t get to my machine for an extended amount of time I take back out my hand piecing and it seems to help! Although I love English Paper piecing it only gets brought out when there isn’t a machine at hand – still sooner or later those projects do get done!

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    Oh, Judy, how we miss your contributions and advice on Monday, but it will return when your life settles down. You’ve had a long go of bad times. Surely it will help just to be in Texas with Vince (whom we all miss) and get things moving again. Sewing quilts will return to you and your help will return to all of us.

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    You should put your KNITTING on your design wall so you could play along! We don’t want to leave any quilter behind…….oh dear, there goes the teacher in me! πŸ™‚

    Come on, Judy – what is on your KNITTING DESIGN WALL! And so you don’t feel left out, we could start a YARN STASH REPORT. Now you are probably really crying and clenching your teeth – one more thing to do.

    Hang in there, Judy!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Becky I. says

    Oh Judy, no wonder you are emotional! I give you permission to get that sewing machine out at sew. πŸ™‚ For me sewing is better than psychotherapy. My nerves were a mess during our remodel when I couldn’t sew for 3 months. Now that I’m back at the machine (in that brand new sewing room!) my stress level has gone to nearly zero. Keep your chin up, nothing lasts forever except Heaven, this to will end!!

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    pdudgeon says

    i agree with Shirley–put your knitting up there every week, and make this a combined knitting/quilting wall.
    progress is progress no matter what it is!

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    Donna P. says

    I do know how terribly frustrating that so many non quilting days go by. Quilting for us is like therapy so non quilters and even those who live with us don’t know how frustrating it is. I have enjoyed looking at your pics and reading your blog about knitting. I don’t knit, fumble fingers that I am, so I will just enjoy reading and seeing your creations.

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    Judy I can only imagine how your life must be up in the air right now. Moving is hard enough as it – completely starting over in a new area and to do it in an area where so little housing is available makes it really rough. I do so hope things work out for you soon.

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    Good morning Judy…. As some of the others said, why not display your current knitting project? Knitting is a very peaceful hobby as you know and is good therapy as is quilting. You’ll be back to quilting soon, I’m sure.

    Have a good day!


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    Aw, Judy – wish I could wave a wand and have you transported to your new TX home and with your quilting studio all set up. I know how much my 15 a day in my sewing room mean to me. Thank goodness you have your knitting to ease the pain.

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    I concur with everyone – post a picture of your knitting progress or a quilt design from EQ.

    You could even show us the gazillions of boxes that you have packed so far. Start tracking how many boxes you have packed so far and then how many the movers pack. Can we guess how many boxes in total? And then, you can do the countdown of boxes unpacked and let us guess when the last one if emptied. Oh, wait a minute on that thought. I moved in 1997 and I think there are still some boxes in the garage/attic that are unopened.

    Better still, post your musings about how you want your new quilt studio to be set up. We all love to dream about that ideal room.

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    Oh, Judy! I’m glad that your hands are still busy creating while you are knitting. I’d be very pleased if you peeked in on my latest project πŸ™‚

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    Tears, clenched teeth, balled fists? Sounds like withdrawal symptoms to me. Three weeks of no sewing, no playing with fabric will do that, let alone moving and house hunting and packing and house showing, and no husband around to help with it all, with a shoulder to cry on. It’s no wonder you are stressed, and have melt downs. I agree with all the others, who have said that show your knitting instead. It can, for some people, be as much therapy as sewing. We’ll do the sewing part for you, until you can get back to it.

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    Once you are back in the sewing rink, you’ll put us all to shame. I can see it coming… Hang in there and thanks for hosting DWM!

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    Liz Niemi says

    Judy……….You are an ongoing inspiration! You gave us two fantastic books, tutorials galore and priceless encouragement. One needs to just search the archives for a Judy “fix”……now if I could just get going on knitting again…..I just love your socks!!!
    Liz (NY)