Are You Kidding Me?

Some of you do not read all the comments on my blog and I’m fuming right now at this comment:

Judy, here’s an idea. Why don’t you drive to Joplin and help people who have lost everything and would be thrilled to be in your situation. There are so many people in America right now who are suffering from lack of jobs, homeless and manage to hold on to the belief that all is going to be okay. These are the survivors who pull together through helping others to build a house based on thankfulness and faith. I am thrilled you have possibilities of staying with so many but what is wrong with just being humble and appreciating the many blessings you have now. It is going to work out the way it should work out in God’s own time. In the meantime, keep the Faith. Hugs.

I hope none of my other blog readers are feeling this way about me but just in case you are, why do you come back and read it?  I don’t need, nor do I want these kinds of comments.  No, I don’t feel like everyone has to agree with me.  Many of you will attest to the fact that we have had friendly disagreements in the past and I most always will send an email back and forth with someone who disagrees with me.

But this kind of belittling, condescending comment . . I don’t need it right now!

First, does she really think anyone would be thrilled to be in the position of having 10 days left in her home with nowhere to go?  Sure, I’m not the first one to face this and some have lost everything and some have had homes foreclosed and had nowhere to go but I’m betting there’s not a soul out there who would be thrilled to be dealing with what we’re dealing with right now.

Does this person not know all I’ve done for Joplin already.   Cash donations from my own pocket.  Coordination the Red Cross donations and quilt donations and what I haven’t mentioned on here is that I spent several days the first few weeks after the tornado helping a group cook in Joplin and helping two elderly couples.  So, I do not need to drive to Joplin and talk to those who have lost everything.  I’ve seen it first hand already!

Lack of jobs, homeless, survivors, being humble, being appreciative . . I really do not need a lecture on any of these.

I am well aware that it’s all going to work out.  Does she suggest we sit at home and wait for God’s timing?  Hello?  I have to be out of my house on August 12.  Shall I tell the movers that I’m not quite ready because God hasn’t shown me the house  yet?  No, we choose to get out and beat the bushes and look at every house on the market and make an effort to find a home.  Sure, we could sit back and say (1) there are no homes there for us so we’re not going and then we would be JOBLESS or (2) we can sit back and wait for something to happen and then we would be HOMELESS!

And besides, it’s MY blog and I talk about MY life and what’s going on in MY world and about the only thing happening right now is house hunting so either I don’t blog or I blog about what’s happening in my life.

I love blogging.  I love the folks I meet through the blog and the folks with whom I correspond sometimes daily, sometimes weekly . . sometime once or twice a year.  But for those who feel the need to lecture me or tell me how to live my life . . I don’t need it!  My life isn’t perfect, I make mistakes but it’s my life and for the most part, it’s a pretty darned good life.

Maybe it’s just me but I cannot imagine leaving a comment like this one someone else’s blog.  Maybe I have been whining and seeming proud and boastful . . I don’t mean to be.  I’m just writing about what’s happening here and for anyone who doesn’t agree with what I do, how I do it, my attitude . . whatever .. find another blog to read .. PLEASE!



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    Margery says

    Well, there’s a lady with a problem. But taking it out on you is just plain nasty. We love you, Judy – my life, and my house, is so different from yours, and I read your blog for a taste of how someone else lives, and it’s fascinating – I enjoy the differences. That Katie is assuming stuff about you which is not true (she’d know, if she read more), and that is unjust. Do try to ignore her – she’s not worth your attention, especially when you have about as much stress as you can take. Hugs.

  2. 2

    PENNY says

    well Judy, sometimes we don’t want to see how we appear to others. She has a valid point. Not that you always write these type of post…maybe she is new, and just found you.

    You really do portray someone who has the world by the shirt tail and this is just a inconvenience for you. Don’t fret too much, it will all pass and like you said…it your blog….write what you want to!

  3. 3


    some people just have to leave a comment sometimes with out reading more to see what is going. We all blog about what we are doing – and you are searching for a home right now those of us who read your blog on an almost daily basis know the true you and how you worked your butt off for helping Joplin – shrug this person off. It is hurtful – I have had people leave me comments saying I am bragging about my quilts and I should stop already – quilting is what I do, then I had someone comment that I was bragging about my small motorhome – get real already – I blog about what I do and what I love to do just as you do –don’t let this person get to you – delete the comment — we are all pulling for you and keeping good thoughts heading your way.

  4. 4

    Debbie says

    OMG….. I can’t believe that someone would misunderstand your blog…. I know you are a wonderful, caring person….. your generosity on this blog is unequaled. I am speechless…. You do not deserve that at all. OMG

  5. 5

    PDXPam says

    Wow! How rude some people can be. I’m sorry you had to have a comment like that to deal with on top of everything you’ve been going thru. I’ve been reading the house saga and honestly I think you are handling it waaaay better than I would..

    Hang in there, not everyone is that insensitive (or self-righteous) …Thank goodness!

  6. 6


    I read your blog because I like to read it; you are a good storyteller. IMHO, this person has not read your older posts and probably does not care to because she is too full of her own righteousness. But then she tries to soften the blow at the end. Bah! I say fooey on her ’cause you haven’t done anything wrong. Good luck to you and Vince!

  7. 7


    Hang in there. I think 99.9% of your readers understand the stress of the unknown, the looming deadlines, the amount of work involved in preparing for a move, the physical separation of your son moving out on his own — all these stressors and more that we wouldn’t even be aware of. Not having Vince at your side to help shoulder the load is also tough, and I’m glad you have all your blogging friends with which to share all your daily ups and downs. Don’t shy away from blogging about this move. If someone doesn’t enjoy reading about your move, as you said, they can go read something else.

  8. 8


    Oh Judy! I’m so sorry! I keep coming back to your blog hoping that it will all work out for you. Back in November, a week before Thanksgiving the house we were renting was sold out from under us and we were informed we had 30 days to be out! There were many nights I went to bed in tears as we tried to figure out what to do. In the end it worked out, but there were many nights I was so uncertain. It doesn’t matter to what ends we go to help others, there are always times in our lives when we have to worry about ourselves too. You never know what might be going on the life of whomever left that post. I doubt it was meant to be malicious, but I certainly don’t feel like you have been anything buy justified in feeling the way you do and I have been so encouraged by your openness in sharing you struggles. It has been encouraging to see you deal so graciously with the circumstances in front of you. I doubt I would have been so calm and so gracious towards others with my time and donations as you have been. I’ll keep reading and praying it all works out better than you expected!

  9. 9

    Debbie says

    I read that comment and it did not sit right with me. There is always someone who is worse off than I am but that does not make my problems any less valid nor does it negate the fact that I (or you) find ourselves in a difficult situation. I pray that you find a house soon and know that you will persevere through this time but I hope you can be settled soon.

  10. 10

    Cindy m says

    I’ll pray for that blog reader, hoping she doesn’t feel the need to belittle someone else’s life because of whatever problems she has.

  11. 11

    Jane says

    Sorry you had to read such a mean comment. Not the best timing to be so critical. Bet the writer regrets it.

  12. 12

    bettina walia says

    we love you judy like you said we all can disagree and still be friends. there just isnt pleasing everyone all the time or even some of the time.

    you have done marvelous things for everyone…just take that to heart and dont dwell on all comments

  13. 13


    Even at my age, I’m constantly amazed by people. Delete that comment and know that the rest of us are rooting for you. You can come stay here in Idaho with us, but it may be a bit far for Vince to travel. 🙂

  14. 14



    I guess I am aghast that someone who doesn’t know you would be so bold as to leave a comment such as that. I have always been a little puzzled by folks who lash out without knowing the full story and then bring up God and his plans for someone. God does take us through struggles and trials through our lives but always with his loving hand to guide us. I wait anxiously for your housing updates and then mention them to my husband. Is very prudent of each of us to be sympathetic and encouraging during others trials as we are sure to face one of our own at some time in the future. It seems there are always those that can see a better way even though they haven’t walked in your shoes for any miles at all. I am impressed by your giving nature and I know God rewards those who give from a cheerful heart. I know it is hard not to let comments get you down but you know your own heart and obviously this lady doesn’t.

  15. 15


    I enjoyed your last post. I thought it was funny. Never in the years that I’ve been enjoying your blog, have I ever thought you have come off “whining and seeming proud and boastful”. You acutally do a lot less whining and crying than I would be doing. All these life changes are very stressful. Quite frankly, you are handling it very well. She obviously doesn’t read your blog. Now let’s go have a Dr. Pepper.

  16. 16


    Judy I’m so sorry that this comment was made. I read every post you put up and I know you as well as I know my own sister by now. 🙂 You don’t brag; you tell a story of an everyday life and you tell it in such a way that it draws us in. We laugh, we cry, we learn, we empathize, we are inspired….you are a storyteller who makes the story live for us. Your tears are our tears because we’ve all had similar things happen in our own stories. I’m sorry she felt compelled to lecture you when obviously she doesn’t know you at all. Her comment wasn’t about you; it was about her and who she is. Those of us who know and love you are legion. blessings, marlene

  17. 17

    Donna S (in MI) says

    I enjoy your blog. It has inspired me to can, use a pressure cooker,make bread, and knit. I was already a quilter!! I hope my gratitude offsets any snarky comments!

    And I do hope things work out for you and soon.

  18. 18

    Robin Crittenden says

    I’m so sorry that someone left such a mean note on your blog. As you well know, some people just exist to cause havoc, hurt or drama to others. Obviously this is one of those people. I’ve read your blog for probably 3 years now and so enjoy reading it. I learn from the things you write, am always eager to see what you are cooking/canning and try many of your recipes and I just feel like you are my long distance friend even though we’ve never met. I’ve told so many people of all that you’ve personally done to help Joplin and I think you are a fine example of a Godly woman. I know it’s hard to dismiss what someone says that hurts but just immerse yourself in all the love/prayers that are going out to you and Vince right now in hope that you do find the perfect home or a perfect solution. Things will work out and you will move on in your life. Know that the person who wrote such a mean spirited note is a miserable person, obviously full of jealousy towards others and will probably always be that way. Life is way too short to worry about that type. Block their email address if you can and forget about it. My motto, go have some chocolate and all will be good!

  19. 19

    Freda Henderson says

    I’m so sorry Judy. Some people can’t keep their nose out of other peoples business.

  20. 20

    Carol says

    Judy, I enjoy reading your blog because you express yourself so well. I know this is a stressful time for you but as you have said, in a year this will all be over with. I do miss reading about the chickens, your garden and canning, but hopefully you will be able to do more of it in the future. By the way, I received my new American Quilter magazine today and find that you were ahead of things. On the cover is “Lime Green: The Stylish Neutral”. It sure does add something to a quilt. Keep on blogging!!!

  21. 21


    I very often read your blog Judy, and have done so for 5 years. Even if I do not comment that frequently, I enjoy your posts. You are always generous, and that lady needs to read closer and/or not comment.

  22. 22

    bcinindy says

    I feel it is wonderful that you have the blog. When I visit, it is like hearing from an old friend and I deeply want your situation to clarify and smooth out for you soon. I know that writing your blog is one way you have of dealing with your unusual circumstances and I think it is a very healthy way for you to handle such things.
    There will always be one “bad apple” in a bunch of readers. Please don’t let it get to you.

  23. 23

    Cindy in NC says

    Just when I thought life couldn’t dump any more on you! You’ve made it clear that you’re aware that many people have worse problems, and you’ve played a big role in helping a lot of those folks. What burns me is that a blog reader who is the recipient of so much from you could be so nasty. I hope you realize that there are a lot more of us who sympathize/empathize with you and are only happy to have you vent now and again on YOUR blog that brings so much information and enjoyment to us.

  24. 24

    Ellie says

    So sorry you had to read that thoughtless comment at this stressful time. You didn’t need that and certainly don’t deserve it! She doesn’t sound like the generous quilters I’ve met and read. Maybe her bias edges are all stretched and her points won’t meet so she is taking it out on someone else. I agree with paula.thequilter. Phooey on Katie

  25. 25


    I would rather you be honest about the turmoil in your life. So what if it’s not the drama of Joplin? It’s your life and it’s dead serious for you. I am inspired by what you accomplish, by your bravery in sucking up to move to the great unknown, and by your candor. Now I’m off to sew something, just to demonstrate I did learn from you about not wasting a minute of my day, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

  26. 26

    Rebecca says

    It was uncalled for. I was just telling my husband about your situation; it’s so dire I couldn’t help sharing! I hope the support you get from your loyal readers offsets the negative feedback you are bound to get (there’s always somebody…) when you open up your life as you do. Hang in there!

  27. 28


    I always enjoy reading your blog and have been rooting for you and Vince to find the perfect house. It is nice to know that so many have offered you a place to stay and it goes to show that you are well thought of and a truly nice person so try to remember that in this stressful time. Keep your chin up as something is bound to turn up…hoping for sooner than later!
    Hugs – Lynn

  28. 29

    Helene says

    Judy — you are such a generous person. Besides all you did for the folks in Joplin with the quilts and the money, your blog is a great resource for us. The questions answered, the videos posted, the free patterns — it just goes on and on. I’m guessing I would have already fallen apart with all the stress you’ve been going through these last few months. But you’ve shown a positive and strong (with a few tears) person through all of this. I so enjoy your blog and I’m looking forward to hearing in a short time, hopefully, that you’re settling in your new house.

  29. 30


    I know you already know this Judy – but a comment like that left by that person was totally IGNORANT. Some people just have NO clue.

  30. 31

    Linda C says

    I read that comment and had a “wait, what?” moment. I have no words (wait, I feel some coming..)

    How dare they! Man, that’s brass ones, to tell you to go help the people of Joplin ( wait you did that already.) Where does this person get off?

    I have been praying that you and Vince get settled in the right place for you in TX, and will continue to do so. I don’t think you’ve been overly whiny; I am glad you share your life with us readers, good or bad.

    As far as waiting and letting God sort it out, yes but you have to work on the problem too, which is what you and Vince are doing! If you just waited around, you’d be like the lady in the joke who arrived at the pearly gates with the complaint that God didn’t save her from drowning in a flood — God said “I sent you a police car, then a boat, then a helicopter!”

  31. 32

    wilma says

    I read your blog every day and I can NOT understand some people. That was so uncalled for!! I enjoy reading your blog that I can’t wait to read your next post. Please don’t let this “lady” (using the term lightly) bother and upset you! I hope you find a home soon and one to yours and Vince’s liking. I agree with you if she doesn’t like what you post then go read another person’s blog. Love your blog and can’t wait til the next post!! If I was in your situation I would be in pieces. I don’t like stress and this has to be very stressful not knowing where you will be living.

  32. 33

    melissa says

    You go girl! Your blog, your life, your rules – just as it should be. PLEASE don’t start editing your feelings and posts – we’d miss the Judy we know and love so much. 🙂

    No excuse for her bad manners!

  33. 34


    As someone who is proud to call you a friend, I will say she is way off-base with her comment. How rude is that to leave a nasty note like that on someone’s blog??? I would suggest she get out her bible and research passages regarding “being judgmental of others”.

    She obviously hasn’t read your blog for very long if she knows that little about you. You are kind and generous to a fault. Hang in there. Your friends love you.

  34. 35

    Judy says

    I read your blog faithfully, rarely comment, but feel I must support you now. I know what you are going through as we have been there, done that! I get excited each time you think you have found a house and sad when things don’t work out. I have always told myself when one door closes, another will open, but sometimes it’s hard to wait for that open door. I hope things work out for you soon, but in the meantime keep blogging and please don’t be discouraged by those seem to think they have all the answers.
    Another Judy

  35. 36


    I’m just going to jump on the Judy Bandwagon here. I LOVE your blog. It’s one of the first things I read every day. Your housing debacle has me routing for you. Your Joplin support got a check from me. You make me want to can and have chickens. Never once have I found you too proud or boastful or anything other than the authentic, charitable, generous soul you appear to be. If I’d won one of the Joplin quilts, I might like you better, but I don’t think that’s possible!
    Give yourself a big hug from all of us.

  36. 37


    I’m sorry this happened to you. Obviously “Katie” doesn’t read your blog and has no idea how much time, money and goods you give to charity. This woman owes you an apology – I don’t she will. Perhaps she should remember that God helps those who help themselves. What has Katie done for Joplin? The Children’s Home? As well as all those other people/places that you assist? Nothing probably – it is always easier to criticize those who do, than do it yourself. I am furious – you certainly don’t need this criticism. Remember all those who love and care for you. Try to be like a duck and let this roll off your back. And, Katie has to live with herself.

  37. 38

    Marie says

    Don’t let that person bother you, some people never have anything nice to say! I love reading your blog and hope you find your new house soon.

  38. 39

    Cherrie says

    You Go Girl! I am laughing, I need to laugh. I’m laughing at the audacity of someone(the commenter) who feels the need to comment/lecture after reading something. We should all know that what we read on a blog is usually only a portion of that person’s self. Geez, I am continually amazed at the self importance of some people who spend so much time trying to “improve” others. Why don’t they get a clue and work on themselves? Good luck with what you are dealing with, it always does take a bit of luck, some perseverance, and most of all, a thick skin. : )

  39. 40


    Judy I do agree with your opinion of this comment. This comment started out wrong by trying to make you feel bad about yourself when she/he doesn’t know what you have done to help others. This person seems to me to not understand your situation at all. This person also must be frustrated about a situation he/she is experiencing and maybe is waiting for God or someone else to change that situation. You help others and are doing everything you can to help youself.

    I’m sure some people don’t understand why you need certain things in your home. Long arms take up a lot of room. Quilting is not just a hobby for you, it is also an income. You enjoy cooking, canning etc, but at this point in your life you want and need certain things to make it easier for you to work. You enjoyed your chickens and want to expand to other animals. You need a sewing room (I do also). Vince needs a workshop. You need a place for company to stay. You would like at least some privacy in you kitchen so you can sing and enjoy what you are doing. It is also common practice for things found wrong in a house to be either corrected by the owner or paid for by the owner, not the buyer. It is your home, not the writer’s , not mine, and what you want and need is your business. I love that you share. Your thoughts, struggles, ideas, etc. have helped me with some of my decisions. Do I agree with everything you say, no, but usually that is because I don’t know all the details.

    In my heart I hope you don’t let this comment, my comment or other comments bother you any more. Must of us understand. Your frustrations are real. Your housing problem is real and is being controlled mostly by others. You can move into the motel and still loose in this situation.

    I do believe things happen for a reason, but I also don’t sit around waiting for things to just drop in my lap. I know Vince and you are working hard to find the right place. You have both compromised on certain items when you thought the house was right. Keep blogging, sharing you joys and frustrations. If someone doesn’t like what you have to say they can move on to another blog. I think blogging for you is a healthy outlet and I don’t see it at all as a “Fell sorry for me!”
    I challenge anyone to try to buy a house today. It is frustrating as you and I both know. Selling is also, but I can’t imagine having to move out of a house and not have another house.

  40. 41

    NancyB in AZ says

    I am so sorry you read that comment, Judy. I love reading your blog for the honesty you put out. You help us to see the laughs, tears and joys in your life…….and ours. There are some who just do not see; or do not hold compassion in their (God-given) hearts. True hugs and prayers for you and Vince.

  41. 42


    You know the truth of what you do and have done. Don’t let this kind of snarkiness stress you. You have enough to deal with already. File it in the “ignore” folder and keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  42. 44

    Deborah Scott says

    Well said Judy!! And please keep writing cause I for one have enjoyed your house hunting adventures!!

  43. 45

    Janice McKee says


    I’m so sorry to hear that a person would make such comments. This person would have been better off if they would just keep their righteous mouth shut.

    I enjoy reading your blog and I ams praying that all works out for you and your family.

  44. 46


    Oh for pete’s sake! I’m fuming now! That individual doesn’t have a clue who you are or what you do. And… if he/she does know your blog and all your good works and still says something awful like this then I’ll say: You’ve got some nerve picking on our Judy like that and throwing God into the mix.

    I am so pissed. Ok. There…I said it. I’m sorry, Judy.

    You do not deserve this at all. We love you. This is your blog and you can say whatever you want. I’m so angry I can’t even think of the right way to say things right now.

  45. 47


    Oh Judy…the cowardly acts of those who think they can criticize someone they don’t know on the internet…and then pull our Lord into the comment. Wow! I know this is very hurtful to you because you are a person who cares so much about other people. I’m glad you have shared this too because I want you to know how much I have personally gained from your blog…it’s truly my favorite. You are the reason I started blogging and it’s been such a positive experience for me. Thank you!

    It reminds me of that old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut.” Update the saying, “If you don’t like what I write on my blog, then don’t read it.” General etiquette should be observed at all times…even on the internet.

  46. 48

    Grace says

    Wow! That lady sure does need an attitude adjustment. Please ignore her rantings. Those of us who read your blog on a regular basis know your generosity not only as a quilter but as a loving human being who has provided much support to Joplin’s needy. Ignore her!

  47. 49

    shirley bruner says

    some folks you just have to ignore. i LOVE your blog. …. and your challenges….and your chicken stories….and Chad stories…and Vince stories…. and all your recipes and just reading what is going on in your world. you make me chuckle most days. i wonder if that person has a blog…..if so, i’m sure i would NOT like to read it. keep on keepin’ on, Judy. she is seriously outweighed by we who love you.

  48. 50


    Hear, hear – a great big boo to the nasty lady !! Some of your previous commenters have made me smile and I hope they made you too. Your blog is one of my favourites and has been for years – we’re all rooting for you and hope things turn out right in the end. We all know just how generous you are and you really deserve some good luck xxx

  49. 51

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Amen! to all the positive comments above! That commenter never learned “If you don’t have something nice to say…don’t say nuthin’ at all! You are giving of your time, talent and resources. I am one who has benefited from your sweet generosity. I have been in similar circumstances where DH was 1500 miles away. I had two young children, a new job, and moved into a house that had been empty for nearly 2 years. There was a lot to cope with and many frustrations. It hurts my heart to see you and Vince have these struggles, but you ARE doing your part in trying to work through the situation and blessings will come. I so enjoy reading your blog daily (a couple times a day). I’ll comment to my DH on something I’ve read and he always asks, “It that Judy?” You are in our prayers girlfriend.

  50. 52


    Go, JUDY! I actually read that comment on the last post and was SERIOUSLY tempted to reply to the comment that the reader left. I refrained from reply to the reader because I didn’t want to start a “comment feud”.

    You are one of the most caring and giving people that I know. You helped raise almost $12,000 for Joplin and went there to donate quilts to people. That’s a heck of a lot more than 90% of the population would do!

    I love reading your blog, and while I don’t always agree with everything, its YOUR blog, which means you can post whatever you feel like posting. I check your blog multiple times a day — many more than I should be. 😉

    Keep on blogging and write whatever you want and feel like writing!!

  51. 53

    Diana says

    Judy, I love reading your blog. Blogs are about our every day life, what we are doing etc. You’ve done so much for various organizations. First got to know you in Sunshine. Have also been in your shoes when it comes to house hunting. It’s a stressful time, you have certain requirements because of your business etc. And when you are looking for maybe that one last house, you want to get what you want. When I read some blogs (very few) I am amazed at what people will write in response and its generally things they would not say to you face to face. One of my beefs about our internet society. You don’t deserve that kind of comment, let it go as something from some one who is ignorant. You are much better than that person who wrote the comment. We all know that.

  52. 54

    Susie says

    *tap tap* Uhh…hello? *ahem* Yes. Uhh…longtime reader. First time commenter here. Uhh…hi. LOL

    I say just let it slide. I get frustrated with people like that. They love to get all condescending one minute and then try to throw God into it the next. SMH (That stands for *shaking my head* if’n y’all didn’t know…) I don’t think God would care too much for the condescending attitude being thrown about in such a manner.

    I must say that I have had a giggle or two at your housing nightmare. Not that I’m laughing at your pain! Never that. It’s just that my mom & step-dad are going through a similar thing. Luckily they don’t HAVE to move soon. My mom is just as picky as you are and y’know what? Who cares? If you’re going to pay for it, it needs to be the way you want it to be, right? I certainly wouldn’t be happy paying for and living in a home that wasn’t what I wanted. Maybe that’s just me though. *shrug*

    It IS your life. You’ve chosen to share your life here with us. The thing is, we have also CHOSEN to follow along. IF that “person” doesn’t like what you’ve written, they can also CHOOSE to unsubscribe. It’s not difficult for them to do really. There’s no need for them to be snarky either nor do so publicly either. Though I’m not a Christian, their actions didn’t appear to be very God-like to me and that’s truly sad for others.

  53. 55


    Here, here, Judy. Your blog is “your blog”. Write about anything you want to. We all care about you and want to hear how things are working out for you and Vince. So keep your posts coming just the way you want to write them.

  54. 56

    Cheryl L says

    Perhaps she should have waited on God before she hit the submit button. He surely would have told her to mind her own business. I wonder what SHE has done to help The folks in Joplin? Don’t let her thoughtless, ignorant comments get you down. We who read and love your blog know how caring and generous you have been. Keep on keepin’ on, Judy. We love you!

  55. 57

    Joanna says

    Dear Judy,

    It’s your blog and you can vent all you want! We lend an ear like any good friend, and have some empathy, I’d hope, or we wouldn’t keep coming back.

    I trust it won’t wreck your day. You are one wonderful, generous person!


  56. 58

    Carey says

    Love your blog, it is weird how well we get to know someone that doesn’t even know we exist. I have really enjoyed hearing about your house hunt. Can you explain what a relocation company does exactly ? I thought at first it was a removalist company.
    Good luck on the house… from Australia

  57. 59

    Rita says

    Judy, Please don’t let this one comment upset you. Obviously, this person does not follow your blog regularly. We all know you have a good heart. I enjoy hearing your “real” life stories. Keep it up!

  58. 60


    I am so sorry someone had to “bite” you to make themselves feel better. You are a great and generous person/quilter/sewer. You give so much of yourself through your blog. I cannot understand why they feel they have to throw a stone at you. I sure hope they do not end up being a neighbor of yours!
    hang in there…all will work out. I do not like glass stovetops either!
    XOXOXO Subee in stinking hot Indiana

  59. 61

    Melissa says

    Wow! What a crappy comment. This was definitely not what you need at this moment. Can this wacko lady not realize how stressful this situation is for you? For anyone? My goodness, can she not, in good Christian spirit, support you instead of trying to bring you down?

    Please remember that there are so many of us who thoroughly enjoy your blog and greatly admire the strength in which you’ve exhibited in this situation. We are standing behind you, cheering you on and hoping for the best. I think she might want to go back and read her Bible. God gave us the minds, the skills, and the will to solve our own problems. I don’t think he wants us to sit on our hands and wait for him to do something. He gives us peace and comfort.

    Tell this lady to kiss your royal behind and keep on keeping on!

    We love you.

  60. 62


    Judy, This person can’t know what a generous, caring, kind person you are. I check your blog every few hours to see how things are going…I pray..all so that your frustration will end.
    Please keep those of us who care updated and Bravo for speaking your mind.

  61. 63


    I saw that comment and turned a couple of shades of “pale.” I am so sorry that you had to have something like that to make you sad, mad, discouraged, disappointed……………

    You know what, Judy? You have lots of people who admire and look up to you. We enjoy reading your blog and are amazed at how you keep your spirits in the midst of agonizing personal turmoil! You simply astound me how you jump in and make baby quilts for friends, help the people in Joplin with donations and quilts, keep up with your Stash Report, your UFO and Monochromatic Report – not to mention your Design Wall…….all during a most difficult move. AND DID I MENTION THAT YOU THREW IN AND SHARED A FREE QUILT PATTERN OR TWO DURING ALL OF THIS?

    You are special! We enjoyed EVERYTHING about your blog – you truly have a gift for storytelling…….I’m just sayin……..we are all sending you hugs right now!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  62. 64

    Lynne says

    As you said yourself, she has no clue who you are or how much you have done and even if you had not, how helpful is it to tell someone with two broken legs that they should be grateful that their arms are not broken too. I for one love your blog, I do not always comment but on the days you don’t blog, I miss you. There is nothing worse than the roller coaster and the unkown that you are going through. Just know she is in the minority and knows no better

  63. 65

    marilyn smith says

    Judy, I think you are just stressed out and you certainly deserve to be stressed out. I think, however, you will look back on that comment and it won’t sting quite as much as it did when you first read it. I don’t think that person was trying to be mean, she was just trying to put things into perspective. Her timing was wrong. I hope you find a home that works for both of you and it happens soon. M

  64. 66

    Gwen says

    Judy, I am so sorry you are hearing from someone with such a crappy attitude. I know it is hard to ignore, but please try. I personally cannot imagine what is looming in your future. As for waiting for God to take care of things I seem to remember another quote from the Bible that He helps those who help themselves. Keep on doing what you need to do and take precious time to share with us when you can. I hope the writing and sharing helps in some small way. I wish there was some way all of us could be a more concrete help, but prayers are our best effort. Lots of us are doing lots of that!

  65. 67

    greg says

    Judy, we know how deeply you care about the folks and businesses in Joplin. I appreciate the Red Cross effort that you sponsored. Hopefully the satisfaction that you got from your fund raising outweighs that bad apple comment. There has been a rash of nasty comments on various blogs lately – what’s up with that??

  66. 68

    Peggy says

    Deep breath in – deep breath out – I LOVE your blog like so many others and you need to focus on the positive – not sanctimonious no it alls like that person!

  67. 69


    You hang in there Judy! I can’t wait to see pictures of the house you DO get…..and I also want to hear all the gory details of getting it!!! Just keep on writing like you do and I’ll be a happy camper.


  68. 70

    Timelady says

    Well, someone sure is holier than thou – smugly commenting on YOUR blog. Where, as far as i know, you blog about YOUR life. As a human being,not a saint who makes the rest of us feeling adequate by blithely dismissing the great stresses of human life.

    This commenter feels in a position to judge – from, no doubt, her secure home….or should i say glass house? No-one has a right to judge you, Judy But as you can see from all these comments, should you have any doubt – we all love and support you, just as you would with us. We have all seen your caring and compassion.

    One wonders what madam holier than thou managed to do PERSONALLY for tornado victims (beyond the careless compassion of signing a cheque, perhaps…)

  69. 71

    Timelady says

    There is also the joke of the man who was warned of a flood.
    Rescue services knock at his door- he said :” no, God will save me”
    The rain continues, the waters rise.
    A man comes by in a rowboat to help him escape – he said : “no, God will save me”
    Then, he climbs onto the roof as the waters rise.
    A helicopter comes by, but once more – he said : “no, God will save me”
    He drowns. He gets o Heaven, asks Gd – “why didn’t you save me?”
    God said : “I sent you rescue services, a bot, and a helicopter!”

    As far as I understand, God would not want you to sit passively back waiting for a miracle,w hen you are capable and able, no?

    The woman was sanctimonious and not at all what I am told a good Christian should be like. Compassion and generosity of spirit sadly lacking there…

  70. 72

    Timelady says

    ps forgive typos, my disability is ensuring i have a bad flat on my back day, typing is not the best then.

  71. 74

    Valarie says

    Judy, I love your Blog….I hate what you are going through and I read everyday, I get the RSS Feeds, hoping you have found a HOME, not a house but a HOME!! I have never thought for even a second from reading your “life” story that you were unappreciative or unthankful. You are a very humble and giving person. Please don’t let one jealous, mean tongued, grouchy, person get to you! Sounds like you have a great following from all the above comments…..(o: Valarie

  72. 75


    I hate those kind of replies – yes we all know someone worse off than we are but sometimes we just have to talk about what’s happening in our lives. This is YOUR blog and if you want to talk about what’s going in YOUR life and all, that’s YOUR right. Forget about her.

  73. 76

    Alberta in N GA says

    I might as well throw my 2 cents in here and say that I for one have absolutely loved the saga of the house hunt. I have been reading every day and sometimes I check twice a day just to see how many more houses Vince has seen and tried to send you pictures. I really dont understand people who dont like tv shows, or books, or in this case, blogs… they read them, watch them, etc. and then complain about them. Why watch, read, etc, if you have a dislike for what is happening? Keep on Judy, as you can see in all the above statements, we all love you and want to keep reading all about your life every day.

  74. 77

    Sandy says

    I can’t believe someone could be so rude to write what she did about you, Judy. She obviously doesn’t know about the money you raised for Joplin, the quilts for the soldiers, so many fundraisers you donated quilts. I could go on but I think the real true followers you have know you aren’t a boastful conceited person. I would be frantic too if I was moving in a few days and had no place to put my furniture. I think the old saying “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” should be applied to everyone and it is YOUR blog and YOUR life and why does that responder read it if she can be so nasty? You have so much to be proud of in your life, Judy.

  75. 78

    lw says

    Yikes. That post was clearly written by someone who can’t put herself in another person’s shoes.

    Your blog is comforting to me– right now I’ve got three family members who are gravely ill, and husband that is being laid off, other family members out of work– and who knows where we’ll be living in six months, and where the next jobs will be? Living with this level of instability is so stressful, even more stressful is wondering if I’ll be a position to help my family when they need it. And I know that you understand, because you’re going through a lot of the same things.

    I’m keeping you in my prayers. Somehow, God giving you the right house would be a sign to all of us that the world is a good place.

  76. 79

    Linda in NE says

    Seems like there is always someone willing to preach to others isn’t there? As for waiting around for God to fix everything, here’s my take on that. God gave us humans reasoning brains and opposable thumbs and we’re supposed to take it from there. Sitting around waiting for God to fix everything is a good way to be jobless, homeless and hungry. This attitude of mine may offend some, but they’ll get over it in time. Just keep on doing what you’re doing Judy and when it all works out you’ll know it was by your and Vince’s own efforts.

  77. 80

    Kim Webb says

    I love your blog. Please don’t change a thing. I find you to be very inspiring and generous with helping other people.
    What you have done for Joplin says it all.
    From setting up the donations with the Red Cross to your own donations of quilts, not to mention the time and effort it took all while not knowing what your future holds for you. You inspired me to write a check, which I would not have done if not for your blog.
    Here’s hoping that you and Vince find a house real soon and you can get back to quilting.

  78. 81

    Pat C in Washington says

    Well, it’s a good thing I have manners, otherwise I might have responded rudely if someone had posted that on my blog (if I had a blog…):
    1) Go piss up a rope
    2) Eat dirt and bark at the moon
    3) F-off and croak

    Bless her heart, she was probably raised by wolves and never learned any manners.

  79. 82

    Nancy W. says

    OH, this would just set me off. I think you are fully aware it will work out but that doesn’t mean you aren’t really stressed and frustrated..I would have run to the hills screaming and pulling my hair long ago. But maybe, you should just sit around with a goofy smile on your face like you’re completely at peace with being homeless and wait for God to fix everything…my gosh, some people grrrr

  80. 83

    Jocelyn says

    You know I feel like you are talking to us like we are just a bunch of your friends, and you are telling us what is going on! I share things with my BFF because I know that she wants to know what is going on in my life. I’m sorry there are comments that are unkind, and I’ve heard that other bloggers have been cut to the quick before. Keep sharing Judy. We gals enjoy hearing from you and it’s good to share when we are going through things. That’s what girlfriends are for 🙂

  81. 84

    Karen says

    Judy, that was the dumbest comment I’ve ever read. Obviously that person doesn’t know you as well as the rest of us. I have to say, I loved your response. I could almost feel the steam coming off the monitor! Very well said. In the meantime, we’re all waiting with baited breath for the next installment – fingers crossed & prayers in progress.

  82. 85


    Wow, what a stupid comment to make. I for one have appreciated your sharing your “adventure” with us. It is just the same as having a neighbor come over for coffee and share what is going on in her life. I wouldn’t want a friend to only share the good stuff, what kind of a friendship would that be? But that said, there are a lot of people in this world I wouldn’t want to be friends with and that comment maker would be one of them. Keep being yourself and let her read other blogs.

  83. 86


    What is it with the online sarcasm anyway? It is being done on FB and now to bloggers and to YOU! I do not get it.

    I didn’t read the post you pointed out, but I gritted my teeth when reading it.

    Judy, I truly am very sorry for what you’ve been through lately (housing-wise) and I’d probably not be handling it as well as you are.

    Hang in there and know that most of us are following you because we LIKE you!

    Hugs and good luck…Karen

  84. 87


    I read that comment with my mouth hanging WIDE OPEN! In disbelief…she needs to get a life. Wonder what SHE has done for Joplin..some people. I hope the house hunt is over soon and you get a house you can love for a long long time.

  85. 88

    Libby says

    You know this morning I sent a comment and you replied to me personally and it reminded me that, wow, it’s a very large world and we make it smaller and more comfortable by making friends. Those next door and those farther away but “next door” on the internet. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this challenging time for you.

  86. 89


    I agree with above comments – the person didn’t realize how much you have done to help those in Joplin.

    I suggest that you delete the comment – it’s your blog, you don’t need that type of stuff to bother you.

  87. 90

    Barbara says

    jeez, it must be the phase of the moon because a few of my fav bloggers have received some unfriendly posts today …

    Judy you nailed it with this:
    And besides, it’s MY blog and I talk about MY life and what’s going on in MY world and about the only thing happening right now is house hunting so either I don’t blog or I blog about what’s happening in my life.

    No more need be said even if you had not lifted a finger to help Joplin. I think you have faced this incredibly multi-leveled stressful situation with great dignity, grace and tremendous sense of humor. You get the Rubber Band Woman award for 2011 !

    I leave you with a huge hug and one of my fav quotes for that other reader :
    “When you judge another, you do not define them. You define yourself.” -Wayne Dyer

  88. 91

    Wanda says

    Please ignore that person and her rantings. I have always believed that God helps those who help themselves. My children used to say something was not fair. I always replied that no one promised that the world would be fair, so deal with it! I also enjoy reading your blog and have been checking more times a day recently. At some point things will work out for you and Vince. In the meantime, we are all standing with you.

  89. 92

    Connie says

    It is really sad that some folks can only feel better about themselves when they are putting someone else down or dispensing “righteous” advice on how we should live our lives. Bah I say!!! My DH was in the Army for 20 years and we never knew where we were going to live when we arrived (or where I was going to work), so watching you go thru this makes my heart ache for you. I never considered myself a blog reader until i came across yours, now I refresh 5 or 6 times in a session to see if you have added anything. When my internet was out off and on for a month, I had to go back to catch up on my good friend Judy’s antics. You are my good friend Judy and I would be lost if you were to change and/or stop blogging….I love you just the way you are!!!

  90. 93

    Lizzy Hentze says

    I’d say this person is not a long time reader of your blog or they would know that you (frequently) say you don’t mean to be ungrateful, but as you point out, it is YOUR blog. If she doesn’t like your views or what you are doing, all she need do is click the little cross in the top right corner of her monitor and you’re problems won’t be hers any longer. What you write is not harmful in any way to any other person – on the contrary, you’ve gone out of your way to help those in dire circumstances and got folks from all over the country and across the world doing the same.
    Keep writing, keep your head high, you have the high ground here Judy. And I have everything crossed and prayers as well that your home dilemma is soon solved!

  91. 94

    Jan says

    Hi Judy, I didn’t take the time to read all the above comments,but, wanted you to know that I love your blog. Some people can’t or won’t let people be. And I agree if you don’t like what a blogger write then don’t go there.There have been lots of blogs that I stopped reading for lots of different reasons.Peace be with you. Jan

  92. 95

    NancyMahan says

    I love to read your blog! Although I don’t know you personally I feel connected because my son – in Joplin – was one of the people who lost his home. Moving is no fun – even if everything is all planned out and goes smoothly. You haven’t been able to have that comfort. My prayers are with you.

  93. 96

    Mel Meister says

    Wow… it takes all kinds, doesn’t it?

    Wish I could share my husband’s chicken wings that he’s making right now and a glass or two of Dr. Pepper and maybe some ice cream. Then we could knit our socks and share some laughs.

    I hope I get the opportunity to meet you someday and give you a real life hug. Until then, a digital “hug” will have to do.


  94. 97

    Barb G says

    Judy, even God likes some help! What a sanctimoneous comment – I hope you’re feeling better about it by now.
    That person has no concept of what you did for the victims of the Joplin tornado. Onward with the happy thought that you
    now likely will have a home to move to in TX. Sending hugs from MI.

  95. 98

    Joan says

    Hey you know where the delete button is. I agree you have done more than your share when it comes to helping in Joplin, I cannot imagine the emotional stress you have been under, the blog was a good place to vent, and if any one else has been in your predicament, I am sure they empathize. You just keep on venting and we will keep on reading. I love your blog and will look forward to seeing pictures of how you change the looks of your new digs.

  96. 99


    WHAT???? I am just catching up on blogs (a little bit…just a few of the blogs I enjoy reading) while dealing with a severe case of poison ivy, and I find THIS??? That person had one heck of a lot of nerve. If I were you, I’d be royally ticked off, too. You have done lots of charity work for a long time….with the Joplin folks and lots of other causes before that. You don’t deserve the stress you’ve had lately and for that person to add to it…..NOT FAIR. Hold your head up, Judy, and try to ignore that person…..not worth wasting your time, in my opinion!!!

  97. 100

    Perry says

    Hmm, another rat has crawled out of the woodwork to see what else they can find to destroy. I loved your answer, Judy, and you are right, it is your blog and those of us that read you on a daily or so basis are right there with you and the nightmare you are going through. I wondered what that smoke was I saw coming from that direction, now I know the cause. 🙂

  98. 101

    Linda B in MI says

    WOW!!! Some people just can’t enjoy reading your blog for what it is…the life and times of Judy L…and it is a GREAT blog, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes quilty, sometimes knitty, and ALWAYS GREAT READING!!!!!

  99. 102


    Judy, I love how you blog about how your life really is, the good stuff, the funny stuff, the annoying stuff, the frustrating stuff and the scary stuff. Don’t change.

  100. 103

    Mary says

    Rediculous!!! Please believe that she is a minority. I sometimes check your blog multiple times during the day as I find you so interesting. Please don’t let this person get you down! I am still hoping and praying for you!!!

  101. 104

    Barbara Angles says

    What nerve. We all love your blog. Don’t let one disgrunted unhappy person spoil your day. She has the problem not you

  102. 105

    Kathleen says

    Judy, I for one think you are very giving and upbeat and positive about life. I find reading your blog uplifting. I think you are handling your trials magnificantly and enjoy hearing about all the mishaps.

  103. 106

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I haven’t read the 94 comments ahead of me b/c I’m getting ready to run out the door, but…

    You *did* block this…this…this…person’s ability to comment on YOUR blog, didn’t you?

    I mean: the very nerve! Yes, you’ve done TONS for Joplin! You ARE going through a lot of tsuris! And talking it out IS a way of coping with it!

    *steam* *irritation at That Woman*

  104. 107


    Clearly this woman isn’t a regular reader or she wouldn’t have written that. The whole notion of other people being worse off doesn’t hold water anyway. It’s your life, your stress, your pain. What other people go through is irrelevant to the individual. If I break my finger, and you break your leg, does it make my finger hurt less because your limb is larger? Of course not. It’s my finger and it hurts like mad–to me. How much your leg is hurting is irrelevant.

    Shake it off, Judy, and keep doing what you do so well.

  105. 108

    Sherry says

    Judy, don’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. I guess some people don’t realize that a blogger or a good writer must write about what they know. Everyone, no matter their situation, have their own life and feelings. I love hearing about your life and am amazed at how much you do. Even though I don’t know you personally, you are one of the most generous people I know. You so freely share your quilt patterns and recipes, given away quilts and have done so much to help Joplin through your wonderful blog. So ignore the people that don’t know any better and let us return your generosity by supporting you in your times of stress. We love you, Judy!

  106. 109

    ruth anne shorter says

    Some people have no clue about life, what you have already done for Joplin (where in the work has she been?), and to give you such advice is way out of line. She has not a clue of what you have been through the last weeks—really not a clue. She is no friend with advice like that–friends support each other and bear each other up in prayers for their needs, and most of all just listen to you because we care for you and Vince. We care that you have a home to go to and be able to resume life when you move. Moving is a stressor, plus the adjustment with having Chad not move, is enough for a mom and wife to handle right now. So sorry she had to post such a goofy comment.

  107. 110


    I like reading your blog, and you have every right to feel frustrated and a bit bummed. Matter of fact you’ve mentioned how much better off you are than most and have admitted several times that you feel like a baby, so I don’t think you have an unreasonable attitude. And the solution for your readers that who feel offended would be to stop reading you. But i won’t :^)… And I do believe that God helps those that help themselves.
    Hang in there Lady!

  108. 111


    Well, folks, I’m very proud to say I DO know Judy. And I can tell you first-hand, there’s not a kinder, more generous person on the face of the earth. I mean, she even makes brownies for the repairmen in the street, for Pete’s sake!

    Judy, I love you. It’s so frustrating to get those kind of comments, but keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it — and be sure to tell us everything!!!! xoxoxoxo

  109. 112

    Jackie says

    I love your blog…it is the first thing that I read in the mornings well after facebook that is…sorry to hear that some people just can’t keep the fingers off the keyboard when then need to…keep on doing what you are doing and to heck with those that don’t understand or don’t like it.

  110. 113

    elaine says

    hello judy I read your blog more than once a day I enjoy it so much you do so many wonderful things for so many people I hope you continue the stories and what’s going on in your life you will be settle soon don’t worry about what others think we all enjoy your blog

  111. 114

    Marla says

    I read that comment too and stopped and read it again to see if I was understanding it correctly. It too it me the wrong way and hoped maybe I was wrong but apparently you saw it that way too. Maybe she did not mean it the way it came out but it sure did not seem very nice. I thought the same thing…excuse me but do you not know how much Judy had done for Joplin? Again I am so very happy for you that you found your home and what a wonderful anniversary memory you will have!!

  112. 115

    Lori says

    I just need to add my 2 cents to everyone else’s comments.
    PLEASE don’t allow this bitter woman to damper your spirit. We all love you and love hearing about your life. Keep it up!!

    I don’t imagine you’ve gotten this many comments before, have you?

  113. 116


    I agree with everything everyone so far has said. As the little girl in the TV series Full House used to say “How rude!!” Keep on writing about your life, because there are many of us out here in blog land reading and cheering for you.

  114. 117

    Elizabeth says

    Hi Judy, I have read past this date, so I am very happy for you and Vince. Please don’t change how you are. I love reading your blog. You have helped me get back to my canning and encouraged (with your designs) me to quilt more. I really feel like we are friends. Blog friends maybe, but I talk about you and the stuff you do. My hubby knows who I am talking about when I say “Judy did this or that”. Thanks for it all. Liz

  115. 118


    Amen, seesta!!, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I love blogging also and I blog about what is going on in MY life as well! Your sharing YOUR life experiences with all of us readers. Those who don’t like it-don’t read it!
    P.S. Glad you found your home!!

  116. 120

    Cindy from California says

    OH Judy!

    I am so sorry that you received such a thoughtless post!

    I also have been VERY impressed with your good works (not just including Joplin!) – even when you are stressing over where you are going to go next.

    I don’t follow very many blogs — but I ALWAYS check yours two or three times a day to see if there is anything new!! I have also been impressed that you have actually emailed me back several times!!! I feel just like we are good friends!

    Please put this behind you! Do not allow the negative thoughts of this one person to “take up any unpaid rental space” in your brain or emotions!!


  117. 121

    Mary says

    Of course we all know that there are people out there in less fortunate situations than our own and we do our best to help out. Doesn’t make our own worries and trauma’s any less real.

    You know in the grand scheme of things that you live a blessed life (as I do) and you say that here frequently. It’s OK to stress and write and cry about your move and the crazy difficulties you’ve had finding a home.

  118. 122

    Cindy B says

    Sounds like the poster is jealous of anyone that chooses to live well. She wouldn’t like me at all!

  119. 123

    Sara in AL says

    Wow, I just went through all of the 107 comments here, looks like the majority of us feel the same. I love reading your blog. I read it everyday because I like your writing and your outlook on life. (Ok and your quilting and knitting too! ) 🙂 I also note that she didn’t show back up, so hopefully she is gone. It is your blog, and you can write what you want. No, I don’t think that you are whinning, I think that you are going through just what anyone of us would be feeling were we in your shoes. DH and I were both in the Army when we married. We made lots of moves, some easier than others, but each had it’s own hardships and uncertainties. This move of yours has been fraught with so many setbacks, and hardships. It surely is a difficult one. You have lots of fans who are rooting and praying for you, so just listen to us and forget her! Hang in there, you will be settled before you know it. I would just be dreading unpacking all of the boxes!!

    PS While you might not have a design wall to work on, I hope that there are some quilts perking around in your brain. Can’t wait to see what you have thought up next!!! You are a sweetie you know, and have quite a following who do care about you!

  120. 124

    Eve in GA says

    Well, ladies, like Vicky, I DO know Judy, and have for 10 years now. And it’s been a joy and an honor. The ‘face’ time has been sparse and spread out, but it always feels like just ‘yesterday’ when I see her again.

    Judy, I’m sorry Katie’s comments were hurtful. {{{{HUGS}}}}
    I won’t belittle Katie, because she may not have meant to come across the way she did. The timing really sucks, tho’. And I really do believe you’ve handled all of the stress a lot better than I think I would have.

    and I’m THRILLED to hear that y’all have a home to go to!!! Happy Anniversary to you and Vince!!
    I love you. Eve

  121. 125


    Well, I have not read all of the comments on all of your blog entries. This one included.

    I do not know you outside of blogland, but I feel like I do. It is obvious that one of two things is true:
    1 – this person has not read many of your blogs
    2 – She has a burr in a bad place

    You are 100% right when you say, if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to read it.. She obviously needs to get a life.

    I for one enjoy hearing your house hunting endeavors… Keep up the good work and ignore the yahoos out there.


  122. 126


    Goodness! I don’t think that person actually reads your blog. I don’t think you have EVER sounded prideful or boastful or whiny. You are so generous and do more for others than anyone else I know! You have donated tons of your time, your quilts, your money — and organized others to do the same. And then you give us free recipes, tutorials, patterns…., so much! On top of all that, you’re funny and endearing and you tell wonderful stories about your family and your life. I can’t imagine a nicer blog to read and I do read it every day.

    We come here because we want to hear about what’s going on with you, and we’re all on pins and needles waiting to see how the house situation is going to resolve itself. I know that I would be beside myself in your situation, and I think of you often and hope that the perfect house appears for you AND that you get it!

    We love you, Judy, please don’t listen to grumps like that.



  123. 127

    Anita R says

    I absolutely love your last statement to Katie….seriously, why does she even bother to read. She has a choice, sadly she chose to insult you. You’re awesome and I love that you share everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t ever change 🙂

  124. 128

    Cheryl E says

    Hi Judy
    I live in the UK, i don’t read many blogs, but i read yours, i agree with the other comments about this sad mean woman!!!!
    They say that moving house is the 3rd most stressful life event
    (after death and divorce) and your blogs about has been interesting to me
    keep it up

  125. 129

    Marky says

    Count me in the Judy Supporters Camp. Ditto to all the positive comments about your personality, blog, generosity, etc. etc. etc. I have walked a mile in your shoes and I know the frustrations you’ve been experiencing, right down to having my stuff in storage for over a year and having to move between temporary rentals 3 times in the process of house-hunting, and then having my own mother express her opinion of all the positives I should be focusing on or doing, instead of expressing frustration. It hurt alot. She’d never had to go through what I was going through so how could she know the best way to handle things? I didn’t want sympathy, just encouragement. I get what you’re feeling and I appreciate your honesty; you are genuine.

    I remember a few years back Bonnie Hunter was having to deal with some negative comments that hurt her deeply also. It was suggested that there are people out there who do this as a game to see how many responses they can generate off their comment. Others have mentioned that there is a rash of nasty comments on blogs going on lately, and I have to wonder if it isn’t this “game” in play. Block the commentor so she/he can’t play the game with your blog and blog readers. And know that you have a huge support group here in blog-land, lifting you up in our prayers.

  126. 130

    Doe in Mi says

    Judy, its true, there’s always one in every crowd. The one who doesn’t know what she’s talking about or is in a fowl mood or has to belittle someone else to make herself feel better. Poor soul. Someday she will learn you don’t judge others and she will feel like a fool after looking at what shes done in her life.
    Now as you can see you have a ton of people who love you because you make us happy when reading your blog. Please don’t quit. Hugs.

  127. 131


    Ahhh, the holier than though person…I’ve had one or two of those. I enjoy your blog, Judy…as do so many others. Play with us and ignore the brats.


  128. 133


    That would get my blood boiling as well. Just remember there are a lot of us that love you and your posts; and we want to keep reading what is going on in your life. You are fun, educational, heartfelt, loving person and a damn good friend, even if we have never met. Hang in there and remember we still love you.

  129. 134


    Wow! That was totally uncalled for.
    I cannot imagine what you are going through.
    Moving House is extremely stressful and I think you are holding up very well considering the circumstances.
    I think of you every day hoping you receive good news whatever it is. Much love and hugs

  130. 135

    Vickie says

    I’m not sure how others look at this blog … me, well I think of it as a group of ladies sitting around a kitchen table, a quilt frame, or in a living room with knitting needles clicking. And what happens more than anything in that space is conversation, the highs and lows of our lives, the pet peeves of our spouses and loved ones, the joy of our kids, the quality of our craft. I think that you take feedback wonderfully … but feedback needs to come at the appropriate times. AND if she had been a long time reader, she would know how almost weekly, in the midst of this roller coaster … you have shouted your blessings to the rooftops (scaring away the tears at times, but none the less).
    We all look at another’s life with some sense of “I wish” … we all know that there are those without … and we all do what we can do … and I seem to think you do it abundantly!
    Safe travels, trouble free move, and carefree heart!

  131. 136

    Connie at Noramco says

    I totally agree with you – if she doesn’t like your blog why didn’t she just move on to another!!?? She was out of line and I hope your response and those of others has made her think about how nasty SHE came across in her post. I won’t call any names, but there is another reply to you on August 1 that should have been left unwritten, too.

    I know this has to be an extremely stressful time for you and Vince but it must be gratifying to know there are so many people who care about what is happening to you two. Hang in there!

  132. 137

    Nancy P. says

    Judy, like you said, it’s your blog…and that’s why I read it!! I just finished reading your last post and I am so happy for you and Vince. Things do work out but it sure is nerve wracking. And what a lovely kitchen!!! Good luck with your move and safe travels!!!

  133. 138


    It’s really simple …. God helps those who help themselves. You can’t wait for God to solve everything for you … you have to be proactive and you will see the way. Oopps …. sounding like a sermon … sorry!! But I do believe in this … one of the greatest gifts god gave us is our minds. I hope you find housing soon …. I would be swinging from the trees if I were in your boat.

  134. 139


    Hi Judy, I have never read your blog before today. I don’t even know how I got here – LOL! – because I don’t knit or quilt and I don’t have enough memory cells left to remember HOW I got here but I have been sitting in my comfy chair ALL afternoon reading your posts from current backwards (when there were about a dozen other things I needed to be doing) and right before I got to this post I was just thinking what a nice person this is and how as I read your posts it feels just like having a chat with a good friend, exactly what I needed this afternoon. I have kept reading for a couple of hours now because your posts are so interesting and I am curious how it came about that you are moving to Texas. I haven’t got to that post yet but I will keep reading. Just wanted to tell you welcome to Texas, I understand your stress, and forgive and forget that….that…person who left such a judgemental post. I have a blog and have felt bad that I have only gotten 3 comments in a year and now I am glad that I haven’t if that is what kind of comments people want to leave. 🙂 I have read all the comments before me and it is obvious that those who have read your blog for any amount of time love you. I for one will be a new follower and you have cheered up my afternoon. Sending hugs and blessings to you.