UFO & Mono Challenges

If it makes a difference, I remembered before I forgot to do the Monochromatic Challenge.  Since we have the Stash Report link box today and the Design Wall Monday link box tomorrow, can you please allow me to do the Monochromatic Challenge on Tuesday and the UFO Challenge on Wednesday?


  1. 2

    BlondiKnits says

    Of course, but thanks for letting us know. I’ve been checking all day and worried that I missed it!

  2. 3

    Libby says

    Whatever works for you works for me, you have enough on your plate. Or are those packed? 🙂

    • 3.1

      Perry says

      That’s funny, they may be in her suitcase along with the yarn she is taking in the car, lol

  3. 4

    Perry says

    Well, since it is your blog, I guess so. ROFLOL…why don’t you just forget them all for a week if you need to? We will survive (maybe). 🙂

  4. 7


    I guess I can wait until Wednesday to find out which quilt I’ll be finishing this month – after all, I won’t be working on it until later this month knowing my tendency to procrastinate!

    Of course something would have to come up on the inspection wouldn’t it. Are you laughing yet? Sometimes when you’re all cried out, there’s nothing left but laughter.

  5. 11

    cheryl says

    drop what you are doing right now woman and tell me which color i am going to procrastinate using. (so totally just kidding!) my bad is I haven’t finished July’s so the extra day is a good thing- be good.

    on a side note- call your agent in TX and tell her you will cook if she cleans and then live with her till the house thing works out. bet it will work PDQ!!
    or move everything into storage and take a long quilt retreat vacation, tell hubby you will come back after everything is unpacked in the new house– a gals gotta try.