Strike 3

Are we out yet?  Three strikes in three days!  I’m just writing about this one because it’s really all starting to get comical or maybe my mental state is such that everything is comical and that’s my defense mechanism taking over.

There was another house that was going to be listed that was in the same neighborhood as the Saturday house.  It’s probably confusing to you because it’s confusing to me.  Friday’s house was the one the owner wanted us to pay all closing costs and he couldn’t be out for 2 months.  Saturday’s house was the one where the disclosure revealed issues that were more major than we wanted to deal with.  Now, we’re to Sunday’s house.

Vince went and looked at it and he loved it.  LOVED it!  Some of you might think I’m pretty picky but really . . I am not!  The kitchen matters to me.  I don’t want painted cabinets and I don’t want a glass top stove.  I want a sewing room.  It can be inside, outside, downstairs, upstairs . . I don’t care!  It matters not to me how large the bedrooms are, what color they are; it matters not to me the size of the family room or where it’s located in the house.  The kitchen and sewing room are all that really matter to me.  I do like those chickens above the stove though.

When I saw this picture, I said “Vince!  It has painted cabinets and a glass top stove!”  Do you know what he said?  “Would you PLEASE stop making a big deal out of the small stuff?”  I understand that he’s frustrated but really . . the kitchen is a big deal to me.  And, while not something that would cause me not to buy a house, I don’t like an open kitchen.  I want to be closed up in my kitchen, all by myself with my music going full blast and singing along with it.

He had looked at another house yesterday and I liked it better but he didn’t and I know him well enough to know that if I talk him into getting a house he doesn’t want, which I would not do (maybe), then forever . . whatever goes wrong with that house, I will hear “I never wanted this house in the first place.”

Last night we talked about the white cabinet house.  I agreed that I could live with it but I wasn’t real happy with the kitchen and for what we’re paying, we would never go in and re-do the kitchen.

Here’s where our bad luck continues:  He made an offer this morning and . . they decided not to sell it!

Here’s where my good luck comes in!  He’s going to make an offer on the one I liked better.  We can call it the Monday House!   I LOVE the kitchen in the Monday house.  Love it better than I’ve loved any kitchen in any house I’ve ever seen . . except for the lady in Louisiana who has the green kitchen with the big gas stove.

I’m not telling you anything about the house.  I’m not even thinking about the house.  I’m going to pretend the house doesn’t even exist . . until I know if we’re getting it.  But, my fingers are crossed and I’ve said several prayers and maybe . . just maybe . . we’ll have an answer tonight.  OK . . I will tell you one thing.  No . . I can’t.  That might be bad luck!  Can’t risk it.


  1. 1

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Sending best wishes, love, hope, and prayers. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. 2


    Well, I’m anxiously awaiting GOOD news about the Monday house.

    You’re being a really good egg (since you like chickens!) about all this moving and the issues.

  3. 4

    Kathy S. says

    Judy, I’m saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed for you! I hope that the Monday house will finally be the one for you and Vince. I hope that it will grow on him as time progresses and that he will like it as much as you do.

  4. 5


    I’ve been following your house hunting saga and hoping that it all works out for the best. Buying a house is a huge investment and nobody wants to end up with something that won’t work for them. Wanting a kitchen and sewing room doesn’t seem like too much to ask. It isn’t just what you do, it is who you are. If someone else doesn’t get that, they should just keep their comments to themselves. We are all rooting for you and hoping you end up with a gas stove and space for your quilting.

  5. 6

    Tina says

    Prayers continue and fingers are crossed (well except when I’m sewing or typing or knitting!). It really will work out. Have faith!

  6. 7

    Debbie R. says

    What house??????? I didn’t hear anything…… but my fingers and toes are crossed just in case

  7. 9


    Well Monday sounds like a lucky name. If you get the house it will be forever Monday in my mind. I still say you are a brave woman to have Vince choose a house. I know he sends pictures, and has your list of wants and your list of needs, but that is a huge job for one person.

    Good luck on Monday!

  8. 12

    Margery Jansonius says

    My good wishes are with you and Vince. Hope it works out for you in good time for the move. It is good to ignore the bad vibes and focus in on all the good ones that are sent to you.
    Good luck and keep us posted. I really enjoy your blog, I might even attempt socks again.

  9. 13

    Diana in TX says

    Sending good vibes your way, La Quintas are nice but not as a permanent home! Here’s hoping Monday is a good luck day!

  10. 14

    Jane says

    Adding my prayers to yours and sending positive thoughts and a virtual bottle of wine. I think you can use it however it turns out tonight.

  11. 15

    Terri says

    You guys are looking for a new house? hmm wonder if I wasn’t paying attention because my fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes are crossed!

    Good luck Judy!

  12. 16

    SharO says

    I hope all of our good comments are sending you good vibes. You, and your family are REALLY GOOD PEOPLE and we are all pulling for you, We are so glad you feel you can share this saga with us.

  13. 17

    NancyB in AZ says

    Oh, good golly! Sorry, but I burst out laughing at “they decided not to sell”. When this is all over (and it will be); you should write a book. I can’t believe anyone has ever gone through as much as you two have.

  14. 18

    SarahB says

    Judy, there is relief in losing your sanity! It does make you laugh and there is no better medicine. Besides, I think a vacation at the lake is the perfect answer for your housing solution. A couple more weeks there (sewing and knitting!) with no showings, no cleaning, no LAWN!… just relaxing and knitting…. in fact, sounds like something I need to do! I might have to tell my husband I am going on vacation from the housing issues too. Anyway, we’re all praying for you so something will turn up soon…

  15. 22


    So glad you can joke about it now. Better than crying sometimes.
    Been there, trying to sell the house and not finding one we could buy without first selling ours. No one would take on the contigency. Finger and toes still crossed for you to get A HOUSE!

  16. 24


    Funny. I “made” my hub buy a new car, and even tho he liked it, and I never even drove it ( until we drove it home, I got to drive the last 2 hours of a 10 hour trip) anytime there is any issue, I “hear” about it!
    You can never go wrong with a trip to the lake! Think of it like, when you actually DO find a house, there will be no TIME to go to the lake, so you should go now!
    One good thing about the white kitchen- no microwave above the stove! But I agree, I had white a kitchen once, and it showed ALL the dirt and spills. Ish. But, to each their own. My sister Loves white everything. Good luck, we are all still crossing our fingers for you!

  17. 28


    Not asking, so don’t tell. 😉 Any mention at all might jinx things again — but my fingers are crossed for you!

  18. 30

    Lisa W. says

    Hi Judy,

    Hugs. Thanks for sharing your journey. My husband just accepted a job in Louisiana, and we need to put our first house in Alabama on the market and get ready to move. We watch too much HGTV, and the show House Hunters makes it look as though anyone can look at three houses, pick one and move right into a TV ready life. A dose of reality is helpful.

  19. 31


    So I said a prayer that involved something like “Let’s say Judy is hypothetically putting an offer on a house. Please let this be the one for her and Vince. Hypothetically speaking, of course.” HA!

    As far as the snarky comment, don’t pay that person any mind!

  20. 32

    Lynn Miller says

    Judy, this is all just too much and too funny. I have been reading your saga to my husband. We are all on pins and needles to see how it all ends. I personally think this is the ONE!

  21. 33

    Valarie says

    Don’t say a WORD, but I’ll say….I hope on Tuesday you can say we have Monday’s house. And next week you can say we are closing on the Monday’s house, and real soon you can say we have a HOME!

  22. 34


    I’m pretending you did not write this blog entry—-and that you are writing about something else. But, it’s not about a XXXXX. Instead it’s about “kitchens” and “sewing rooms”. Two of my most favorite things to read about on your blog. I don’t want to jinx anything. But, I’m hoping you get the Monday XXXXX!

  23. 35


    You. Are looking for a house for all of us as we all are behind you and we take each step along with you.

  24. 36

    Pat C in Washington says

    Well, if you “happened” to be looking for something, just something not anything in particular, I hope that you find just the right something that will fill the bill. Generically speaking, in a non-specific sort of way, of course.

  25. 37


    You could always paint the white cabinets a lime green?

    I know what you mean about the white cabinets. I have them and while I love the brightness of the look, I have been a bit too constant in the cleaning and now I have peeling spots – very shabby looking. I am debating the complete strip and stain vs repainting. I would rather be quilting!

    I’m praying for ya!

  26. 38


    Hang in there, keep your chin up all that kind of nonsence. I’m pulling for you and Vince . No I don’t read all the comments but I do read your blog daily. Shirley

  27. 39

    Mel Meister says

    You know, you should really write a book about all this. Truth is stranger than fiction! LOL!

    Better yet, get out EQ and design a “house” quilt, maybe like the old dish towels from the 30’s:

    Monday’s house is full of grace, Tuesday’s house needs a lift of face, Wednesday’s house is white and glass, Thursday’s house has lots of class, Friday’s house is in the town, Saturday’s house has land all ’round. Sunday’s house is clean and bright and now I’m tired and saying good night!

  28. 42

    Darlene S says

    My fingers (and toes) are crossed! Hope it’s soon cause I’m starting to get cramps in my toes. xxxxx

  29. 43

    Karla says

    my best wishes and prayers are with you The waiting is always the hardest I think. I also have my fingers crossed for you that you get the house you want and will be happy living in.