Such Happy Children

Last week when Chad was feeling really bad physically, but bored mentally, he and Nicole had been working on a puzzle but they both decided Legos sounded like fun so Nicole got a box of Legos and they had so much fun. They giggled and Chad forgot about his pain for a little while.

They finished the boat and Nicole read on the box that it actually floats!  She then wanted to run the Jacuzzi tub full of water and play with the boat and I said NO!

Then she decided she would call Vince and see if he would tell her she could run the Jacuzzi tub full of water and play with the boat and he said NO!  So, they put the boat away and went back to the puzzle.


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    Marge says

    Nicole seems like part of the family. Looks like you are leaving Chad in good hands.

  2. 6

    Linda H says

    Memories! 60-some years ago when my dad was in his early 30’s, he had to have the “children’s” surgery to have his tonsils removed. Bored and fidgety as a small child in recuperation, my Mom went out and bought him a box of Tinker Toys. (No Legos back then.) Those were such a hit with him that she bought him an additional box so he could make more intricate inventions. We kids were small and thought it great that Dad would sit on the floor and play with us for hours at a time.

    I’m glad Chad is feeling better. He’ll feel much better later, too, without those tonsils to plague him.

  3. 7


    Nicole was being wise to canvass the voters to see if her plan would float (he he). If she could have landed just one more vote for her side, she could of swung into victory lane with free sailing (letting her opponent pay the water bill). Ha Ha

  4. 8

    Marilyn says

    Oh, come on, let her try out the lego boat, pretty please! I want to see it float too!

  5. 9

    Evelyn says

    My son la-la-loves Legos! Lego Technics are much harder to put together and are “electrical”?! The bulldozer is high on his wish list. The boats usually have a grove on the bottom that you can attach a “motor” too – of course – you have to buy that separately and it runs on batteries – has a little propeller. We get the little boats going around and around in the kiddie swimming pool some summers. My son also designs his own Lego “sets” on the computer – once your design is complete – you can actually order it from Lego. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Cindy m says

    I can’t figure out why everyone said no to playing with the boat in the Jacuzzi tub!