The Apartment

Chad and Nicole started moving into the apartment yesterday but knowing how scared I am at night when Vince is gone, they’re not officially moving in until Wednesday, when Vince gets home. Chad will stay here til then so I don’t have to spend the nights by myself.  Isn’t he a sweet boy?

Here are a few pictures of the apartment.  First, here they are sitting on their back porch.  Aren’t they so cute?  From the master bedroom, you walk out a door and there’s this screened porch that wraps around the back and one side of their apartment.  There’s a door that goes from the porch to the yard and it’s locked so they’re the only ones with access to their screened porch.

Here’s the master bedroom and the door that leads out to the porch.  Aren’t those windows so cute?

The second bedroom has very dated wall paper but the carpet is clean and the bedroom is fairly large with a nice walk-in closet.

The kitchen is amazing.  I love it.  Really, I could have come closer to living in this little apartment than in most of the houses we looked at in Texas. The cabinets aren’t painted, the stove isn’t glass top.  It has a stainless sink!

Who knew a fairly inexpensive apartment would have such a neat stove?

The family room is so cute too.  It has adjustable shelves and I can see Chad lining the shelves with his fishing lures.  The windows in here are so cute too and the curtains are nice and clean, unlike those in most of the other apartments we saw.

From the family room, looking towards the kitchen, there’s the half bath and a built in desk at one end of the kitchen.

The apartment is in an old house that was divided into three apartments.  This is the basement.  The water heaters for all three units are in the basement but Chad’s apartment is the only apartment with access to the basement.  Their washer and dryer are in the basement (along with Chad’s truck load of duck decoys).

I’m so pleased with the apartment and it makes it so much easier leaving here knowing Chad is in a great place.


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    What a great place for Chad and Nicole. I’m sure it makes you very happy to leave them knowing they are in such a nice place. I would just love the screened swing area.. wonder if I could persuade my husband to build me one?

  2. 3

    Terri says

    What a cute place! Way better than our first apartment 🙂
    I bet his having met Nicole makes leaving him there so much easier (not easy mind you, but a bit easier), they are so cute together!

  3. 5


    What a cute apartment, looks more like a house. I remember our first apartment, $55 a month, one bedroom an apartment size gas stove and 18 steps up the outside of the building to the second floor. Not fun in winter or rain!
    Good luck Chad and Nicole!

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    SarahB says

    WOW, I am astounded at the condition of the apartment! It looks like someone took really, really good care of it. I think maybe God must have been directing all our housing prayers to Chad for the beginning of the saga… I am so glad things are settling down for all of you now.

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    very nice apartment that he found – he is lucky there are so many bad ones out there you know. Sorry to hear you are afraid to be home at night without Vince there. I know some people have problems with that. I guess I got used to being alone or with my kids only when my husband was in the military and gone for long periods of time and then he went to rotating shift work and again wasn’t always at home at night – it makes you have to face your fears to be alone at night and then you get used to it.

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    Debbie R. says

    I have lived in the same house for 30 years. I think seeing this apartment and the homes you have looked at make me wonder about setting up a new place. I will have to settle for rearranging furniture…

  7. 10


    What a beautiful apartment. Nicer than a lot of houses I looked at before I bought this house–and definitely nicer than a lot of apartments and houses I’ve rented. Wonderful kitchen!
    Knowing they are in such a nice place will make things easier–and it will so easy to envision them swinging on that lovely back porch.

  8. 11


    very nice! I could live in that! Plus, apartment living means no yard to take care of 🙂 I am so happy he found a place, now maybe he’ll find a great full time job. Does he have student loans he will have to pay back starting soon? Hopefully not. My son will have when he graduates, but he’s already working in his field this summer, so I have no doubts he’ll easily find a full time job when he graduates 🙂

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    he is a very nice boy… You can always go for a sleepover after he’s moved in. They can put up a puzzle table for you, so you don’t get too bored…

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    Perry says

    Wow, that is a fine looking apartment. He is very lucky to have it. Wish I had had something that nice in an apartment when I had to live in one. He is truly a fortunate young man.

  11. 14

    Linda in NE says

    Very nice apartment. I could live there happily if one of those rooms was big enough for my 10′ quilt table. I would LOVE that screened in porch. Thanks for showing us the pictures.

  12. 15


    Wow! What a wonderful place. You should have seen my first apartment — upstairs from the college bar! Oy! Oh well, I was happy. It looks like this will be a very homey place once they get their things moved in.

  13. 16


    What a great place! The porch is fabulous! I know they will be very happy there (and I’m sure you are relieved they are in such a nice place!)

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    Michelle F. says

    What a cute place. I am glad that you are able to feel good about the place they got and not have to worry that they were living somewhere less than nice. Sounds like things are looking up! I am so happy for you. The uncertainty is the biggest problem for me when I move. I think you have done a great job dealing with it during this very trying move. Can’t wait to see the longarm room all set up and the beautiful quilts you will produce there.

  15. 18


    That place looks great, Judy. That’s a nice first place for some young people. It’s always good to know that your children are in a nice place when you have to be far away from them. I think it is hard letting chicks fly from the nest but as parents we just hope and pray that we’ve taught them well and they can be safe, secure and successful.

    Things are starting to look up in a good way. 🙂

  16. 19


    That is a wonderful space for him – I loved that screened porch. They make such a darn cute couple – any plans, Chad? Thanks for sharing with us. Judy C in NC

  17. 21

    Rebecca says

    I’m glad you mentioned the decoys…that’s what I was thinking of for the shelves, along with his lures.

    What a great first apartment! I hope THEY* get to live there a long time…it will be hard to live up to (especially given your descriptions of the hunt). I’m glad Chad has a good kitchen for his cooking projects.

    *This was the first time I realized it was going to be “their” apartment. They do grow up, don’t they?

  18. 22

    Sandy says

    I love their apartment. It looks so clean and spacious. I am so happy for them and it makes leaving him much easier on you knowing he has a nice, clean place.

  19. 24

    Eve in GA says

    I love it! In fact, tell them to move over, I’m moving in!! LOL!! (just kidding, of course!) Eve

  20. 25


    I love this apartment. It would not require much furniture and is so nice with many “new” ideas being used. It really looks more like a condo rather then an apartment. Glad Chad found the apartment and was accepted to live in this great place.

  21. 26

    Linda Beasley says

    What a great apartment. I could live there very comfortably, especially with a screened in porch. lol

    It looks well taken care of. Know the kids will enjoy it.

  22. 29


    Great apartment.

    I must not have been following very closely because I didn’t realize Chad and Nicole were moving in together…you go Chad! ~ksp

  23. 30

    Gina says

    This is a beautiful looking apartment. Nicole is my niece and is very very happy. They do make a great couple. I can’t wait to see their place in person. And best of luck with your move. They will be in good hands with Nicole’s family here.