A New Strategy

As we get older better, we keep talking about where we want to retire.  My choice is Toledo Bend, near Many, Louisiana.  That’s where my grandparents lived and where I remember spending my best summers with their chickens, and the old milk cow, Spot. My mom and dad have a place up there and for a while I thought we might retire there but then we talked about buying a place on the lake.  At one point during this house hunting nightmare adventure, I suggested we buy a place on the lake, I’ll live there with our furniture, my fabric and sewing machines and Speck.  Vince can live in Brownwood and I’d go visit him sometimes or he could come visit me sometimes.  He didn’t like that idea.

My aunt and uncle have a nice place on the water and they’ve been reading about our house hunting experiences and last night they invited me to go stay at their place on the lake til we can find something.  What if I move in temporarily and never leave . . I’d have my retirement home!  I’d be right where I want to be!  They’re family so they probably wouldn’t evict me.  I’d probably have to sell or donate their furniture so I would have room for the longarm.  They might not like that but they would probably get over it.  Anyone think that’s a good plan?  🙂

Once when we lived in Kentucky, my uncle was telling me that they sometimes passed not too far from where we were living and they might come see us.  I told him . . Give me advance notice so I can clean house!  He laughed and said “Housekeeping was never your strong point, was it?”  So true.  They know about my horrible houskeeping and they still invited me to move in temporarily.  Pretty nice, huh?

Seriously, I’ve had invitations to go visit quilters all over the country.  Mom and dad will let me come stay with them.   I will move into the hotel and give it my best shot but at least I have some excellent options, though Vince would probably not agree to any of them.


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    Mel Meister says

    You are certainly a much braver woman than I would be under the same circumstances. Hats off to you, Judy!

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    Yes come visit NH!!! fly into Manchester and stay here with us! I would do that..stay and visit Vince..especially if you do not find a house…I totally understand where you are coming from!

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    Katie says

    Judy, here’s an idea. Why don’t you drive to Joplin and help people who have lost everything and would be thrilled to be in your situation. There are so many people in America right now who are suffering from lack of jobs, homeless and manage to hold on to the belief that all is going to be okay. These are the survivors who pull together through helping others to build a house based on thankfulness and faith. I am thrilled you have possibilities of staying with so many but what is wrong with just being humble and appreciating the many blessings you have now. It is going to work out the way it should work out in God’s own time. In the meantime, keep the Faith. Hugs.

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    Laura says

    Don’t ever consider stopping your Blog, I love each and every one of them, good or bad.

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    The only problem with retiring to another place is the same one that D & I have been discussing–that last move is on your. So I hope Vince’s company, on your last move before retirment, plants you where you want to retire. Would be so much easier on both the heart and the wallet.


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    YES! Come on down to Tamale Land!! PLEASE!! I just know you and I (and about 20 other quilters in our local group) would get to be best friends!!

    KAT in Tamale Land

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    Jackie Warren says

    I, too, love Toledo Bend. When it first opened, my first husband and I fished there every week end. Talk about sunburned all the time. We caught so many fish. Remember the big dryer looking things that you would put all the crappie in and it spun around and the scales came off? At that time we lived in Bossier City, La. Fun memories. We won’t talk about the time I forgot to take the boat keys and we didn’t realize it until the boat was off the trailer in the water………

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    Laura says

    What’s Vince’s first choice for a place to retire? Yours sounds lovely. My husband and I talk about this all the time, but we haven’t decided what location suits us best – and that we can afford! Which probably means we’ll probably stay right where we are for the rest of our lives, LOL.

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    kay in mn says

    So very sweet that you’ve had offers to stay! Officially, you may stay at our house in MN. And you can set up anything sewing and stay as long as u would like. Many blessings on your house search/adventure.

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    pdudgeon says

    i don’t blame you a bit.
    a woman NEEDS to have the security of a nest like a man NEEDS to have the security of a work place.
    if it turns out that the only way to accomplish that is for you to live with your family, then in the long run Vince will realize that there are some times when we all have to bend a bit in order to keep from being blown away by the circumstances we find ourselves in.
    Lots of military couples face this same situation where the wife stays at home while the husband (or vice versa) serves a tour of duty elsewhere. They manage because the circumstances of the job and the sacrifices required dictate that they will.

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    Mary says

    We’re doing the same thing and I’m trying to talk Keith into Maine! I can’t wait until October when we’ll spend the entire month there.