Design Wall Monday – August 1, 2011

Yep, you guessed it.  No design wall.  No project.  No sewing.  No home!  🙁   Hardly even any knitting.  I wonder what I’ve been doing this entire week.  There’s no reason why the green socks weren’t finished on Wednesday and they’re still not finished.  Yesterday I did edge the driveway, sidewalks, curb and cut the grass for the last time.  Vince will be home this week and he’ll have to cut it one more time before we go but my job as lawn lady is over.

Yet another week, I beg for you to post fun stuff on your design wall so I can feel like I’m enjoying quilting, even if through someone else’s design wall.


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    Go start a new knitting project. As a knitter I can tell you that it will relax you and reduce a bit of the stress.

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    I hope you find solace soon – knitting or quilting can help one relax – if you aren’t OVER THE LINE with your anxiety level! Then it is hard to get motivated to do anything!

    We are all pulling for you – maybe you will feel like knitting today???

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    this was my first attempt at participating in design wall monday. My picture posted well but my blog address didn’t work. Does anyone have any ideas for me?
    I enjoy seeing what everyone is working on and get to visit new sites.


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    I have no blog, but Design Wall Monday is one of my favorite things to check out. Thank you Judy for hostessing it and thank you to all of you who post. I just love to see how different all the projects are. Such an inspiration each week.

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      Rebecca says

      I was just going to say what Marge said! I also love the way the links show up now. This is a blog post that stays up all day, for me to come back to when I need to look at something pretty.

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    Judy, once you’ve gotten moved and your sewing room set up, I bet all your pent up sewing desire will yield some of your best designs ever. Hang in there, girl!